Remember that time a company gifted Hilary’s kids gift bags? And after Pepinos informed the brand about Hilary, they removed her from their story? So she responded by doing this with their freebies 😂. Last clip is from a movie about a woman who falsely portrays herself online to get ahead. Lol!

  1. Because what’s the point of “acts of kindness” if they’re not carefully staged,recorded, and posted to your social media account? She’s using and exploiting people for her own selfish motives..again. People with genuine intentions don’t need or want an audience when they help someone else- it’s a selfless act. Hillary doesn’t do selfless

  2. I don't even know where to start to explain the newbies on here that day....I really want her to shut her IG will see the insanity

  3. amounted to under $500 cuz the lotion Co wanted nothing to do with her...Whoooo sets up a dozen gifts with that lotion outta hatred???

  4. "And I was careful to have someone film it all so you would all know what a kind giving person I am. I give the homeless moisturizer and paper money."

  5. I've never been more enthralled with a Reddit sub in my life. This place is truly the gift that keeps on giving! I love you all! ❤️🥒

  6. Because every single homeless person and UPS driver in NYC needs sample sized million dollar hand cream and a 20 dollar bill. She’s so fucking out of touch.

  7. And she gave away the freebies after posting the video of her kid asking for more of the cream. 🤣 That was hands down one of the most hilariously cringe things she's ever done, aside from anything to do with pretending to be Spanish 'cause that shit's ridiculous.

  8. Im not sure why she felt that a wheelchair user was the same as a homeless person? For all she knows the man using that powerchair was an internet millionaire. We get it hilarea, you want to look generous and kind, inclusive and down to earth at the same time but amazingly us chair users are just as varied a group of people as the able bodied! Strange isnt it, pity isnt needed and moisturiser doesn't feed the homeless!

  9. I think it was someone she frequently sees asking for money by the subway station. But who knows, she may have also just made assumptions lol. I doubt she actually uses the subway

  10. Omg that’s so funny!!! Hilaria’s video is from May and the movie was released in July… so maybe it’s just a coincidence. But it would be hilarious if the movie added this scene after seeing hilarias instagram

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