I just said this a day or two ago.

  1. It happened in Paris today, too. It almost never happens along the Seine, but someone jumped the curb, totaled their car, nearly squished a pedestrian and seriously damage Pont au Change.

  2. Isn’t that just revolting?!?!? Poor Props have no boundaries, no discipline. I am sorry for these children. I can only blame these 2 idiots. Privileged & disconnected. Shame on both of them. These children will grow up and be ostracized. Thanks Hillary & Alec. Keep the drugs flowing. Alex, Karma found you. And I knew it would.

  3. Johanna Mankiewicz Davis, budding novelist and member of the sprawling Mankiewicz film clan (her father Herman won an Oscar for “Citizen Kane”), was killed in 1974, in the presence of her young sons, when struck by a taxi that jumped a curb in lower Manhattan.

  4. BUT, some of them do want to hear it! That’s why there’s a pretty brisk market for the Death in National Parks series - and for HowNotTo (a YouTube on climbing and high lining and other outdoor sports).

  5. My friend from when I was younger died when a police car jumped the curb. I never stand anywhere near the curb. I grew up on a very busy street in Brooklyn and cars used to jump the curb all the time, and there were always people getting hurt/dying.

  6. I'm always worried about that in my city neighborhood. It has happened around here and so far it's just been a sidewalk tree or a trash can that gets damaged but the possibility of far worse is ever-present.

  7. I live in a quiet suburb, but we have some busy streets and cars have ended up going through peoples fences and into their backyards. People have started putting up these metal cylinder things around the edges of their property that back up to these streets (like they have around Manhattan buildings, so cars don’t drive through them).

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