You knew what was coming

  1. Nothing I hate more than when alleged friends of the deceased put drug allegations out there (I’m saying allegations only bc he truly stated he didn’t know, personally i am aware that was a fact) in a memorial speech. I had a best friend who died by falling off of his balcony In the city in the middle of the night. It was a HORRIBLE accident. It took one person who wanted to be more involved in the grieving and story, so they said “I don’t know, maybe he took an ambien” and now 9 years later people still ask me what drugs he was on when he “jumped” of his balcony. That’s what pisses me off. They’re dead now. Demons are dead with them. When you have a spooky closet yourself, SHUT THE FUCK UP. OK SORRY. I just can’t stand it. This whole event was horrible and tragic and nobody won and I am so glad nobody else was killed during this. But STFU, ALEXANDER. if she was your friend, just shut the fuck up.

  2. @ :35, when he tries to "casually and softly brush his healthy flowing locks from his face.." he ends up looking like a drunk ass foghorn leghorn rooster.... I howled and cackled... what an inauthentic narcissistic dirt bag. Anne's auto biography was a great read BTW.

  3. Beautiful sentiment. We are all human and I agree that it’s time for kindness, kindness to the children that lost their mom, to the families that lost a member, to the friends that lost their friend. Thank you for your post 🙏❤️

  4. The difference is in your examples, those people hurt themselves. Anne made very poor decisions and a woman lost everything. SOMEHOW when she was speeding around, she didn’t kill anyone. Ultimately she died from her injuries, but she affected other people as well.

  5. If a paparazzi (or Trump) had driven in that manner and caused such an accident, Alec would be the first one bloviating about what despicable and reckless humans they are. He's such a hypocrite.

  6. Can we not start a fund for her family? Is there one I’m not aware of? Please let me know id love to donate. Considering the legal battle he will put on, I imagine any legal proceedings are going to take years.

  7. why/how would live rounds of the correct caliber ever be allowed on the same tv or film set as the gun?


  9. I watch a YouTuber in her seventies and she does micro needling on her skin. He needs to try. He needs to watch some skincare tutorials. 💆💆💆

  10. Do you think that’s the neighbours house in the window, or part of their house? Either their close to neighbours, or have a MASSIVE house.

  11. Aleek acting. The dramatic pauses, the ruffling of the greasy hair. The slow sad, gravelly voice. Oh dear lord kilz just stop making videos.

  12. I don’t understand why he starts the video, grooms himself, clears throat for dramatic effects, starts his senile ramblings, then constantly pisses about with his hair. All whilst watching himself in the corner of his screen. He knows he looks an absolute state. I can’t make it make sense. Sort yourself out, Fraudulent Fuckface. You’re an absolute state. At least try and look like you’re put together.

  13. Here's the thing, with his platform he could be saying: I want the drug dealer that sold my good friend Anne the cocaine ARRESTED and held accountable. Anne, had 2 young boys. That ☝️ is honouring your friend and helping society when pressure comes from Hollywood. But...this is nice also.

  14. This is actually feels sincere. I do think he cares for Anne Heche and is troubled by her untimely death. “Help them get help”is good advice. But please Peepaw ….wash your hair and at the very least comb it before you make me watch this. A shave, clean shirt, eyebrow tweeze and nose hair removal would be nice too.

  15. I agree. I’m here to snark on Hilaria and AB has his issues, but he’s allowed to grieve the loss of a friend. Two things can be true at the same time

  16. my favorite part is the dramatic pause in the he's going to say something really profound and fighting back tears....trying to be a good actor and all.

  17. It's really great she didn't kill any innocent people. She drove intoxicated through someone's house and burned it down.

  18. What about Baby Addiction? You didn’t mention baby addiction, Alec! What can be done about that? The people surrounding should intervene shouldn’t they? 🤨

  19. Because he’s a miserable old cunt who gets a dopamine rush from the likes and attention he gets online. Even bad publicity it publicity. I’m interested to see what he pulls out of his arse on the anniversary of which he DID harm, maim, and kill an innocent person. A talented woman with a loving family. A beautiful authentic woman with a truly loving husband, and a son who loves and adored his mother. Alex wouldn’t have a clue what that feels like.

  20. This fucker thinks his opinion matters when in actuality it most definitely does not matter, at all, ever. No one needs to hear from Alexander Rae Fraudwin the III about any subject. This asshole lied about pulling the trigger of a gun he did not check before firing. The crap these two, self important righteous fuckers put out is worthless. They are shunned and they know it! And playing the “feel sorry for me” will not reverse what they did to themselves and to the public at large—- why they take to social media to peddle bullshit shows how tone-deaf they are in the real world. Glad they aren’t my relatives or my parents —— ugh 😩

  21. Why is it always about him?!? This woman had a horrific childhood and has young children who are grieving, this is sad. She also could’ve killed someone and destroyed a woman’s home. Nothing about this situation has anything to do with him but apparently he thinks we care how he feels?

  22. This from a man living w a woman with a raging eating disorder. “Help them get help”. Yeah - that’s my advice to YOU. Christ on a tricycle. How out of touch can one Wealthy, bloviating, pompous asshole be !?!

  23. He says something about…so many people on the internet say things they don’t need to…erm that’s you projecting AB. Him and his wife post nothing but vapid drivel and lies. Unbelievable.

  24. “Let’s pray for everyone that’s a victim of drug and alcohol abuse - it didn’t have to be that way” -AB

  25. I would love to know the stats on how prayer works with that. Our family lost two young men (identical twins) to drugs and alcohol. Their mother, my cousin, was devastated. Everyone in the family prayed and their names went out to prayer circles everywhere.

  26. Well, let's see. His mother was very likely a narcissist (much like his santa Hillary). And he hated her. He loves his fellow "stars" because they trauma bond over their work and they are part of a private club. He is like Gatsby. He wants to be a part of the inner club just as badly as H.

  27. As a “professional” aside, I don’t think Perpaw has OCD or PTSD. He’s got tics-vocal with the throat clearing, and motor with the constant hair stroking. That’s Tourette’s by the old standards. My bill’s in the mail for the dx Hillary-you can get on curing that now…chop chop or arriba afuerta whatever your dumb non Spanish ass says.

  28. Also his repetition of phrases. This could be a tic, or it could be a manipulative tactic. He's got a ton of mileage out of it.

  29. I believe he has PTSD from his upbringing, tbh. As for the throat clearing and hair stroking, it could just be a nervous habit, maybe he thinks it's sexy and thoughtful, maybe it's drugs. Not necessarily Tourettes.

  30. “Very often people have had certain problems, and no one has tried to stop them” - AB. Um. We are trying to stop your problem wife!

  31. Alec should have added "including me." As he did nothing but help Anne Heche get back in the Business when it's likely the extra money/cocaine was her undoing.

  32. Silly ol fart doesn't prepare for these elderly ramblings. He clears his throat repeats his thoughts endlessly which is SO boring to the listener I couldn't finish. In the end always about HIM.

  33. I figure he passed out with his face flat on the mattress or floor, on that side. Works wonders for temporary squishing of those eye bags (although some pepino said they're called something else).

  34. OMG DUDE! It's not about you!!!!!! He has more sympathy for this woman than for the woman he killed and the young boy she left behind.

  35. Well, this woman was famous & her name is all over the news right now (but not in a way connected to him), so obviously Alec cares more about Anne than Halyna. He (thinks he) can use Anne Heche’s name to make himself look good and be relevant for the day. There wasn’t anything in it for Alec to do his faux-intellectual, social media eulogy for Halyna. He’s garbage.

  36. Too bad he couldn't give condolences for the woman he killed with a .44. I guess in his world, if you aren't an actor, you're nothing. Even if you're a cinematographer who brings the actors to life.

  37. He says he knows nothing about her toxicity in the last number of years or really what she was doing but says several times she was a friend. Sounds more like a co worker or acquaintance to me. Says he doesn't care what police say. Ya we know you don't really CARE about anyone but yourself you made that abundantly clear.

  38. He basically repeats himself endlessly in this hearse chaser videos because in reality he worked with the deceased once if that.

  39. Spending more time on Anne Hesche (& himself, of course) than he did on his mom’s death. Eh hem. But his mom wasn’t Hollywood.

  40. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 notice the seriousness in which he talks about her (someone he couldn't give a shit about) is the same seriousness in which he talked about his "friend" he negligently killed(that he also couldnt give a shit about)......truly fucking amazing.....any opportunity for the empty vessel Baldwin to pretend to have feelings......also she was on cocaine possibly mixed w fentynal? Does that alone make someone drive around like that? I think it was probably more complicated, you could see the mental illness in her face her whole career.....and if you love someone you don't immediately start talking about their substance abuse issues hrs from their death you disrespectful fuck.

  41. They don’t deserve that dog. He’s adorable. AB is only exploiting the situation to show the world deep down he’s really a good guy. However, this evening we’ll be seeing him with friends playing Charades. Hilz plays too but she pantomimes words in Spanish.

  42. Those dogs are probably sadder about Anne Heche! Dogs are very loving and intelligent creatures, unlike our Peepaw and Hillary.

  43. LOL of curse, first thing I thought of when I heard she died. Pushing his hair back in anguish. What a thirst trap, as bad as his wife.

  44. Anna Roisman was on IG live yesterday w her mom (funny lady) who isn’t Spanish but she gives her dog commands in Spanish. I wonder if she’s a pepino. I should’ve asked.

  45. Right! Pepino nation should just start scripting his monologues right when ANYONE in Hollywood dies--who is of course, not crew. He doesn't go farting out his mouth when anyone behind the camera dies, but a star he can hook his tiny penis to, yes, lets bloat and talk vomitus never ending....

  46. Loser. So funny how he says I want to take a moment to say how sad I am about Anne Heche and then immediately pans over to and zooms in on his dogs face. He is so ridiculous. 😆

  47. “Are the papers out yet????? I need to check the obituaries RIGHT NOW!! My people want to hear more about me, LEONETTA!!!!! HAVE YOU CHECKED FOR ANY NEW DEATHS!!!! ANYONE IN ER LAST NIGHT????? LEONETTA, PRONTO, ES MUY IMPORTANTE!!!! MY FANS WANT TO KNOW HOW THIS AFFECTS ME!!!!” Alec Baldwin every morning.

  48. Omg what a stroke... this guy should be in jail yet here he is trying to look distraught while playing with his hair and doing his bs solemn face acting job.

  49. If he is sober there is something really wrong with his liver or kidneys for him to be so swollen with those awful saggy eye bags. Is he crying himself to sleep every night for how miserable his life has become?

  50. Omg he is high as hell! I wish someone would sue Pee Paw!! He didn’t really know her and they were not friends. Embarrassing how he can’t wait for someone to die, so he can get on that gram!!!’

  51. K everyone. Before you video rant and hit record ... Cough, hair check. Don't say um. Or fix your hair after you speak. Psst Alec get your wife help. 💚👋👋

  52. This ain’t about YOU Perpaw……unless you want to try not being a hypocrite for one damn second, take your own advice, and get your wife the help she clearly needs. You can’t make a horse drink, but you can certainly be instrumental in helping arrange a 51.50 when the addicted and mentally ill person under your nose is at daily risk of harming herself and your kids!!!! Clean your side of the street, bloviator.

  53. Interesting point. He spouts all this AA stuff (I know it works for a lot of people - but not everyone, and not with personality disorders) but does not have a clue how precariously his own family is balanced.

  54. Seriously. His own wife talks about her having a preoccupation with suicidal thoughts during her life. He should focus all his “wise counsel” on her since they will soon have 7 children.

  55. While listing all kinds of drugs that "friends and family" abuse: "there are a lot of things I could say but I don't want to violate (big grin, looks to his right) anyone's anonymity (still grinning) accent on anyone's anonymity"

  56. He says essentially "see something say something" if someone around you is having problems. Earth to Alec: Hilary is right under your nose and needs therapy stat. 🌎

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