Anyone else find extreme irony in those individuals who are stoutly against socialized healthcare asking the community to help pay for uninsured COVID medical costs through GoFundMe?

  1. That second part drives me nuts. They will go on and on about the hospitals making money for covid deaths and "big pharma" profiting from all of this. Hey, maybe if the health care industry wasn't run entirely on profit making, we wouldn't have this issue and you wouldn't need to second guess your doctor's advice.

  2. I think they believe the free chemo/insulin meme is some sort of “gotcha” moment but like…YES THEY SHOULD ALSO BE FREE. THATS CALLED UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE. You played yourself, dummkopf.

  3. This meme gets me everytime because I life in a country with universal healthcare so chemo is free and insulin is covered so it has a very low out of pocket cost.

  4. Plenty of American movies or TV shows use the crazy expensive health care as a plot device. Eg in Good Girls it starts out that a kid needs a kidney transplant and it will cost $$$$$. So they have to rob a supermarket.

  5. They are just selfish assholes who don’t want their money to go to people they don’t like (democrats and minorities basically). If it’s for someone they know or like, they are totally for it.

  6. They'd rather pay $1000/mo in premiums so a poor person can be denied care vs $600/mo in taxes to make sure everyone gets care.

  7. Yep, it's all about who they consider deserving ("Meeee! Meeeee!") and who they consider undeserving ("Those People").

  8. Yeah they want others to pay for their medical bills but god forbid if anyone ever asked them to do the same. It’s selfishness all over. Overly selfish people are a bane to society.

  9. Selfish a*holes be like “Why should my taxes pay for other people’s healthcare, if they’re sick they obviously aren’t healthy or can’t take care of themselves”

  10. The fact of the matter is that they don't think everyone deserves healthcare. They would prefer that a popularity contest like American Idol or America's Got Talent determine who lives or dies.

  11. You think they like single mothers? They probably had premarital sex! Them suffering gives them some kind of weird boner. Fucking puritans. But they ban abortion which creates more of them.

  12. Have you listened to the Uncertain Hour season about welfare reform? It's excellent. I was there for the political fight in the 90s, but i didn't know half of it.

  13. There was 1 black woman who was fraudulently using the welfare system, and Reagan ran with it and started the racist welfare queen stereotype as if there aren't white people doing the same thing or as if every minority getting assistance is misusing it. You still see it today with people thinking everyone with an EBT card is buying steak and lobster to fill their freezers. People can barely afford fruits and vegetables with those cards, but cruelty and hurting people is the point of the conservative mind.

  14. The Sum of Us by Heather McGhee goes into detail on this topic. It’s a really interesting read, I highly recommend it.

  15. They just don't understand what socialized healthcare is. They hear socialism and immediately assume it's bad, and conveniently ignore the reality of what Medicare and Medicaid are.

  16. They don't understand that they're the needy ones. If they don't take assistance then they're just hardworking Americans.

  17. They think entirely in buzzwords, which is why the left needs to rebrand things. If we called for all the same policies but called them mega-capitalism or something they'd be on board. We need to just keep renaming things.

  18. Medicare is unfortunately a lot more privatized than you might think. Single payer healthcare would also go a long way to fixing the corrupting capitalist influence in Medicare-for-Boomers that's devouring their lunch money. Social Security is basically worthless these days, the medicare premiums suck it all up. We spend more on Medicare-for-Boomers alone than any other country spends on their entire healthcare system. There's even a giant industry of Medicare Advantage plans where it's just straight-up private healthcare administered by the same Fortune 100 insurance companies that run your terrible employer plans.

  19. not just that, the meme post questioning why covid shots are free, and not insulin shots or chemo? is a major facepalm moment.

  20. Sorry, I’m not an adult so I’m confused. Is the vaccine free? Or is it covered under healthcare or something? Like why is it a facepalm moment

  21. Not really. White conservatives were always for socialism. It was when the Civil Rights Act passed and when blacks could no longer be excluded from such programs do we see the "big gubbmint" memes on the Right. So by that logic, GFM is perfectly acceptable because it's voluntarily going to a group/person that they deem to be deserving

  22. Finally somebody who understands the issue. So much of the US history and poolitics is shaped by racism that many people don't even realize. It has been like the water for the fish; it is everywhere, it is the main substance but most people don't realize it.

  23. Fun fact, fire departments * used * to be privatized. You would place a plaque on your house to show which insurance agency you were with, if the fire fighters that got there weren’t employed by your insurance or your neighbor’s insurance, they would go home and let your house burn down.

  24. That shit's radioactive! You don't want no chemicals or radiation in your house. You should really do your research.

  25. The GoFundMe's just the tip of the iceberg, wait until some of these newly single parents or people who are now raising kids orphaned by covid find out that those social programs they love to complain about and belittle aren't the cash cows they thought they were. I want to know how much social security is about to be paid out to these kids that are either orphaned or now only have one parent because of this; I want to know how many new Medicare/Medicaid qualifying beneficiaries and categories we're about to add because of people with permanent health problems/disability because of this pandemic and then I want every obstructionist, crying about the cost, gotta keep the economy going politician to crunch the numbers on which would have ultimately cost less and then print that spreadsheet out page by page on 11×17 paper, stack them together, roll them together, and shove it up their ass. There was no reason for us to be here still fighting this hard against this virus if they had closed everything down for a month and paid people unemployment.

  26. My son's survivor benefits until he graduated was less than $300 a month. Which afforded us such a luxurious lifestyle.

  27. Yes and no. I've had any number of people like this tell me tax-payer anything is bad because they should have the right to decide where their charity goes. They typically tell me that if they didn't have to pay taxes they'd spend far more than what they pay on taxes to help people out, because they are good people who believe in helping others. When I reply with, "You still can!" then they turn around and tell me that they pay so much in taxes they can't afford to help out anyone else!

  28. These are the same kind of people who literally cheered at "Shock and Awe" tax dollars going down the drain for 20 years. Would you please help the poor defense contractors, they're practically on the corner banging a tin cup.

  29. Yeah, they want control. And they believe they are the deserving group, not the group their church/community would turn away

  30. Because they want to help their (usually white, usually Christian) friends but they do not want money going to anyone dark-skinned or otherwise undeserving in their opinion.

  31. The other one that gets me is "why is the covid shot free but you have to pay for insulin" meme. It's because you fuckers don't want single payer healthcare. . .

  32. Also, it's interesting that they are against free preventative medicine that saves money but are all unhealthy and need other meds that are not free. I know some people need insulin who are otherwise healthy. Then there are the people who wouldn't need it if they were willing to take care of their health.

  33. There must be towns in bum-fuck Texas, Arkansas and Florida where relatives have been sucked dry by all the GoFundMe pleas.

  34. GoFundMe is basically a socialized subsidy for billionaires. Think about it: People with medical bills or rent payments with no money put up a plea on GoFundMe. If they get the money, they give the money... and give it to a bank or insurance company. Donations to GoFundMe are just payments to those companies rum by billionaires. And this saves the companies the hassle of having to deal with a default, with collections, and with lawyers. GoFundMe eliminates the hassle and cost of dealing with that and instead has all of us paying for it!

  35. I spoke to one of them about this specifically. They said it’s not socialized and perfectly fine as the money is coming from friends and not the government.

  36. As much as I hate that argument, because it's so inefficient and inherently unfair, that's pretty much the explanation, yeah.

  37. It's because they don't get to reign high on their privilege and decide who deserves their patronage in a socialized system, but of course they deserve everyone else's compassion when it happened to them

  38. Don’t forget that some of the people who call others snowflakes and bitch about “cancel culture” also complain that “ok, boomer and “Karen” are racist terms.

  39. Actually, I don't find it ironic for these people to establish a GoFundMe. They're not asking the country at large or "gubment" to contribute. They're asking another tribal member or community member to contribute. The tribe sticks together and members expect support from other members. It makes total sense based on their values and what I suspect is their developmental level (perhaps Blue in the Spiral Dynamics model< I suspect other models would explain this as well).

  40. These are people who call on the PRAYER WARRIORS in almost all of these posts. The same people who don't trust the medical community when it comes to vaccines yet go running right to the hospital when they get sick and are willing to try anything, experimental or not, to get better. We shouldn't expect much more sense out of them.

  41. I don't feel there is any irony to it at all. GoFundMe is quite literally the way they believe it should work - people who are willing to help others out, can choose to do so. They are against compulsory charity. It fits perfectly within their Christian world view.

  42. Exactly. When people compare GoFundMe with socialism they miss the point that a socialized health care system is just like another basic type of insurance we have in capitalists societies, where you pay into a collective "what if" fund, like home or car insurance, for example, while GoFundMe is basically charity.

  43. There complete lack of self awareness is mind numbing. It’s usually first to pay hospitalization bill and then it’s for funeral cost and the family because they have no life insurance. All because of disinformation research.

  44. They are all fine giving help to 'one of their own' or even asking for help from 'their people'.

  45. These people don't know what the fuck they want. They have been brainwashed to think the healthcare they have in civilized countries is communist. I'm so fucking done with these knuckle draggers holding the rest of us hostage from having a functional fucking country.

  46. But that is their whole point. They want "people" to be taking care of each other, NOT the government. These same people asking for money would also contribute to other neighbours if they needed help. No matter what happens, their biggest concern is not letting the government into their lives.

  47. Every accusation they make is a projection. Their supposed hate against socialized healthcare being just one mosaic stone in a very ugly picture.

  48. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together sees the irony. Unfortunately for those who do it, they only have half the required quantity.

  49. Wouldn’t be a HCA without: Candace Owens making an appearance, Prayer warriors being summoned, and a round out with a GFM.

  50. it is not hypocritical. "go fund me" is them asking for people to VOLUNTARILY give them money. however, I would never give to someone who was unvaccinated (unless they has an extremely good reason) and i imagine most don't get very much.

  51. No. Taxes are compulsory - GFM is voluntary. The argument I would be making is that begging people for money is even more pathetic than the socialism they are so opposed to. “Real Americans pull themselves up by their bootstraps.”

  52. Oh that's been the running joke pretty much since gofundme was created. Always some asshole who is against Obamacare and then guilts people into paying for their medical bills.

  53. You see, their friends have earned their money. And they have earned their friends. Ipso facto, they earned that money.

  54. I still can't wrap my head around the idea of "progressive" being a political stance. Like.. why wouldn't everyone, everywhere, want forward progress for a civilization?

  55. We’re in a middle of a pandemic that has taken the lives of 700,000 Americans where a large population doesn’t believe in it and would rather take horse dewormer than the proven effective vaccine.

  56. It's the same people that think charity should be the social safety net. As if being able to choose who gets help is better than just helping everyone somehow.

  57. Not really, because this is an extension of the idea of communities taking care of their own, and not a government "handout," which could involve their money going to someone they don't trust, especially if they are white, to a person of color.

  58. Well, I come from and currently live in a country where government-funded healthcare is the system, so to be honest I really don't give a shit what some fucked-up southern hicks do or don't do.

  59. To be fair, GoFundMe is courting charity of those who are willing to donate. Whereas they think taxation is an exercise of government force.

  60. It's because their mantra is "taxation is theft". With socialized anything, it doesn't matter how good it is because they feel they didn't choose to pay for it, and the means of "theft" doesn't justify the ends. With a gofundme, every donation is voluntary. It's things like roads and military that they are suddenly fine with socialism. They used to mostly be okay with public education too, at least until they discovered vouchers.

  61. The irony also extends to people who refuse to be vaccinated, who do not have healthcare (no funded healthcare at all), and are willing to socialize with risk of infection. And then they go to the hospital infected knowing that they have no way to pay for healthcare. I remember when my family was low income going to the state and local funded clinics which would give out free vaccinations and flyer at what age to vaccinate your children. We were also told by healthcare workers these vaccinations are for school.

  62. In addition to this, my favorite thing a lot of those idiots say is “so if the vaccine is free…why isn’t insulin and chemo free, as well?”………..

  63. Not at all, socialized healthcare is socialist(?!), but begging is truly a capitalist endevour.

  64. How is that ironic? I don't see the problem with not wanting government to control healthcare. GoFundMe is voluntary, government healthcare paid by taxes is not.

  65. Not really. The libertarian position is that they don't want to be legally obliged to pay into a healthcare system that might benefit someone else at their expense. There is no ideological inconsistency here. I think it's still dumb as shit, and I think I and everyone else should be forced to participate in upkeeping a nonprofit healthcare infrastructure that treats everyone to the best of it's ability, but from the perspective of voluntarism setting up a gofundme to pay for your intensive care bill is perfectly consistent.

  66. An asshole unvaxxed fire fighter in my city got covid, so he asked for money through GoFundMe. He is supposed to protect others but he put everyone around him in danger instead.

  67. "Socialism for me, not for thee." Conservatives, Far Right, reactionaries and fascists aren't against a social safety net -- they just want only them to benefit while everyone else gets screwed.

  68. I just can't anymore. My empathy is gone. There is a big to do in my bike club about a cyclist who did the major ride (150 miles) - season goal 3-4 weeks ago and is now dead, and 2 of his family members are in the hospital and dying. I am 100% sure they are unvaxed. I just can't. Meanwhile they want GoFundMe and meal train and prayer warriors. I just can't.

  69. Nope. We’re beyond irony at this point. You are overanalyzing the self awareness and critical thinking of the American dipshit. You can’t make it make sense or understand logic. The American dipshit is a scared sad little creature that projects being smarter than it actually is. These motherfuckers can’t even spell socialism. Don’t try to make a moron make sense. They don’t.

  70. I have a friend who has been very ill for years, must have spent an unimaginable amount of money on treatment, and is still against universal healthcare. She's never asked for money, though.

  71. No, charity aligns with their core ethos of “only good things for people that are like me”. Govt programs provide for minorities and liberals, not just conservatives. They want suffering and poverty for everyone else.

  72. Yup ive had these covos with MAGAts. I get blank confused stares when i ask if my socialist veterans hospitals are communist, then i ask about my socialist fire fighter job and how its "Marxist" and all i get is an empty thanx for service.

  73. My favorite meme I've seen is the "if this lifesaving vaccine is free, why isn't chemo and insulin free?" And im like "bitch, that's what we're trying to do but you shoot it down and yell socialism any chance you get!"

  74. I saw a satire site (that many conservatives believe to be legit pro-trump) that posted a “let’s pool our resources to fight socialism!” meme. So many were all for it. It was the highlight of that month.

  75. Not really? Their world-view is that you should never be coerced into giving money (taxation)- this sort of thing should be paid via voluntary charity. The gofundme campaigns are examples of that.

  76. Oh America, maybe your next generation would be able to honesty use the slogan Make America Great Again because it has been a hellish shit show and we are far away from greatness.

  77. It's a lovely thought, but we'll be four or more nations battling for dwindling resources in 20 years or less. America as the world has known it is essentially dead, and the world needs to get ready for the shambling corpse to wreck western civilization.

  78. I wonder if that was the literal billions the CIA spent brainwashing the American public for decades that socialism = Stalinism

  79. You got it, all I want to add is that it’s not new. I’m old for Reddit, and the earth, and this has been the way conservatives in the US have thought for a long time.

  80. When reality kicks them in the taint you would think they would see the errors of their ways. Unfortunately they are blinded by their own stupidity.

  81. That's because GoFundMe allows them to be picky about who they support. With any form of socialized healthcare, their money helps people they dislike: minorities, homosexuals, immigrants, whoever they consider a moocher (probably a long list), etc. But with GoFundMe, their money can go to only people they approve of: white God-fearing American patriots, for example.

  82. I donate to a leftist's medical funds whenever I see them. Over $1k USD donated to leftists who have GFMs this year now.

  83. It goes without saying, but that irony is dwarfed by the irony of them encouraging people to not take the shot and dyeing from the disease. It is a story that would be unbelievable if not reality.

  84. Hell it bothers me a bit to see people against it raising money for any health issues. It’s of course great they do that, but I wish they’d also vote blue, seems like it’s always the Republican voters doing those “Team (insert high school sports student with cancer here)” fundraisers.

  85. There's a perfect answer and The Daily Show did it at a Trump rally in Mississippi. They asked a guy who lived in absolute squalor, an old mobile home that was falling apart who was in horrible health, most of his teeth gone and a trailer full of garbage bags with a leaky roof.

  86. Im just amazed how many morons give them money. Im all for helping people out, but only from problems they couldnt foresee or prevent. No unvaccinated people are ever getting a dime from me for their ignorance. Fuck outta here.

  87. You can set up prayer campaigns for people similar to go fund me. I set up campaigns that ask other people to pray that other people will send them money.

  88. No, actually I don’t find it ironic. People who are self-obsessed, self-serving, self-righteous, ignorant, stubborn and altogether full of themselves do not have any reservations about conniving people for money to fix their own willfully ignorant mistakes. It is in perfect consistency with their character.

  89. I don't think ironic is the right word. They claim to think that private charities will fill the gaps left by the absence of public healthcare. It will be leopards ate my face material when they realize the hospital bills are 10x what their redneck family donated to them.

  90. I don’t find it ironic at all— not even hypocritical. I find it’s completely in line with their consistent selfishness ignorance.

  91. I don’t have any idea how the public could be for private healthcare, it’s literally not in their best financial interest to treat you efficiently.

  92. YES and sharing that damned meme with the little girl getting a shot in the arm asking why insulin and chemo aren’t free if the vaccines are free.

  93. I've called it "popularity contest socialized healthcare" before. They only want to pay for the healthcare of people who meet their "standards" - gotta be cute enough, or cool enough, or pass their purity tests to be worthy of healthcare.

  94. A common meme of theirs is that if the vaccine is so life saving and free, then shouldn't insulin and chemo be free too? And we're all like, "yes, we agree with that." and they don't realize wtf we're saying.

  95. As an American that has lived in Canada for almost a decade the system is broken and needs to become like Canada.

  96. The gofundme to pay for their stupidity is what really pisses me off. Personally, if I had talked all that shit and proved myself “dead wrong” I’d be ashamed to have a charity account in my name.

  97. They don’t want to pay for other people’s health care, they just want other people to pay for their health care.

  98. it's part of the whole in group/out group thing. If it's socialized then even brown people will get it. They'd rather take their chances on other white people helping them than allow ANY measure of wealth or decent living standards to brown people.

  99. They're racist. It's all about racism. They'll deny it but that's the quite part they don't want to say out loud. They'll pretend it's about almost anything else.

  100. It's not surprising at all. They want to be able to decide who deserves help and who does not. You can't do that if we provide medical treatment for everyone.

  101. The more egregious one imo is the "if the vaccine is just about health why aren't chemo and insulin free?" Why not indeed.

  102. They don't want their money to go to people who don't look like them.They don't see humanity as one big species in need.If you pass a law where it says socialism for white rural republicans, they might say yes.

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