Match Thread: Arsenal vs Leeds United [English Premier League]

  1. Wow!….Arteta has turned this team into his team. He’s got the crowd singing passionately and the atmosphere is great. He’s now told the former players and whatnot to either get on board with his system or see ya. We still have about 20 mins where we zone out and scramble around. The Pepe empty netter sitting there was unfortunate. Pepe’s got a couple of steps on the Utd player and he musta known that he’s got a player breathing down his neck. Rather than kick it and chase cause he’s got the pace he tries to cut inside. I’m hoping the Arsenal player close to Pepe called out “man on”. Great game at the Emirates. Up next, Spuds. One nil The Arsenal!

  2. The atmosphere is genuinely amazing. The fans fully back arteta and the boys and so much positivity. Here's hoping we clinch it on Thursday

  3. For anyone going to games regularly, cookies and scream is a wonderful place to go after the match, went there today and it was really lovely

  4. Should have put the game to bed in the first half but we got an important 3 points. Very disappointed in the way Pepe came on and barely ran. Would think you'd give it some effort against 10 men who were edging thenselves back into the game.

  5. I was questioning when he got that break with the goal wide open why he would try to cut it inside at half field instead of just outrunning Harrison or James I don't remember who. Guy had been playing a man down for 50 minutes and pepe has fresh legs. No reason for him to catch pepe there.

  6. Slowed the game down and controlled the game for the last 25 minutes to take the momentum away from a team playing for their premier league survival, but serious game management issues…

  7. Arteta telling the boys to take it easy and give Leeds hope for their next match against Chelsea to help us secure the third spot. BIG BRAIN 🧠

  8. We dominated them the whole game but the lack of finishing really bugs me. Leeds didn't play well but they were taking advantage of our nerves. We were too anxious I think, they should never play with anxiety where every little attack seems like a battle. I hope we improve

  9. Should have battered them but think we thought the game was done at 2-0 (like 99% of people on here thought too..) took our foot off the gas. Poor defending on the goal, didn’t see who lost Llorente at back post. But 3pts was vital today. In our hands and if you offered us a 4pts lead over Spurs with 3 games left a few weeks ago after our terrible run would have taken that!

  10. Looked like Tomi got drawn in a little too much and gave up the back post. Shame when his only real mistake today might have been just that

  11. Some of you lot need to chill out or maybe don’t watch the actual games anymore. Over reacting like crazy people 😂

  12. I’m halfway expecting people to post things that aren’t even mathematically possible anymore. No Europe at all next year after today’s game! People are so over reactionary in this sub lol. Sure the second half was rough to watch but we are still 4pts ahead right now.

  13. The result was good. That last 30 minutes was unacceptable. Any team that really considers itself good enough to be a top-4 level team doesn’t give Leeds a sniff of a chance after being up two goals playing against 10 men. They annihilate them 4 or 5 to nil. And miss me with this “but, but, the Premier League is haaaard! There are no easy games here!” bullshit. When good teams get advantages like extra men at home against relegation threatened opposition, they make it automatic, stress free, and yes, EASY. End of.

  14. 10 man Leeds beat City last year and look what Wolves did to Chelsea yesterday. I agree we needed to kill the game off but we didn't and we are playing against professionals after all.

  15. U forget there is another team on the pitch actively preventing that from occurring mate! And Leeds are fighting for their survival currently!

  16. That would be how Everton went and took 6 points off Chelsea and Leicester and how Burnley and Southampton have regularly taken points from the top 6 sides, right?

  17. Arsenal fans before the game: I don’t care how we win but we need the three points COYG!! Arsenal fans after the win: terrible performance, we’re so shit and I hate every player. Arsenal out.

  18. Happy with the win but Jesus Christ we love making mountains out of molehills for the sake of it sometimes. Now, off for a ciggie before my heart implodes 😂

  19. 3pts is 3pts but worried about our lack of conviction, anyways it’s time for us to get back to celebrating St totteringham's day

  20. They scored off a corner and didn’t look like scoring again. We threw away numerous chances but how some of you go on it was like Leeds were robbed

  21. I made sure to look around on way out as it was playing and I didn't spot anyone at all singing it, but it did sound like people somewhere had joined in. Or maybe that's part of the track.

  22. How is everyone saying the 2nd half was awful? Chances were created to put the game to bed, the players missed - especially gabi. Leeds barely had a sniff, but they scored off their first touch in the box. It happens sometimes.

  23. Never felt so disappointed after a win. A man up against the shakiest defence in the league and we couldn’t score lol. Good team would’ve gone up 3 or 4

  24. Martinelli had a good game but god is he awful infront of the goal. how many chances are he going to miss like this. Its time we should start giving ESR more minutes

  25. Happy with the win! Clinical wins at the end of a season are rare to come by...we take the 3 points and march on!

  26. A crucial win for us, why does Leeds looks so much more dangerous with a man down? Cedric is shaky as ever, injury-prone Tierney and Partey gonna cost us in the long run if we don't get any replacement. Anyway, congrats for the win

  27. We are this profligate and careless in the NLD we will get murdered and it's not like we will get 10 men for the majority of the matches gifted to us by Everton and Newcastle. Why are we like this? It's just ALWAYS squeaky bum time with this team without fail.

  28. One point will not make a difference. Even if we lose we’re still two points ahead and as long as we win against Newcastle who’s season is pretty much over and Everton who could be safe by then we’ll be okay.

  29. We got away with one there, happy with the three points but a questionable performance in the second half. We need to perform better against Spurs

  30. With a young team any dominating performance will lead to complacency which is what happened. Nervier than it needed to be but overall a great performance. Onto Thursday!!

  31. how many matches have we failed to close out? ruthlessness is what separates us from the top sides atm. I'll take the result but they have to be more ruthless when dominating the match.

  32. Glad we won but I wouldn't be happy or glad with that win. They had really good options late whc is unacceptable with 10 men.

  33. Fuck off, we won and yet I am angry as hell, how on earth did we have to suffer to win a game 2 goals up with Leeds with 10 men for 70 minutes, this is unacceptable

  34. Holy shit why are we doing this to ourselves? Fuck me this team. A win is a win but still this fucking team icant.

  35. Nah actually done with Pepe. Open goal in front of him, just one defender closing him down and he fucking slows down. No one's asking you to justify your £72mil price tag in one game, but at the very least justify being on the pitch.

  36. We made it harder than it needed to be but fuck it we got away with it. Let's beat the Shit now and seal this thing!

  37. That second half was so abysmal that this win almost doesn’t feel good. But three points are three points and all three of them are gigantic right now.

  38. I feel angry. How many fuckin chance do you actually need man?! I love the players but continue to miss east chances to get goals is going to continue to bite us time and time again.

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