This definitely seems like legitimate allergy testing.

  1. Maryloo has her OWN allergies of unknown origins ... but its okay to share allergenics with her via eddie???? What if she had a reaction? Why wasnt eddie taken for tests MONTHS Ago ???? Hilly has banged on for about a year with his allergies. But shes only testing him now?

  2. I used to think Eddie was such a cute little kid. But now he just looks like a selfish prick. Why does no one teach him how to share with his little sister (who is not a fucking twin)?????

  3. I’m rooting for her! Good to see her standing up for herself here when her “mother” lets her not-twin push her around so much.

  4. None of these children are allowed any personal autonomy. They will never know what it is like to have their own things/space/anything because they are being led as a group and not individuals. There are no age-specific activities, just a mishmash of kids. Can you imagine if your child was raised full time in a daycare? That’s what this is like. A sad, child warehouse.

  5. Grew up in a family of 8 so we all shared rooms. Even when I was in a room with my two sisters we each had our own spaces for our own things and nobody was allowed to touch what didn’t belong to them. Their home appears to be a free-for-all with no boundaries.

  6. My impression of Hillarys manic postings today is that she was not present, wherever the nannies took these twinnish toddlers.

  7. Why does everyone in this family dress so inappropriately? Hil is always in sweaters in 90 degrees and today the kids are too. Tomorrow they'll only be in diapers at the beach.

  8. It’s total fuvking bullshit, Hilarrhea. A doctor would NEVER allow 2 children (twinnish or not) to share an allergen test. You fucking liar. You total narcissist grifting pregnancy rebound ¢unt. You are abusing your children for your personal gratification. I hope you get your BigTime karma sooner than later. Those poor children. They deserve so much better than you and PerpPaw.

  9. Absolutely...PREACH. How is she allowed to flaunt her neglect and abuse? We peasants would be reported and investigated for far less than this feckless c**t

  10. There is literally NOTHING in his bowl, and why would it be a good idea for spoon saliva swapping when they're doing allergy tests. I call bullshit. As always.

  11. OMG HAHAHAHAHA, that just made me laugh so hard. Blonde Cher and Brother D! Loved Jonathan Van Ness's "Gay of Thrones" recaps.

  12. Pobrecitas. They are going to be so exhausted and neglected by their teens when at least 2 of their older siblings have sucked all the energy out of the home with trips to jail/rehab.

  13. Who does allergery testing with a SMEAR of food in a bowl? Just give it on the spoon... which look hilly BOTH kids seem to know how to use. Why are they giving him more chocolate spread? When its pretty obvious they have been eating it at home all the time?

  14. A medspa would look much nicer. As another pepino pointed out, this seems more like a spot where a surrogate is getting a prenatal checkup and Hillary is contractually obligated to be there too.

  15. I don’t have any kids with allergies so forgive me, is this really how it works? They share a spoon? They roll around on a dirty floor and eat chocolate? I don’t get it.

  16. When my kids were tested for allergies, they tested various allergens on their back for a reaction. They never ate anything and never rolled around on the dirty floor. Things may have changed though, because it was years ago.

  17. That’s the Fraudwin way — they do their no rules, their non boundaries, it’s all their way and everyone else be damned 🥄💩

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