Harry looks kinda weak?

  1. Hermione has the advantage due to Harry not having even read the books by September 1st while she has already memorized them.

  2. Frankly, being "very smart" is kinda the entire point of the story. This is not to say EY wrote it to brag, or even that Harry is supposed to be perfectly smart: he will later fall into lots of traps because of his overconfidence and miscalculations. But the idea behind this story is to show how rationality can help one overcome their struggles, no matter what set of rules the world operates by (HP-style magic is just an example). So you can totally expect that the solutions and the "levelling up" of the protagonist's magic abilities will be tied to clever plots and scientific observations, not to discovering "inner inherited powers" or something.

  3. The story is about a kid with no magical experience in a world of magical adults. Almost every adult in the story is more powerful than Harry. Most of the other kids are too - either they're older than him (he's only 11) or they've grown up in the wizarding world, or both. Hermione doesn't have those advantages but she is extremely smart and able to retain and use oceans of information (and her hobbies involve actively looking for more).

  4. It is understandable if Harry is weak earlier due to inexperience. But it becomes problematic, if it persists throughout the story and he is weaker than other in his class. And he barely wins fights with his classmates, by using some tricks.

  5. Well, if you go to the author's FF profile page, you will see his "three laws of fanfiction", starting with

  6. In addition to the fact that he still has a lot to learn, one theme of the book is that Harry's approach to problem solving is a power - but one you can learn, whether or not you're a wizard. You will see him be remarkably powerful by applying it, and he's not the only one.

  7. Canon Harry was much the same in his first year. Later, he's casting spells with a high degree of skill (though not as MANY spells as Hermione pulls off; she frequently uses magic he doesn't). Even then, he struggled to learn some spells in canon.

  8. Harry's ability in terms of raw magical power is fairly average for a wizard of his age throughout the story. He learns to use what he has at his disposal pretty efficiently and effectively though, and does invent some new magic that he can use at his magical strength level. The new magic and its invention makes sense in context and isn't silly or OP.

  9. So far Harry has learned exactly no magic, Do you want him casting Reality bending ancient magic at this point in the story?

  10. Dude, don't go around making assumptions. The snobby attitude is the reason why you guys have a bad reputation. No, harry wasn't able to perform simple tranfiguration in class

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