Before Hillary had her own children, she used her nephew(his nationality is Spanish and he’s ethnically half Spanish from his mother’s side) to push her Spanish grift! Psycho wanna-be!

  1. Those children are American. They should learn English first although her agenda is to isolate her children with a language barrier, esp their father. Spaniards who emigrate to an an English speaking country, make certain their children learn English. Move to Spain, Baldwins. You’re a blight on this country. We have enough problems without grifters making a ton of money here in the States to then disrespect us. I hate these people.

  2. Her trilingual nephew, who has done a significant amount of schooling in Spain, has a perfect East Coast American accent.

  3. I love the... 'she's going to grow up here (in the U.S.) probably'... as if Miss Basic Becky herself was ever going to live anywhere other than where she grew up (or near there). If her parents hadn't driven her sad, lazy ass to NYU and dropped her off, she'd definitely still be in Boston right now. She's not the 'pick up and create a life overseas' type, that's for sure.

  4. This is the nephew equivalent of “my wife is from Spain”. Did she do a racist accent too? Oh wait…

  5. I have cousins who are half Nigerian. I am lily white. Can you image the lols if I started trying to convince people I was half Nigerian. How is this different 😂

  6. Sounds like another one of her fictional "just so" stories involving children somehow saying exactly the right thing to fit her narrative.

  7. Yes she also has a picture on IG of her nephew doing Spanish homework! You have to scroll forever to find it but she did post a lot of pictures of him in the beginning.

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