These comments are disgusting

  1. Tim Dillon does the right wing conspiracy schtick but from everything I’ve listened to from him he’s def clowning on those people but he makes fun of the LGBTQ+ ultra defender types too so he brings in some nutjobs too I think. He’s gay though so it’s more from a “no sacred cows I’m making jokes about everyone” kinda thing. Personally I really like his comedy but his Reddit fans say some really wild shit.

  2. The right wingers definitely took over that sub, and I find it hilarious because Tim absolutely thinks they're a bunch of losers.

  3. Holy shit you weren't wrong. People saying some of the most psychotic, transphobic shit I've seen in a while.

  4. The sub got taken over the last few months with crazy right wing trolls. They aren't even funny, and most of the time it's not even jokes. They just post outrage bait all as an excuse to rail against women, trans people, and Black people. It's gross.

  5. Tim is a comedian, he makes jokes. He makes jokes at everyone’s expense. He recently went on a rant about the insane pro life Americans who “believe in guardian angels” and their hypocrisy. He makes fun of the left as well… I’ll also just remind everyone that this is a post on his subreddit by some random person. It’s not a Tim Dillon bit, and if you’re going to judge a comedian by the content of their subreddit then you’re probably not that much of a fan of comedy anyways so this shouldn’t even concern you,

  6. From the looks of it, this is a white male in the photograph. I thought in the circle of intersectionality of societal victims, white men are supposed to be the top tier individuals. This person is elite in both the social class and financial condition. Also, it looks like they have not misgendered this person. Now, the title is not surprising as it is a sub for standup comedian/podcaster who's comedy is based on making insanely farfetched, yet, funny statements while describing the absurdity of the society, how misplaced sectarian hatred is while real acts of tyranny by actual powerhouses of society are vastly ignored.

  7. The craziest part of all this to me is the people who are saying that trans people are rapists and groomers are the same people who are only focused on and comment on elliot pages genitalia. like youre worried about the trans person being a creep while you’re actively commenting and speculating on what genitalia that trans person has?????

  8. Exactly why and who are these people who apparently consider fucking literally everyone they encounter all the time….

  9. Tbh that thread is a Reddit moment. They see a nice photo of someone and start thinking about how they would fuck them

  10. I literally had discussions with several people on that subreddit not too long ago. It was about women’s body counts and every single one of them believed that women and men have inherently less worth if they have sex a lot, and that the consequences they face as a result are justified. I talked to like 10+ people

  11. Omfg I remember this. I feel like the average commenter there is 16. I hate people who desperately try to be edgy, it’s so fucking lame lol

  12. A woman with a high body count does have lower value though, especially when considering a long term partner. It's fine if you personally don't like that, or you think it's unfair, or you think it's wrong. But at a certain point you have to contend with the reality that if given the choice, when looking for a long term partner/wife/mother of children, the VAST majority of men are going to choose the woman with a low body count over high body count all else being equal

  13. People are literally just calling him a rapist. What kind of evil, disgusting mother fucker do you have to be to just straight up call all trans people rapists. I wonder if these people realize some of us have actually been raped by real life predators while they're accusing innocent marginalized people of doing this horrendous thing that they've never done.

  14. To these people, getting turned on by someone who doesn't have the exact genitalia they assumed they had is equivalent to rape. They expect trans people to announce their genitalia to every person they meet so they can socially abuse the people who scare them and avoid thinking about their own stunted sexuality.

  15. Although the anti-Elliott transphobia is generally sickening, I can't help but smile at this because he absolutely could steal any girl that a Tim Dillon fan might be able to gaslight or browbeat into a relationship.

  16. Used to follow the sub for Tim Dillon updates but its all just hateful edge lords trying to be edgy. I sometimes still enjoy his podcast but the sub is a dumpster fire and should be nuked

  17. Same, he was super funny to listen to during lockdown and still is for the most part (though it’s been awhile now). That sub, his Facebook page, etc. are all super cringey in the comments unfortunately.

  18. Jesus Christ everybody in there needs to go outside and touch some grass. Experience the real world and realize nobody gives a fuck.

  19. Nah, the sub got infiltrated earlier this year. It was a pretty normal sun til then. Now it's vile toxic wasteland of hate and ignorant pandering

  20. It's kind of inherently pathetic and fragile to see someone different from yourself and then immediately go into a tailspin about it being unnatural and the decline of western civilization and yadda yadda yadda ya. It's such a weird version of performative masculinity to be so insecure in your own social power that you feel the need to perform it by dunking on other people.

  21. why does this right only seem to care about Elliot Page? he is not the only trans celebrity out there but he’s the only one who gets this kind of attention. but i guess they realize how stupid they’d look if they ran around calling Hunter Schafer a man

  22. Never heard of this Tim guy but based on his fans I can tell why. I dont seek out crazy right wing nutjob for my entertainment.

  23. Tim is actually a really funny guy. I use to be on that sub Reddit but this year it just got filled with a bunch of nut jobs not realizing that he is a parody

  24. I’ve heard that Tim Dillon’s producer, Ben Avery, is a staunch Holocaust denier. When talking about it he said “I’m not saying it didn’t happen but the numbers don’t add up.”

  25. I saw that clip! Youtube removed it but it's still up on his onlyfans where he posts videos of himself dry humping a cardboard cutout of Robert E. Lee.

  26. It’s the curse of all edgy comics, they’re funny or interesting but their subreddits always become cesspits that inevitably get nuked by Reddit. For example the cumtown Reddit

  27. Dudes when they're performing masculinity: uh no I cannot drink the pumpkin spice drink from Starbucks lmao what am I a woman? makes a guest appearance on

  28. I was confused about this post bc I thought Tim was just being sarcastic with his super right wing views but apparently his fans are not sarcastic about it on his sub. I scrolled down to an article about a gay couple who adopted and sexually assaulted and filmed the child and everyone in the comments on Tim’s sub were talking about how gay marriage led to this and how people have been seeing this coming but the “wokies” want equality. Isn’t Tim gay? Like are they really on a gay man’s sub talking about how bad gay people are and how they inherently have sexual attraction towards kids?

  29. I've recently started following the Tim Dillon sub, people are overtly racist, transphobic, etc. but they think it's funny. Unironically, they just enjoy joking about having horrible opinions

  30. Funny that you make this take in the Hasan sub when Hasan himself has bashed "ironic Nazis" over and over and over and over before. There is no "ironically a Nazi" brother, you're just a Nazi. You're saying Nazi shit and you're agreeing with Nazis on the Internet. Sorry. Nothing "ironic" about that. There's nothing "ironic" about being a hateful spiteful piece of shit that spreads violent right wing rhetoric and emboldens that side of the actual right wing fans.

  31. i love the comments that are clearly angry at society yet are for no logical reason directed at trans people.

  32. That's one sexy white male. I'd find him a tad bit sexier if he had not gone on national television to defend Jussie Smollett

  33. I think Tim Dillon is hilarious. However, he does have some bad takes including Covid, “cancel culture,” pronouns, etc. He’s also tight with Rogan and seems to cater to his bad takes for fans (despite posing like he is in the middle by somewhat tame making fun of Rogan).

  34. I agree. Tim is just an amazing gay comedian trying to make it a oppressive cis heteronormative industry. The real monster is his producer Ben who literally has an "It happened to the Irish too" tattoo across his chest and is constantly displaying links for discounted extremist Jordan Peterson books on Amazon mid podcast

  35. why does elliot page existing piss everyone off so bad? he didnt even have to say a word and hes got jordan peterson banned off twitter and ben shapiro crying about him.

  36. Anyone have time/patience to give me a quick rundown on Tim Dillon? Not sure who that is and didn’t want to give him clicks. 💜

  37. He’s a far-left MtFtM detransitioner who loves watching 90 Day Fiance and thinks it’s funny to poke fun at children with Down’s syndrome.

  38. He's a gay, right leaning, standup comedian and is absolutely hilarious. His humor is very satirical and akin to something like South Park. His subreddit is full of trolls and satire and I think people take it to seriously, not realizing it's mostly satire. If your easily offended you won't like him, but the hate comes from the subreddit, not Tim Dillon personally.

  39. He’s a strong independent gay trying to make his way but his producer on his show is trying to sabotage his career in a way that’s similar to Brittney Spears and her father.

  40. Every time some one interacts(votes or comments) subs like that are going to get more traction because Reddit sees that people goes there.

  41. Like almost every joke, there are people actually trying to be funny or poke fun at something, and other people using comedy as a way to espouse something negative. The majority of the comments and the top ones are just people trying to be funny, not really a hard concept to grasp. What's disgusting about the "about to steal your girl" joke?

  42. I think it’s taken over by the white nationalist shit heads since all their other racist subs got closed. This has happened to other creators before. Just a theory tho.

  43. His fans in that sub try to emulate Dillon’s personality so much and always miss the mark completely. I think he would be put off by the majority of the comments.

  44. It's probbaly the funniest / best sub reddit currently on reddit. Tim Dillon sub reddit may just be one of the best places I think. There's definitely a lack of soy there, you wouldn't enjoy it, coomer simp.

  45. Dillon unfortunately has got some fans, he wouldnt like at all. Hes definitely not the most progressive, but that wasnt his agenda, I suppose.

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  47. Could they just respect his choices and mind their own business? I guarantee you he has given more thought to it than you have and made the decision. Stop infantilizing transmen and demonizing transwomen.

  48. Actor who like all actors has strived for attention their entire life makes a life change extremely public and you’re mad at people for not minding their own business. Lol what?

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  50. Trippin out on sexualities as if they aren’t just suckin each others dicks in the comments

  51. It’s funny cause he could get more girls than any of the losers in the comments, combined.😂

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  53. A lot of Tim Dillon Stan’s in the comments coming to his defense. Him being gay doesn’t mean he can’t be transphobic or homophobic. He appeals to divorced dads, so I get it. His comedy and the comedy of his fans is very immature and boring. If you are a single white dude who lacks self awareness, this is your guy.

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