What happened to the Hamptons?

  1. I’m glad you brought this up. I was wondering why they don’t raise the kids out there. What a glorious life they would have. Makes no sense.

  2. I'm sure Hilary, Aleec, and the kids will be heading to the Hamptons soon if they're not there already. Aleec loves hanging out with Billy Joel, Howard Stern, and the other celebrities who live there.

  3. WHATS FUNNY, Kim Basinger was original owner with AB....sooo all the rooms imagine she must think about his gorgeous 1st wife and that house should go to Ireland.

  4. I think Kim and Alec even got married there! It has to be weird to live (part-time) in the house where your husband married his first wife, the Oscar-winning actress and model regarded by many as one of the world’s most beautiful women.

  5. I think it's obvious to everyone that Hilary does her best to hide, disengage, make up excuses, use the kids for excuses, use the fake pregnancies for excuses, because no one in the Hamptons wants anything to do with her as far as socializing and invitations. It's more than awkward at this point. They all know she's an unstable loon. I would guess A&H have had that talk: "They don't want you there and we won't be invited to anything if they know you're coming with me." Thus, she posts boring evening hallway selfies, to irritate Alec.

  6. Maybe he had to sell his Hampton's house and they are focusing on moving to Vermont but it's not ready yet? The kids apparently just ended school so I thought they would be heading there this weekend. I'm all over this. 👀👀👀👋👋 Plus the one had to get his cast off so maybe they were just waiting to finish up those appointments.

  7. I had this same thought a couple weeks ago. So I went back and looked at last year. It seems they waited last year until the kids were out of school and then flocked to the Hamptons for the summer. So I’m guessing if it’s going to happen, it’ll happen soon now that school ended this week.

  8. If they go to private schools (which im almost positive they do) school ended 2+ weeks ago. As a former NYC private school kid, school never went past June 10th.

  9. Hamptons International Film Festival starts June 25th, tomorrow. I'm betting Alec will not miss this. "Curated by Alec Baldwin and Artistic Director David Nugent (Violet's husband) .

  10. Violet’s husband. JFC. This is so creepy. How does Matthew Hutchins feel about this? How does Joel Souza feel about this?

  11. I have no idea why they aren’t there if the schools have finished (have they?). It makes me sad to think of that swimming pool lying empty and the kids cooped up in a NYC apartment on hot days.

  12. Oh, I'm sure Grifty just had the help load up her kids and they will be in the Kim and Alec wedding house soon enough.

  13. They've been shunned by the Hampton's elite 😂🤣😂. No one wants to be seen socializing with this pathetic duo '

  14. I wonder why they haven't decamped to Vermont, permanently. She could finally get away from all the paparazzi that won't stop stalking her and the ferals could finally get some fresh air and vitamin D.

  15. Since you wrote about the Hampton’s house, most likely hilz will post from there soon enough since she studies this sub; it’s her lifeline.

  16. Her only female friend Violet Gaynor had a baby over a month ago, and Hilaria still hasn’t made the trip to the Hamptons to congratulate Violet or meet the new baby. I think Hilaria prefers using her NYC apartment as an excuse to stay isolated and pretend that the excitement of the city triumphs the Hamptons, where she is a social outcast and laughingstock. That’s why she keeps emphasizing her NYC kids and lifestyle.

  17. Violet and Hil are forced to socialize because their husbands work together sometimes. They are by no means, actual friends.

  18. fake friends or paid....that woman has no care @ all about other women....she dropped Ireland from social media for awhile and Ireland didn't do so....childish behavior...I can only imagine the future of the 7 kids ahead...AB will be living in 1 of his other apartments ....Its clearly they will be raised by PAID nannies

  19. We can imagine being in her shoes - walking in into any bar, Restaurant, coffee shop in the Hamptons .. And the conversation stopping – every face turns towards her/them – where do you go from that situation? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Personally I would never want to go to that place again if I’d embarrassed myself to that level

  20. Her only female friend Violet Gaynor had a baby over a month ago, and Hilaria still hasn’t made the trip to the Hamptons to congratulate Violet or meet the new baby.

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