Anti-Vax Televangelist Marcus Lamb dies of COVID | He was the head of Daystar TV, a tax-exempt religious network that received $3.9M in PPP money to help pay employees' salaries. Two weeks later, Lamb bought a 14-passenger jet.

  1. Hope Jesus asks him why he spent money intended for the poor on a jet plane. And why he lied to all those folks about COVID. And why the heck... never mind, just put him on the elevator to the sub-basement lodgings.

  2. Jesus these people are beyond dense. The son is claiming it’s “the enemy” targeting his father with Covid-19 and not just his dad being a moron who caught a highly contagious disease.

  3. You'd think the guy smart enough to grift religious sheeple for millions would be smart enough to secretly get vaccinated. Candy O does it just fine.

  4. You gotta assume that at some point, some of these people went so deep into their nut-job spiral that they started to believe their own lies. Cant explain it otherwise.

  5. That’s what Lucifer literally means. But they haven’t read their own book. They just rely on con men to tell them what to believe.

  6. If I remember correctly, Kenneth Copeland was once asked why he needed to fly on a private jet. His response was that it allows him to be close to God, which isn't possible for him if he flies commercial.

  7. His eternal reward is being in heaven. Personally, I’d have deferred that particular pleasure and flown around in the jet some more.

  8. Anyway, I just made myself a delicious smoothie of bananas, peanut butter, almond milk, and chocolate protein powder. Time to get my workout on! I enjoy taking advantage of my fully-functioning lungs and working body.

  9. No mention of Covid in the posts they made about it on social media. It's really unfortunate that he used his platform to spread so much Covid disinformation & anti-vaccine views - I hope this is a wake-up call for those who listened to him.

  10. Indeed, when you’re personally affected it’s remarkable the turnaround in attitude toward a deadly contagious virus that has pre-treatments available for free.

  11. Okay I have to ask am I the only one who thinks the name daystar is funny since it’s basically the name of Lucifer, aka the Daystar? Do they read that book they keep going on about?

  12. There’s more than one morning star (Job 38:7) and anyway that part in Isaiah is mocking Lucifer for his once-proud title after he is cast out of heaven. Milton’s Ode famously (poetically) has the stars switching their allegiance when Jesus is born. Off the top of my head one old hymn uses the title for Jesus (“He’s the Lily of the Valley, the Bright and Morning Star…”)

  13. Pastor here. Schmucks like this are what caused me to be a former-evangelical, but still Xtian. Lamb and his ilk were so beholden to Trump and his ways they literally paid for it with their Lives. They seem to forget a couple of things: Trump is vaccinated and Jesus traveled with a literal doctor named Luke. It’s so unnecessary and such a high cost to be a prideful idiot.

  14. I’m not apologizing for when I say it is some special sauce schadenfreude when these tax dodging charlatans who were COVID deniers and anti-vaxxers who defrauded the PPP loans bite it. It is the juice of the sweetest berries.

  15. If an unseen horror that keeps killing your people doesn’t make you believe God is perhaps not on your side, I don’t know what will

  16. His wife started his death announcement with his job title followed by "and love of my life". Uh, I'm sorry but I think if you really loved him you would've lead with that and not his job title. That says a lot about what those priorities are and I don't think it's love or family.

  17. He bought a "jesus jet" with $4M stolen PPP funds, paid it back when he realized feds were on him.

  18. He’s one of the most prolific facilitators of covid related “anti” material. Curious what impact this will have on their programming

  19. I wonder if Joni is gonna keep up with her "Table Talks" against all vaccines. I thought it was just Covid vaccines they were against until I checked out her videos on their Daystar website. Big anti-MMR vaccines for kids because the belief is they'll become autistic. Forget the risk of encephalitis or hepatitis, gubberment can't control us and we have the "Blood of Jesus" to protect us

  20. God, a coworker just posted about his death in a group chat and I’m fighting to bite my fucking tongue on this.

  21. I hope that he and his family are rejoicing that he has been freed from his earthly bonds called home for a face to face discussion with his God. I know I am.

  22. The world is a better place without disgusting grifters like this. Absoute fucking charlatan who fully deserved his fate.

  23. I cannot possibly understand how people can even be tricked by people like this. Their scheme is so fucking transparent. Whatever, hes dead now so that's something.

  24. The right wing project to deny Biden a "win" on vaccines by seeding the concept of "vaccine skepticism" among it's adherents worked frighteningly well. Who knows what other dangerous, self-destructive ideas these people are capable of being convinced of.

  25. If the leader of a large Christian TV network with many thousands of followers can't get sufficient numbers of Prayer Warriors, how is Joe Sixpack with eleven Facebook friends supposed to do it?

  26. Interesting that his wife is still promoting the alternative therapies. Apparently, she "breezed through Covid." She's blaming her husband's lack of success on his having Diabetes.

  27. I did not root for his death, but rather for his ministry to close. I rejoice not in his death, but rather that some of his congregation find freedom.

  28. Wow! It's almost like their Lord is smiting a bunch of selfish, griftering, prosperity asshats that keep preaching hateful rhetoric.

  29. I went to one of these evangelical churches once on invitation from an ex who turned to hardcore religion after we broke up (which is another story...) but anyway it was everything I had seen on the TV and more. Just crazy. But at the end of the day it comes down to unscrupulous people helping sheep part company with their money. The only longer line than the one to get touched by god on stage was the line for the merch afterwards.

  30. I can't help but wonder how many people listened to him and also died because of his nonsense. I am sorry but the world is better off with less corruption from church preachers.

  31. I’ll say this, these people aren’t getting vaccinated behind closed doors. They actually buy into the garbage they say. I had thought some were probably getting vaccinated, but nope.

  32. Wife: "I breezed through Covid using our protocals. Shame about Marcus He was a diabetic and clearly unworthy.

  33. Years and years ago he and his wife were on an episode of Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends. They had a whole CHANNEL on TV here in Dallas. Holy crap! I actually know who this dude is!

  34. '"It’s with a heavy heart we announce that Marcus Lamb, president and founder of Daystar Television Network, went home to be with the Lord this morning," the network said in a tweet.'

  35. Does this mean hydroxychloroquine doesn’t prevent or cure Covid? I thought the scientists resolved that question in the spring of 2020. Marcus Lamb didn’t to keep experimenting with it.

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