Dear god even him?? What's gonna happen tomorrow???

  1. MatPat from game theory. Those theories can either make somewhat sense or be batshit insane so many people meme about it

  2. Youtuber who used to make some funny vids where he applied real world metrics to video game items/ situations and theorizing about lore , and then he lost the plot and made way to many story theories about Five nights at Freddy's, and gave the Pope a copy of Undertale, and I wish I was making that up.

  3. His name is Matpat he is a big youtuber that does theory videos channels like Game Theory or Film Theory. His content nowdays is treated like a joke or meme but he did had some entertaining videos if you dont take too seriously.

  4. Matpat from Game theory. Hes done some good stuff, he basically solved the whole FNaF story, as well as a bunch of other book and film series. But as of the last year or two, his theories have been dogshit and make no sense- mostly just all money grabs. Hes the game theorist guy, he makes millions of views on every video even if he doesn't try.

  5. It's just means Twitter is telling him to make a theory on Guilty gear. I mean it's all about the LOOOORE stuff and GG has enough points to make some kind of Crack theory with.

  6. I have two wish : the first as a weeb Johnny cause he’s cool asf. The second as a nago who fear hc…. Pls not the gun girl

  7. I honestly kinda want to see what kinda batshit insane lore theory video Matpat would make for guilty gear, that or some kinda science thing, whatever it is I feel like it has a chance to maybe be good

  8. I would love him diving into gg lore. Perhaps he could make sense of the it. I love it but it’s bonkers. In the best way!

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