Hillary is so amazing! Most pregnant women gain weight all over, but this little Spanish chickadee stays sexy & skinny & wears heels & short dresses‼️

  1. She looks stupid and not attractive or sexy or appealing in the least. Help with your kids tomm and the next day. Make a goal of an hour a day. Feed them, change a diaper, dress them, wake up with them and take care of them. No credit… just do it.

  2. Ya know how I tell psychos apart, how often they say we are having a baby, I have a baby bump, baby baby baby......never we are having a child, we are adding to our family, we want to have a child.....just baby baby baby1🤡🤮

  3. The “bounce back scheme” was a way to show off her body under the guise of supporting women, when in actuality she was mentally victimizing real moms- the grift runs deep...many layers, rilly a lot.

  4. Hilarious didn't look like that when she was actually pregnant with Carmen. Amazing how different a real pregnancy is from just wearing a bump and pretending your pregnant.

  5. if this was a "fan" account wouldn't it have the Gettys Images stamp on it? You have to pay like $500 to get a high resolution copy of the image without the watermark.

  6. No, you can find the high-res images on other websites, especially The Daily Mail, and other gossip sites, fashion sites, etc. Even snark sites like Dlisted will have the high-res images.

  7. Haven't you heard? That's because she wiggles her hips from side to side to Shakira in the bathroom, one minute a day, every day.

  8. I fully believe her when she says that's all she remembers. Addicts and alcoholics don't really have a past to hold onto because that requires a clear memory.

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