In light of today's events I thought it would be good to revisit this. She's clear that she did nothing wrong and is going to continue. We're the problem and she's MAD.

  1. When she said “I never said that my mother was Spanish” I instantly got flashbacks of that picture at the nail salon where she explicitly calls her mother Spanish and those two other women. Clown behavior 🤡

  2. ”They are trying to label you cause it’s more convenient for them” LMAO what are you talking about Hillary?!! It’s YOU who made being SPANISH your whole personality! YOU made every interview, every ig post, everything about ”mi cultura, mi skin color, mi language, muy españa!!!” How fucking embarassing! Many of us speak more than one languages. I learned english as a kid, but somehow I don’t pretend to be an American and I definitely don’t have an accent when speaking my own language. You don’t have ”two cultures”, dumbass!

  3. Real celebrities don't let this sort of thing get to them. And by this sort of thing, I mean this subs :-), and comments that people make otherwise about her pretending her heritage and her ethnicity. They just ignore it and go on. For example... Remember years ago when Prince Charles conversation on the telephone with Camilla Parker- Bowles was taped, and he said he wanted to be a Tampax and ride around in her trousers all day? That had to be incredibly embarrassing. I mean, incredibly. But he never addressed it nor did she, and the two of them went on as if nothing happened and it sort of died down. Today, that rarely, if ever, comes up anywhere. If she did not want to confess the truth, Hillary I mean, then she should have just ignored all of this and it would have eventually probably have died down. But you know, her incredibly narcissistic behavior and constant posting of every minute of her life on Instagram and his terrible anger issues I have brought everything to light again in fact, it has never died down at all. They give us so much material even without the Spanish grift, I think, though truly, that is probably the major thing, along with his anger issues, that makes me dislike them.

  4. “My nuclear family lives in Spain, they’ve lived there for a long time. And I uh, I umm came here, uhh, you know I was moving around a lot. I moved here to go to a college” How funny her dad is quoted as saying that she was living in Boston for a year before attending NYU. 🤔🤔🤔”came here” from BOSTON🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡

  5. Rofl I love that she’s trying act like she has a Spanish accent while with her valleygirl accent 🙈. Girl, just stop. It’s getting pathetic. Aren’t you exhausted from the lies????

  6. She imitated her brother as having a thick accent (Italian, I think.). This is so embarrassing. Major lie. She rattles off lies...things that are easily proven to be lies. What?

  7. No darling, YOU took your words and created a narrative. Yes you moved to NY at 19. Yes your parents live in Mallorca. Those are both true facts. It's what YOU insinuated in between all that that started everything, or rather ENDED everything. It was YOUR fake accent. It was YOU coloring your hair darker. It was YOU with your, my skin is darker than my kids. It was YOU saying ppl mistake me for the help. And it's what you let everyone believe and never EVER corrected, my little.. how you say? Oh, cucumber.

  8. Watching in real time the way she tried to put on an accent when playing the role of her Spanish brother then catching herself and cutting the anecdote off abruptly was amazing.

  9. Ahhh, this is just ✨ The best part of the grift was the 3-4 day struggle to get a hold of the narrative Hillary created and Alec pushed.

  10. Doubled down on the lie that she spent a lot of her childhood in Spain and moved "here" wherever she means by here...assume the U.S. at 19. That is a bald faced lie. There are receipts. She attended a private school in Boston during her teen years. Alec was present when she recorded this so maybe she was trying the blend the truth enough to not break her lie to him. Side note: notice how she picks at her hairline when she's agitated? Probably explains the issues with her hair line we've noticed.

  11. Her fingers went straight to that little bald patch by her part. Also she does the gross hard swallow when she thinks she’s made a point.

  12. Imagine your husband your husband shoots somebody and mortality wounds them but doesn't bother to stick around to see if they need help or seeing if she lived or dies. He really is a big piece of shit like his wife

  13. You didn’t spend a LOT of time in Spain. You spent SOME time over your summer breaks in Spain. You moved from Boston to NY. If you moved around a lot, it was from apartment to apartment between those two cities. You have NOT always said what is true. The UN meeting is a prime example of that. You did NOT correct the statement that you are half Spanish. You don’t have two cultures. You are American. You are a liar who said your family couldn’t pronounce ‘Baldwin’ and a seriously disturbed person who also fakes pregnancies. Have several seats lady.

  14. American of Anglo descent. You don’t have 2 cultures lady. You VISITED Spain. You’re 100% American. She’s very dishonest.

  15. Gee another narcissist using their fav word ‘authentic’…do you think they follow each other? Why hasn’t MM invited Hilary on her ‘podcast ‘ to talk about how unfairly they’ve been treated. Maybe Hilary can lament that her ‘haters’ are just racist because she is white and not Spanish…and oh yeah jealous

  16. we’re too dumb to understand that her name is just a few letters different. That’s all! What’s all the fuss about 2 or 3 letters!

  17. I originally posted this in June 2021 so I have no idea. I'm sure Hillary did or said something incredibly stupid.

  18. She still will not say that. I see her almost say it, she was so close like twice. But then she didn’t.

  19. These eyebrows I can’t!! 😂😂 My word this trend..please make it stop. It’s like there are two caterpillars nevr waking up from a nap on ppl’s faces 🐛🐛 Her and her one gay (looks like the Burger King guy) must get them done together.

  20. I know they’re tattooed on, but I kept waiting for it to wipe off when she kept putting her palm against it.

  21. No one is asking her to apologize for “the time she spent in two countries” or “the fact she speaks two languages.” They are asking her to acknowledge the fact that she purposely lied and misled the public about being from Spain.

  22. Notice how she pauses and tries to search for words when she says she was 19 and came here to go to college. You can practically see the wheels turning in her mind. She knows she’s still lying and she’s intent on continuing the lie. What’s laughable is that she thinks people are too stupid to see what she’s doing. She’s so arrogant. I didn’t even know who she was before the story broke in December but I am absolutely glued to it now not because of anything fascinating about her but I’m fascinated about the pathology of her disorder. The fact that she continues to double down and reveal herself on a daily basis makes me feel no sympathy for her. The kids, on the other hand, did not ask for this. They are innocents and Alec needs to wake up to the fact that she created a whole brood of kids for 2 reason 1) it’s part of the Spanish stereotype of having lots of kids 2) She is a natural born scammer and what better way to secure her bag than by nailing him down with a bunch of kids. You can just imagine some of the arguments they must be having. must be saying to himself: shit! It’s too late. She got me!

  23. This never gets old. Each time I watch it she seems more and more mentally ill to me. She truly needs help and it’s disturbing that the people around her aren’t making her get help.

  24. “I don’t know why I care” Lady’s whiting for attention seeking upvotes likes and karma on all her sh!t... 🙄

  25. What drives me NUTS about this bitch is - even if the whole "two cultures" thing was true (which we know it's not, since vacationing somewhere as a kid doesn't make you become that nationality), SHE ONLY EVER TALKED ABOUT ONE.

  26. Her parents moved to Spain when she was 26. My mother just retired in Savannah omg I’m a southerner now.

  27. ...."if you don't understand my story, it's not that there's something wrong with me, there's nothing wrong with me..."

  28. Interesting her brother doesn’t have instagram, I thought she shared so much on instagram for her family that lives in Spain.

  29. Yeah he’s ‘simple’ you know because only the sophisticated people post their mundane narc shit on insta daily. The woman’s 37 and I don’t think her frontal lobes have matured yet.

  30. No one was labeling her at all. She died her hair darker than natural color, spoke with a heavy accent, tweeted in Spanish and had a name that was just enough non-American that it fit into the assumption based on her other actions.

  31. I agree with you. It makes no sense to willingly enter into a contract w/ a fraud from the get go. The contract was meant to make his life easier. I'd be walking on tinderhooks the whole time thinking, this will blow up. I am incredibly curious about how his team vetted her, how this whole thing came together. Because it's wild to think of little old 26 yo Hillary pulling off the con of a lifetime w/ perhaps only Sarna's (Pure Food and Wine) assistance. He had to think that she truly was raised in both places, to some nebulous extent. And I think he believed that well into this spring.

  32. Shifty eyes and dry ass lips. She's dehydrated from all the lies she's spewing from her wrinkly mouth.

  33. Things no one asked Hillary to apologize for: speaking two languages, spending time in Spain, raising her kids to speak Spanish, being who she is, having two names or her life experience. Does she really think no one is savvy enough to see her misrepresenting the criticism against her?

  34. You’re 100% correct. She’s making a strawman argument. If someone perpetuates something and then when addressed about it as Hillary was when she was at The UN of all places when called half Spanish and she did not correct it that is misleading. She mislead everyone. This is fing nuts that’s she’s doubling down on this. She legit has an ED and she’s a fucking narcissist. She thinks she can bs the fucking United Nations. It’s the craziest thing!! Batshit! Her husband has said on national TV that his wife is from Spain. I would not doubt if she was a serial killer. I’m not even joking. I don’t know how her husband sleeps next to her at night with both eyes closed.

  35. Yes, she really did think that this was going to exonerate her. This was one of her three explanation videos. Hillary and her brother speak in English to each other. Her brother is fluent in Spanish. Hillary is not. Hillary's spanish is at the level of an 8 year old.

  36. Well, I’m not gonna apologize for the fact that your eyebrows look like caterpillars, and I’m not gonna apologize for the fact that you are batshit crazy and I’m not gonna apologize for the fact that so is your husband and I’m not gonna apologize for the fact that you are not as attractive as you think you are and I’m not gonna apologize for the fact that you are not as smart as you think you are. And I’m not gonna apologize for the fact that you and Alec will always be the butt of a joke and I’m not gonna apologize for the fact that your husband is a homophobe and I’m not gonna apologize for the fact that you are indeed class B.

  37. Seeing how blatant she is with continuing her lies I am now shocked she took a month away from social media. Did someone recommend that so she complied but then just snapped and refuse to not go back to her narcissistic supply? she sure isn’t listening to any advice now.

  38. From the gossip… she did not want to comply but supposedly the overwhelming negative attention was hurting her standing with her remaining sponsors and that is why she cut the cord. Not to be contrite or to reflect. She was supposed to apologize more pointedly but refused to do so especially after she was told that various sponsors would not be coming back even if she apologized. My take is that she saw no upside in apologizing and no downside in keeping the show going. She doesn’t pay the bills. Voy a vivir mi vida lalalala and all that.

  39. “I moved around a lot.” “I came here when I was 19.” She’s deliberately using vague and misleading language, and would have been better off saying nothing at all. I don’t understand how she can claim with a straight face that being “authentic” is so important to her. She’s blatantly the complete opposite of authentic in every possible way.

  40. It is so nuts to say this when she has 12 years of yearbooks that hundreds of her classmates have that would prove otherwise.

  41. Except she didn't move around. She didn't come here when she was 19. She's always been here. Her parents shuttled her sorry ass from Boston to NY so she could go to school... but she couldn't even do that. She wallowed around in NY, never learning a thing about the city, honing a new identity, and waiting until she could effectively con someone into taking care of her. The exotic Spanish lady with broken English who needed a sugar daddy.

  42. Sorry for the tangent. Been stewing about the skin color thing with her baby she posted yesterday(?). Sigh.

  43. When my wife sounds shifty as hell about that, it’s because she’s African and did move. A lot. Wound up in England. Then Canada. Then the USA. Now we’re living in another country. She does take on accents easily (it’s cute when she’s mad and swears at me in a mix of Yoruba and New Yorker). The other day she full on said a sentence in an local accent to where we are. Videos of her in the 1990s show she had adopted a full-on Lancashire, working class accent (she says now to sound “more Bri’ish as loads of older gents say England is ‘no longer’ England because of us immigrants). Her family anglicised there names when they moved there. She was bullied. Hard core. Our kids are Black and Jewish and raised by lesbians. They do all have these fluid accents and all speak more than one language fluently. So yeah. I could beat the absolute hell out of this bitch right now.

  44. Lol! My fave is “my family is a big mix of things which we’re really really proud of” . She’s so proud of her alleged mix that she won’t even tell us what it is.

  45. 💯the scolding that’s more convenient for them comment .... if universities across the country aren’t packaging all this content up for their personality disorder studies they really are missing a golden opportunity

  46. People think I'm Spanish because I have dark hair, ok Hillary case closed. When I see a dark haired person always think, wow they are so espanol.

  47. Hilli Vanilli 😂😂😂 you my friend just gave me a belly laugh that I desperately needed. Thank you

  48. At some point you should just throw up your hands and say ‘yes! Yes I am Spanish! If you say I am Spanish then it is so’

  49. Watched the whole thing. OOOffff she’s so angry. Bish you are going to apologize and you are going to stop appropriating another culture. You can appreciate it. But you will not appropriate it.

  50. At the time of this monologue-dramalouge pity party speech - She was living authentically concurrent to having just smuggled an embryo into a strangers womb, and didn’t tell her fans a word about it? Hmmkay.

  51. Yes, she’s definitely mentally ill and for that reason will never admit to anything or stop. With many Munchhausen cases people don’t think they’re ill and, hence, they can’t undergo any effective therapy either, cos they will just lie their way through it...

  52. I wonder if her brother actually said “they’re going to try and label you because that’s easier for them.” The fact that he walked her down the aisle at her fake Spanish wedding and then she used that Spanish text he “sent her” as proof that she’s Spanish and then this quote of him being supportive really has me wondering if he’s as crazy as her.

  53. The shifty eyes give it away. Just stop.... you faked it... Alec perpetuated the lie... deal with it. And still peppering in an accent. And the scalp scratching is gross... and its something I do when I'm anxious... so I can say it's gross and a tell of her lying.

  54. “Zzzzzzomething” my parents live zer long time LOL even getting busted she tries keeping up the rouse! Her brother doesn’t talk “iZ za internet why you care!” In an accent! No bitch

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