Today I bought a new pair of Chie Mihara sandals; made in Alacante, Español. Look at the dust bag that came with them. I think these feet look very familiar!

  1. Oh my god you did it! You found the elusive proof that she IS Spanish. Holy shit! I guess we all owe Hilaria an apology 😬

  2. I feel so seen.... I have a beautiful pair of Chie Mihara heels that are the ONLY shoes I can walk in FOR DAYS. Literally, the most comfortable beautiful heels I have EVER worn. Still GORGEOUS after 10 years. 3" heels!!

  3. Careful, when Hillz sees this she'll be contacting them offering to be a live foot model for an Instagram sponsorship. 😝

  4. Mine too! I bought my first pair to wear on my wedding day and I’ve slowly been adding special shoes ever since. Comfiest heels!

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