Club Statement: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

  1. There's already so much content for Amazon to milk. Regardless of how the season ends, the documentary is going to be fun (and hilarious).

  2. I honestly think it’s coz we’ve recently selected Captains to satisfy the person getting the armband or to help retain them by symbolically showing their importance, not because they have the ability to lead.

  3. It’s such a tricky one tho as it tests where players loyalties lie. All this talk of Arteta never losing the dressing room even with terrible runs of results will truly be tested with this now imo, absolutely massive we win the next two to keep players on side otherwise it could finally get really toxic on the inside.

  4. I recall he had a similar incident like this before and missed a NLD. We still won though but his disciplinary breaches have come one too many times

  5. Barcelona will be looking for an Aguero replacement, I doubt Auba drags his heels for 18 months like Ozil did. He’s always wanted to go there and we probably want to get rid.

  6. Man if you threw 300k a week at me I’d be rehearsing the rules I had to follow in the mirror every morning. He’s been so disappointing with this

  7. Would prefer armband to go to someone who has their starting spot essentially locked down. Think there's too much competition between Tierney and Tavares at the moment, and I don't really want another situation where Player X doesn't deserve to start, but will anyway because... CAPTAIN.

  8. I feel like we're overthinking it, what probably happens is Laca gets it for the rest of the year as an unofficial "interim" captain and the rest of the season is basically an audition for the players that want it

  9. Think this had to be done. Now please let's just move on and try to win some games. I do think that uprooting this sort of behavior is key for a club who wants to go to the next level.

  10. Yeah, I think so as well. He's already wearing the armband in Auba's absence. Gives some of the young guys like Øde, Tierney, Gabriel, and Ramsdale a little more time to grow, and maybe one of them will step up and be clear favourite by the end of the season.

  11. He was voted vice captain by the players. He got it automatically after Xhaka’s problem, no one “gave it to him” per se

  12. It's not cursed really. We just give it to our best players who just happen to get fed up with how much inferior the other players are so they leave.

  13. Terrible by him, but this is exactly what we need. Get a proper captain in. He was one of the worst captains I’ve ever seen at the club since Wenger arrived

  14. Tbh, i don't know who can take it now, Xhaka would cause a fan meltdown, and most of the other options are new additions, out of contract players, or young players. Odegaard and Tierney stand out as options for me right now.

  15. Very risky decision by Arteta. Could really cause a lot of turmoil in the dressing room because of Auba’s popularity with the other players. More than a bit concerned by this.

  16. Man, this is just sad now. After the Özil contract renewal and subsequent downfall, I never expected the same to happen to Auba. I still remember both contract signings, getting super excited with both of them and now also both go just totally wrong.

  17. Gabriel, Ramsdale, Tierney all good choices for me with Ramsdale being my top pick even tho he’s just joined the team this year. His passion and intensity and willingness to get in our players faces is valuable.

  18. Is it just me or has this situation been overblown a bit? I rather had them fix this in private rather than publicly shaming Auba for breaking a non-negotiable.

  19. Yeah, unless the report in The Athletic was wrong, this is over flying back early Thursday morning instead of Wednesday night, and he wasn't late for training on Thursday? It feels like an overreaction.

  20. But when Guendouzi broke non negotiables there was a ton of praise for Arteta for taking a hard stance and not covering for him.

  21. We really are our own worst enemy sometimes. Can only see this as being a distraction and destabilising influence on the squad.

  22. So he came home a day later than permitted picking up his mum from France and they publicly humiliate him? There must be more to it than we know and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s gone in the summer.

  23. Laca will get it as vice-captain til end of season. Next season when Laca's off we'll have a new captain.,

  24. Confused why he was captain in the first place, great striker on his day but never really a leader. I hope it goes to gabriel or tierney

  25. He was VC at the time Xhaka was captain. So when there was that unpleasantness with Xhaka, Auba got it by default.

  26. That is brutal but probably the correct deciosion, shows others that no one is above the "law". About time our culture changed. Wonder what that means for Auba though, for a player who's mood impacts the game so much, this might not go down well.

  27. Damn from what James Mcnicholas said on the arsecast and i assume the athletic too, it didn’t sound like it was really this big of a deal. I thought it was being a bit overblown but I guess I was wrong

  28. Mate.. the second he doesn't walk out with the captains armband. People would know and then speculation would fly. Any clubs captain change is announced, and spread across the media.

  29. I really want to give the club the benefit of the doubt and assume that there are solid reasons for this. Still, I hate that the club is airing its laundry like this. Wenger handled these types of things more gracefully.

  30. Boy did I get this wrong. I fully expected Arteta to play him next game and dropping him for Southampton more as a protocol for lateness.

  31. Holy shit. Funny that the last few days the mood has been 'it's been blown out of proportion' etc, and now he's stripped of the captaincy. Crazy times.

  32. You either leave as a traitor in your prime or stay long enough to be consumed by the negative cesspool that is Arsenal football club.

  33. I believe if Auba was banging in 2 goals per game......Arteta probably would have given him a pass on this one ....but he hasn't been prolific enough to get away with breaking the rules.

  34. All the players like and respect Xhaka. Bar his recent injury, he has missed very little time since joining. He’s not an amazing player by any stretch, but the captain doesn’t need to be the best player. It needs to be the most respected. He’ll definitely be in contention for it. Tierney’s injury record is the negative against him, while Odegaard and Ramsdale have just joined the club. Gabriel is still learning English. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Xhaka for the rest of the season and reevaluated during the summer to see who gets it long term.

  35. Whatever happens with Auba, I'm always gonna remember the FA Cup run and the blistering pace he had. Fantastic servant to the club, don't let the last 1.5 seasons cloud his overall time at the club. Had we sold Auba before him signing the new contract, he'd be a cult hero for generations, but you either die a hero or live long enough to be the villain...

  36. There has got to be more to it than just arriving late last week. Multiple discipline issues piling up with last week being the final straw?

  37. While Auba might be an important dressing room figure, he is no leader. Even less on the pitch, and that is clear.

  38. Damn. I’m not sure if this is the right call but I suppose I don’t know what is actually going on in the dressing room. I wonder who will get the armband now?

  39. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. If some of the stuff from Athletic etc is true it sounds like the rules have been bent for him more than once yet he still breaks them. It’s really not fitting of the captain.

  40. Putting it in public to turn the fanbase against him. Koscielny 2.0 incident where it fooled fans into thinking he's the villian.

  41. Arteta and his ego claim another victim. We're really letting a rookie manager irreparably damage the relationship between the club and it's players. So that's Guendouzi, Maitland-Niles, Saliba, Aubameyang. My guess is Pepe is next. Without Auba's goals in the FA CUP Arteta wouldn't have a job. At every point during Arteta's time as manager there has been a player that he's having issues with. Arteta's man management is awful. I seriously can't wait until we have a proper manager and not this clown in charge.

  42. He was always an odd fit, strikers as captain in general don’t feel right to me. This also is far from the first time he’s acted carelessly or outright dumb. That being said it seems bold to announce this now instead of just brushing it under the carpet for a while and taking stock. Very Arteta. It helps that he’s been playing absolute shite for a good while though.

  43. Certainly helps explain why they were so proactive in announcing before Saturdays game that it was a disciplinary issue. If they already thought/knew that they were going to do this then better to let people know there was a problem straight away rather than make up an injury then drop this three days later

  44. Arsenal's communication and handling of contentious situations has been very poor. Our public relations is amateurish.

  45. From this, I can see the club are somewhat ready to move on from Aubameyang. Removing him as captain and dropping him for three big games in a crucial point of the season is a massive indication of no longer seeing him as the golden goose imo

  46. Lot of people saying Tierney is first choice seem to be forgetting how good he's been before this season and how many times Tavares has been mugged off or straight up gifted the ball to the opposition. He's a good backup option, but if both are fit and in decent form, its obvious who's getting picked.

  47. This is strange, just a month ago Auba was pressing like an absolute maniac vs Leicester and Palace. I thought that he was never working harder on the pitch

  48. Hopefully it can all be professional, and he can still contribute. Or at least get something in the transfer window for him.

  49. Since we play out the back a lot, Ramsdale is a possibility for captain but I really don't like goalie captains. Gabriel or White IMO. Partey if he didn't suck.

  50. We have 38 chances a year to make a difference. When your club captain and highest paid player jeopardizes any one of those opportunities then you need to take action.

  51. Glad this happened. We need someone who cares more about the club, we need a player on the pitch who can rally the troops and drag them through the tough games. He was never the one for me.

  52. Aah, I know the problem. First I get Ozil’s jersey and he barely played after that. This season I got Auba’s jersey and looks like his Arsenal days are over.

  53. This is a blessing in disguise. He can now just focus on his play and freewheeling life without all the captaincy drama. We can now offer the captaincy to a player whose profile fits with the direction of our team building.

  54. Remember when this guy signed his new contract and said he wants to leave a long-term legacy here? Yeah, you blew that mate. Our Hale End boys are more grown up than him.

  55. Hopefully this removes the captaincy pressure and he can just focus on scoring goals. Because is shit at both right now and primarily paid 300k a week to score goals.

  56. Inb4 an ornstein article comes out today based on info fed by the club that completely throws Auba to the wolves and has our fans turn against him. If you’re not 100% on your knees thanking Arteta for letting you be in his presence he will do everything to ruin you privately, professionally, and emotionally.

  57. Arteta & Edu looking for another scapegoat, not surprised after Ozil. I wonder how long this tactic will keep both amateurs in the job.

  58. Its so funny how quickly people disrespect Auba - without him on form and scoring our chances of making it into the top 6 are zero.

  59. I feel like the people who think throwing Auba to the dogs is a good idea have never worked a day in their life and have no real understanding of good and bad management.

  60. Are you seriously likening Arteta to Saddam Hussein? What the hell is wrong with you? So incredibly out of line and disrespectful towards Saddam Hussein.

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