Saka at the Celtics Heat Game !!

  1. Jet lag isn't that bad going East to West, especially just to the east coast of the US from London. Basically just like staying up late.

  2. Wonder if anyone on these teams even knows who he is. Maybe theis? Could see Oladipo maybe since I think his parents are from Nigeria. But not like he’s a Messi Ronaldo neymar or Pogba where they sort of transcend the sport in terms of popularity, so curious how many would recognize him

  3. Polar opposite sports, so I can completely understand why. Plus, you had players like Kobe who were great ambassadors of the game on an international level.

  4. Klopp and Pep famously use defensive tactics from modern NBA schemes. Things like their double teams, zonal marking, coordinated pressing have influence from the NBA. A lot of players are getting more into the NBA probably bc I bet it’s no longer just Pep and Klopp using those defensive schemes

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