Hey, she stood outside!

  1. She came outside her building to take a quick pic before heading to the Hamptons. She didn’t march or participate in the protest in any way. She’s once again fake AF pretending to be involved in this issue. She just wanted a pic for the gram, that’s it.

  2. She spends literally thousands of dollars on her hair and ZERO on Carmens. She doesn't even trim her ends. It looks so straggly all the freaking time

  3. Ugh - the dreaded house slippers. Gives revived meaning to the old expression: barefoot and pregnant. Ironic, given the protest she's watching.

  4. Never heard Hillary say one fucking thing about being Pro-Choice, pro-abortion before this and, actually, she still hasn't said anything, just posted images implying her support

  5. We are neighbors on the same street. This went past 5th ave and again on University, literally our front doorstep and hard to avoid. She is just an opportunist and on her way to Bagel Bobs 🙄

  6. Plausible deniability. To some people, that might read as support . To others, they will read it as something else. Don't get your hopes up hb is an activist of any kind, this is vague at best.

  7. as someone who is still shocked by Roe being thrown out (even though I knew it was coming) I am not going to throw shade at her for this.

  8. Seriously? Biggest fake. Faked being from Spain. Still lies about it. Fake bounce back body and fake pregnancies. Horrible mother.

  9. She uses her children as props to sell mommy goods. There is very strong evidence she faked a pregnancy, possibly more than one, for social media content, and used a surrogate instead.

  10. BTW, wearing the same clothes multiple days/appearing disheveled/looking & probably smelling bad are all signs of mental illness. She’s getting worse by the day.

  11. Notice how Carmens hair is now darker than hers. I wonder if she is henna ing it and the damage is making it look like dreadlocks. She's still working on her Spanish grift on the daily. I'm not going to dignify her performance of watching protesters

  12. She is SUCH an IDIOT. Hey, Carmen, this is rilly important. Would you like to go have a photo with me of the protest and then we will go right back inside?

  13. Sorry but no matter the subject I don’t believe being in the middle of a protest is a safe place for a child. That little girl is way too young to be able to take care of herself in the crowd, let alone if something goes wrong.

  14. Wow, you can really tell how short she is, by this picture. She’s barely taller than her 8-year-old child. And Carmen is such a cutie, why doesn’t Mami brush and TRIM that child’s hair!! It’s a rat’s nest.

  15. Convo with nanny, ‘ok I’m going to stand here with Carmen, looking passionate and involved with todays cause, you take a photo to catch the moment , then we can go get a coffee ‘

  16. Hopping onto another cause she never previously talked or gave a shit about to try and make herself look substantive (insert image of Hillz kidnapping that Asian woman, insert I'm a feminist rant, insert anti-bullying PSA, insert PTSD awareness rant, insert LGTQX+ support rant, insert MLK Day skin lecture at Carmen....)

  17. Meemaw energy, like she puts plastic on the couches, starts cooking dinner at noon and mops with the T stick

  18. She’s the worst example of womens rights, married to a rich old gribbly and pops out kids to keep him from divorcing her. Uses desperate women as rent a womb when she gets preggers with another of those annoying boy children.

  19. Can you imagine the moments leading up to this? ‘Carmen, help Mami strap on her moonbump so we can go film at the protest!’

  20. And nanny #3 - you follow us and take a “candid” picture of our backs so it looks like we didn’t know it was being taken.

  21. Oof, hilz has underarm fat and what appears to be cellulite in her arms, WTH is going on with madam yogi’s body.

  22. Guys, guys! Take my picture from behind with my arm lovingly around Carrrrmen so I can pretend to care about this Black Lives Matter protest like the other NYC people.

  23. She really likes that dress and of course the slippers. Not sure what or how she tried to explain this to 8 year old Carmen. Ok Hilz, you showed your support by standing outside, now what are you going to REALLY DO.

  24. Nothing. Humor Daddy Warbucks who I’ve read here is said to be against a woman’s right to choose. (So why does he support his crazy mamacita collecting kids?)

  25. She doesn't look pregnant. She looks coo coo for cocoa puffs in her getup. I hope Carmen understands what a historic event she is witnessing despite the photo-op.

  26. If she was expecting paps there would have been a minimum of 1. 6 inch heels 2. Alexander in whatever condition 3. A stroller and a prop baby, probably ML for this event

  27. This is a very teachable moment for all children of any age. Hillary doesn’t need get into specifics about abortion, she can simply explain it as a loss of women’s healthcare rights and gradually explain more as Carmen gets older.

  28. I took my daughter down to WSQ park - we also live in the neighborhood and we heard the march going down fifth. My kid is very used to seeing protests because of where we live and she always wants to know what they’re about. I told her why they were marching yesterday (you can explain things pretty simply) and we decided to walk a few blocks with the crowd. It was early, very peaceful, and we kept to areas that were thinned out. She was amazed by the number of people who showed up and the energy there and she asked a lot of really great questions. I know it’s not everyone’s choice but I think it’s important for her to know what we’re fighting for and for her to see activism in action.

  29. Hmmm, I’m cynical. She only seems to of went downstairs to participate with her daughter because it happen to pass by their apartment. I doubt she participated in any way or form. This was a photo opportunity. Btw I fully support a woman’s body should be the choice of a woman. I’m incredibly sorry to all women in other states and countries where abortion is banned. I’m typing this with tears in my eyes because this is incredibly serious. It’s a lot to take in. 😔

  30. Frauding you’re pregnant at a rally over abortion rights when you farm out your embryos into women of color - so you don’t gain weight or suffer the consequences of pregnancy …

  31. Ok damnnn Hillary, this is one thing you do that I’m digging. If only you were more like this. If only you meant it!

  32. How is she supporting? She’s literally just standing on the street spectating like she’s at a baseball game. It’s also very disingenuous to use a protest as a photo op. It’s not a f*cking parade.

  33. I can hate on her for a lot of things but this isn’t one of them. I’m glad she at least showed up. It’s an important enough cause that we all need to. I do agree with the poster that said she should have brought her sons too.

  34. Agree. Although I do hate that she coordinated someone to take a photo and then posted it because it makes me feel like it’s performative and not authentic. So that part irritates me. But her going and taking Carmen isn’t negative in and of itself.’

  35. There’s nothing commendable about her presence here. This is all because she needed content for the ‘Gram. And just like with her pregnancies, she’s sitting on the sidelines watching other people do the work.

  36. Including her 8 yes 8 year old daughter in the abortion issue is way too much. An 8 year old cannot process this information. Maybe 16 or above depending on the child.

  37. Pfft. In our “gifted and talented” class in FIFTH GRADE, I debated for abortion, and attempted to school everyone about dangerous pregnancies with my mother’s medical school textbooks. 😹 And again in sixth. I think that would have made me 10-12?

  38. An eight year old can certainly understand basic biology and body autonomy. The nuances are difficult to expand upon even for a grown person, but there is certainly a lesson here that can be taught age-appropriately.

  39. Carmen should be at summer camp or with friends her age but instead she’s used as mami’s prop at an abortion rally

  40. Aside from the obvious grossness of this whole situation, Hillary, consider involving your boys in your activism. Men, unfortunately, are often the ones who decide what happens to women's bodies, so why only exploit Carmen? Go for the whole brood. Rafa might wind up on SCOTUS one day.

  41. Ick I can’t imagine showing up to a protest with a person in tow to take iPhone pictures of me from behind while I stand in the crowd and pose with my puppet stomach on. Yuck gross she’s such a fucking loser. Vile repellant wannabe Mami.

  42. Photo op number 27 for today. Wash your clothes lady. At least buy homeboy a second pair of Chewbacca pjs FFS. Your picture watching people protest means exactly shit to me. Just like the rest of your schtick. Just go away. You’re looking for the next grift wagon to jump into like a dumpster. Bad form using your child as a political statement too.

  43. Slightly off topic but does she ever dress Carmen in cute clothes and with her hair combed? She would look so cute in shorts and a cute summer top and sandals with her hair in braids or curled. She always looks scraggly, same with the boys. I always wanted my daughter to look nice when she was little. The kids are cute but she doesn’t seem to care much about their appearance.

  44. those flip flops have to be seriously disgusting. I do not understand why she keeps wearing them. it contributes to the mental patient vibe?

  45. And had the nannie take a picture. She does nothing genuine. Allll for the gram and show. People that do things genuinely do not give a crap if it is captured on their phone.

  46. My daughter is slightly younger than Carmen and has NEVER had a haircut…because she doesn’t want one yet. And her hair is a lot more high maintenance than Carmen’s, it’s super curly, very long and thick. The difference here is I take care of my daughters hair, I comb it out every single day. I wash her hair, I put the proper products in her hair, it’s just too high maintenance to ignore it and rely on a little kid to do it themselves. That’s the difference, if she’s going to let Carmen make her own decisions on a hair cut, then she needs to teach Carmen and help her take care of it. Period.

  47. On a post about womens rights you demand she just cuts her child’s hair. It’s Carmen’s hair. It’s Carmen’s choice to cut her damn hair.

  48. My daughter has long hair like Carmen. She gets the tiniest of trims and does not want it cut. How about fuck off with your demand that this child cut her hair! Maybe she doesn’t want to. Da fuq wrong with you.

  49. This reminds me of the time Kendall Jenner did that Pepsi commercial where she was dancing and celebrating at a “peace”, apolitical protest ☮️

  50. Calling it now--this picture will be accompanied by a long-winded IG screed by H on how Roe v Wade shouldn't have been overturned, how girls Carmen's age are affected down the line, etc.

  51. She thinks she is gracing everyone with her presence. Where are the paps? Look at me I’m making history! We don’t see you walking 1 foot in the protest Hillary. Always taking the easy way out.

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