Crazy Mami

  1. International Dance Champion who traveled the world with her dance skills dancing like she's the Lucky Charms leprechaun

  2. When she does shit like this, I always imagine how it went down. Like, did she say to the godmother / nanny, “here, get a pick of me being a craaazy mami— my followers will LOVE this. I do it for them, you know”

  3. That's not crazy, my mum used to run with me on the streets or get on the swings with me and actually went down slides with me. This is normal play with your kid - although concerned she is doing this with flip-flops on and a big preggo belly!

  4. Dancing around a pavement carrying a say 12 -15 kg child on your shoulders at 34 weeks pregnant. The fall risk for both of them .. or someone or something bumping into her in NYC

  5. Such grace. You can tell she was a professional ballroom dancer who “danced in a lot of places.”

  6. Twenty something weeks pregnant, belly popped (??!??) and let’s put my five year old on my shoulders and dance around.

  7. When I first started coming here i was thinking the same thing and “why are people ripping this poor woman apart?” Now it’s “anything she does—straight to jail.”

  8. Usually when people do this the kid is laughing and enjoying themselves. He seems to just be there as a prop for her own enjoyment.

  9. Looks like she's trying to pull his wittle arms out of their sockets, so he's clearly not stable on her shoulders. Plus her neck is flexing down so she can't see ahead of herself.

  10. First time she hasn't looked right at the camera in a long time. Usually she gives that "aren't I just great" eye smirk thing at the end.

  11. Oh this lasted just long enough to get this video and then that feral was taken down asap

  12. Recklessly endangering herself, Edu, and the baby (if she were actually pregnant) dancing around like this. She looks manic or on drugs.

  13. Well I have bad eyes so I guess I saw the opposite ..Too bad because it would of been nice to see him happy with his mommy finally.. Keep hoping I guess🤞🏼

  14. Carmen says 'YOU STEPPED IN POOP'....This dumbass was high in the cat video and she's high now, walking down the street....Literally stepping in sides!

  15. I never watch these videos. I always scroll up as fast as I can to hide the video and read the comments. for some reason I decided to watch this one. how bad could it be?

  16. Isn't she just so diffront and rilly rilly unique? No other mom has ever played with her child before. Let this be an example to everyone worldwide. She is truly a role model to all us peasants!

  17. I've never been pregnant, but I'd be too worried about tripping and injuring the baby - and the toddler on my shoulders! - if I did this.

  18. My first thought was “how is this safe???” Maybe I’m a fuddy-duddy, but I would not think this level of playfulness, bordering on roughhousing, would be appropriate for a prego, with a toddler, thus skewing her center of gravity, on city sidewalks. But then, I’m not a bounceback yogi mami extraordinaire. Edit: I’m not convinced she’s prego & if she has heels on in this video, I’m going to burst a blood vessel in my forehead.

  19. Honestly, what is with her drastic deterioration? She’s always been nuts, but she seems downright out of her mind now. First it was sexy, bendy, twisty yoga mami, then super sexy underwear “shrinky dink” barre mami. Now she’s dressing in baggy clothes, t-shirts with kiddy logos and brands, gross & gaudy slippers and her hair always looks fried. Something is going to snap soon, she’s acting downright bizarre

  20. She did not take the grift discovery well. I think it was a very destabilizing event for her. She’s been trying to desperately claw herself back to her “glory days” but has been thwarted at every turn. Alec’s shooting was the final nail.

  21. How DOES the camera stay so steady? I can’t even keep my phone from wiggling when i have it propped on something.

  22. When I was visibly pregnant with my first, I tripped on a tiny crack on the sidewalk and went down so fast. It was a huge wake-up call that my entire centre of gravity was different and my sense balance hadn’t caught up.

  23. She says it like it’s a good thing… But the rest of us can see all the dangers and pitfalls of walking along like this – under the influence – in slippers – sunglasses slipping down over the face – fake moon bump on – balancing a small child high up on the shoulders. That’s the crazy we’re worried about

  24. If she is pregnant (which she isn't, I now believe), her center of gravity is off and that kid on her shoulders makes that worse - if he were to fall (or she fell), it would not be good.

  25. Feels like the voice in the background (Nanny?) saying “eduuuuu” is trying to soothe him, make him smile. Like they can see he’s not enjoying it

  26. I thought there’d at least be some street music playing, speaker 🔊 on bike etc. This broad is so phony and 🥱

  27. Muoy loca mamasita, she is so wild and carefree haha #loveit 🤣🤣😂😂💃💃💃💃livin la Vida loca 😂😂 and so skinny and young and #notlikeothergirls Muoy muoy bien 💃💃💃

  28. What If she tripped with him on her shoulders??she could hurt him and her make believe Bebe! What a dangerous thing to do on the concrete sidewalks of NYC !! SHES SICK!

  29. Props to the nanny filming this. She kept the camera on hillz the whole time and didn't pan down to the sidewalk when one kid yelled "you stepped in poop!"

  30. Awwwwww! Nothing crazy here. Hillary has been reading our sub & all of those sad children comments. She thinks if she shows a moment of “spontaneity” it’ll take the kids by surprise & they will laugh that slightly hysterical laugh kids do when they’re not sure whether something is funny or frightening.

  31. Yep! She needs to clock in alooooot more hours of being a real, genuine person/mom before those kids will ever feel relaxed enough to enjoy any spontaneity around her. For now they are on guard 24/7.

  32. Hilz believes her “zany antics”, “witchy vibes” and “coloring outside the lines” peacocking makes her special, not like other boring mommies. The problem is …it has to be authentic to actually work, Hilz!

  33. She’s loaded & of course she’s not safely holding him! He looks scared & he always looks miserable around mami. She really messed this guy up quickly & it’s hard to watch.

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