Violet understands the assignment. When faking pregnancy, make sure your tits leak. Well done.

  1. That baby has so much hair!!!!! 😭 I’m from a long line of bald/blonde behbehs. My daughter came out with an “old man fringe” and we were all so proud of her. LOL

  2. Legit question because I know nothing about babies, especially those in ICU. Why isn't she covered up in a blanket or something? It seems like she would get cold quickly.

  3. She might be under jaundice lights and a warmer; when they're under the lights, you only take them out to feed them and you put them right back so the lights can continue to break down the bilirubin.

  4. They’re probably getting ready for skin to skin and shot a quick pic. Skin to skin—( or sometimes even daddy, it’s good there too) will take off their shirt as well to feed/snuggle. Promotes bonding, regulates temperature/heart rate for baby, helps milk come in for mom.

  5. If you want a pic with your baby in the NICU you could ask someone to take one of you, ya know🙄 All you have to do is tell them how: Stand here, loom over me, and take the shot from above. Be sure to get just a bit of my lips and cheek in the frame, center the boobs, and include at least some of the baby. See? Easy-peasy! They’ll be happy to do it too. They know your body’s exhausted from labor or whatever and you need to save your selfie arm strength. After all you are ‘gramming for two now!

  6. I didn’t either until I saw her post yesterday with that round, smooth belly after the baby was born. Yes you still look pregnant but belly should be squishy ish. Who knows anymore??

  7. I had to take a peek at Violet’s IG after seeing that photo the other day and ummmmm I couldn’t believe it all her belly pics look faker than Hilary’s! Plus her messages and captions are the exact same shit too only slightly better written. Just ugh all of them

  8. as someone who just had their first baby, I can say that I had plenty of leaks and wet spots as early as the beginning of the third trimester before baby was even born. colostrum absolutely can look like a wet spot, and it’s totally possible to be leaking it before your milk comes in. not saying that’s what this is though.

  9. I legitimately wish I would've taken some photos when I first engorged because my tits were LIT. Like they'll never look that good again

  10. And there are SO MANY of them on Instagram. Sick. I really hope there’s a backlash soon and monetizing motherhood like this becomes taboo or even better illegal.

  11. i’m pretty sure she really had this baby. Violet IS an exhibitionist though … I worked with her years ago and she would come into the office in the skimpiest of skimpy outfits, colleagues all gossiped about it. But that being said she is very nice, sweet and genuine. And … just last week saw the hub pushing a stroller … Rome was very very cute.

  12. I like Violet, this is sweet to hear. Why would she fake it, so silly. I mean, I get why people are annoyed, no one like the privileged insta-mommies, but geez. Also, it’s her third baby, and let’s be honest, she probably didn’t stop nursing Rome all that long ago, of course she’s leaky. 🙄

  13. She sounds like an attention seeking narcissist who got a bit too much in life with just her looks alone. Of course she would exploit her child for Likes. Narcissists don't think of others.

  14. Other way around, Hilary is obsessed with Violet. You’ll notice a trend, if Violet does something, Hilary will do it next, it’s really funny.

  15. I would dare to guess their mothers never even considered their adult daughters would be such under- achievers and find their calling only as exhibitionists on SM. Most, (especially the Mother in laws) are appalled by the intimate posts but for the sake of family civility would not object too loudly. Their husbands are equally disappointing in abdicating their roles in protecting their children from being so publicly exposed. Either they are wimps or just happy their annoying wives are busy on SM and not bothering them. It’s a sad state.

  16. Seriously , who “leaked or had a let down reflex “ 1 -3 days after birth? She has special. Hormone levels .

  17. It’s her third baby, and let’s be honest, she probably didn’t stop nursing the last one all that long ago. Jesus, bunch of specialists up in this group.

  18. Me! I’m still breastfeeding my two and a half year old now, but it took until he was about one and a half before I could go braless (in the house) and without breast pads, as from day one I’ve always over produced and leaked 😤

  19. The intention of this photo is to prove to all of you that she did infant birth her kid lol hense the leaky boob. She obviously saw everyone’s posts lol

  20. Listen, I don't care about this woman or her baby. When I leaked after birth, it was away from my baby and minimum wet spot was silver dollar sized. Whatever

  21. I’m with ya on this. I have zero interest in this woman. If she leaked it was colostrum but I really don’t care.

  22. Doesn’t she want her baby cozy and swaddled up tight???? Who are these psychos????? I would scream if my hours old infant was naked in the open air!!!! Low iq individuals having kids. Wtf.

  23. What is with the tits and newborns. I hate that humans anywhere sexualize this. I hate these women making CSAM and not being held accountable. Horrific things are captioned with photos like this. Children are rank on their ... I’m not typing it. No. We all know and these idiots know and this shit is so horrible and prevalent.

  24. I feel like shuddering at what you just said but I don’t quite understand. Are you saying women post these things then other people take them and use them? Or awful people follow them. Sorry I don’t want to deep dive with your keywords on google cos I’m a bit scared

  25. I just looked through her Instagram photos and I don’t think she faked it either. Her hips/thighs/etc look wider and she gained some obvious weight. Before pregnancy she looked like she was probably a size 00 for pants. I could be wrong and I still find it super annoying she got all posey for the gram in a lace bra. But at least here, this is a more realistic image of what motherhood is liked wearing an unflattering maternity bra and leaking.

  26. She faked it 💯 I don't think people realize just how common this is with wealthy women, especially vapid narcissists like Violet and Hilary. Anything is possible when you have the $$, and the cost of using a surrogate for people at this income level is nothing - especially if the corresponding pregnancy grift earms them IG sponsorship dollars. But hey, if you want to believe it... you do you.

  27. Me neither . But I guess because she’s Hillary adjacent people are assuming she’s faking . I think she was pregnant and actually gave birth to that baby though . 🤷‍♀️

  28. They're all terrible. Child exploiters for clicks. Sham life for the gram. It's all fake and unnecessary.

  29. Omg I have become so jaded about these wanna-be celebrities being pregnant. I thought the exact same thing with the nipple leakage. And now my brain is thinking “a real pregnant nursing woman would most certainly choose a picture where their boobs aren’t leaking” my brain is doing somersaults lol

  30. I only had two, but they were both so different that, well, I had assumed with my first that I knew what I was doing (more or less), but #2 changed my mind - and in a very good way.

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