If Laurie Isn't Able To Kill Michael In Ends, Who Should Be The One To Do It?

  1. I would say Allyson, purely coming from the vengeance angle for having her best friends, dad, boyfriend and mum all taken away from her in one night.

  2. Agreed. If not Allyson killing Michael in Ends, I see her carrying the torch of Loomis and Laurie as a continuing central character.

  3. I was so bummed when they got killed. Like, I knew it was coming, but I was hoping we’d get at least a few more minutes of them.

  4. Hawkins seems like the fitting one with all the backstory reveal of his character in Kills. It would be a great character arc redemption for him to get the kill shot on Michael.

  5. I personally believe that Halloween Ends is going to set up a Halloween Multiverse. Allyson is going to go to a mysterious wise man and ask him to conjure a spell that will resurrect everyone from the dead. However, the spell gets messed up and not only resurrects everyone but also mixes all of the universes together. Thorn, Resurrection and Hobo Myers show up to assist Old Man Michael, while Cochran is trying to get the silver shamrock commercial to air again.

  6. I read the title, saw Allyson, Hawkins and Lindsey names and last.... Saw Julian name, I couldn't help it but laugh 😂😂😂

  7. Other: We cast a spell like in Far From Home and the Michaels from the alternate timelines battle one another until the winner is decided

  8. i think Allyson is the clear answer here for pretty obvious reasons, but i would personally love to see Lindsey Wallace end Michael it Laurie doesn’t (if that’s the way the film goes and Michael finally meets his true demise). i think being that Allyson is such an obvious choice for that task, it would just be an awesome twist to see Lindsey kill him.

  9. What if Michael kills Michael? One final insult, they have him, extremely fatally wounded, no escape, Laurie is bearing down on him.... and he robs her of the satisfaction by jamming the knife into his own throat and slicing his head half off

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