Happy times with mami

  1. If you actually measure the area from her eyebrows to the tip of her chin, and then from her eyebrows to the top of her head, her facial features (photoshopped) have been made to be about 1/3 of the surface area. Her forehead has been made huge as Hillz for some reason, always elongates her head. If it was pointy, she'd look like a SNL conehead.

  2. She's in distress all the time. Supernannies better help. Otherwise these kids are gonna end up in the penal system.

  3. Everyone always comments that my 6 month old is literally always smiling when she’s being held by me her mama. Every time Hilary is holding her baby it looks miserable

  4. Babies don’t frown to be cute or ironic or to cast some attitude spell—when they make a frown face? They’re not happy or they’re pooping or something hurts them or they need some lovin’…whatever she needs, you wouldn’t know bc you’re a shit parent

  5. It’s almost like Hillary has some weird f’d up Munchausen by proxy syndrome,but instead of making her children deathly ill for attention, she makes them absolutely miserable. Then she can post the pics of her malnourished, unhappy hostages errr I mean her children for attention. She uses those poor kids as nothing but props in some sort of living dollhouse fantasy. And when one gets too old to play with, she just orders up a new one

  6. Why does this horrible person have such glee when her children are sad or in distress? She does not deserve these children. I've never seen anything like it.

  7. It's like she's queued poor Malibu up to the plate within the last few weeks. Be a tom boy so you can hang out with the ferals. Show us your best pout so you'll fit in with your siblings. Hillz ran this one right down to the wire. I've never seen that look on this poor baby.

  8. I wish I knew how she really looked so I could comment how cute she is. Every picture of the Bebe looks rilly rilly diffront. Today the color and shape of her eyes looks altered. 🤦‍♀️

  9. I feel like if you made a chart of emotions that Hillaria recognizes they would all be 🤣 . Angry 🤣 Sad 🤣 Happy 🤣 Depressed 🤣 Inconsolable 🤣 Hurt 🤣 Embarrassed 🤣 Terrified 🤣 Lonely 🤣

  10. She is posting this on purpose, revenge for the comments on her previous ML post. This woman cannot and should not be left alone with these children. Later this fall she'll have another one and Alec will be on location in Budapest for his next movie with a very attractive lady. What could go wrong ....

  11. As Hillary previously noted, that is her expression when she is concentrating . Lazy fat Karen’s wrongly identify it as an angry, frustrated or sad face.

  12. Ohhhhhh, have you read anything about detachment disorder? I started learning about it from comedian Jessa Reed.

  13. I can't believe they are bringing a 7th innocent child into their messy messy lives. These poor children.

  14. I’m a nanny, he never makes that sad of an expression. Ever. He cries for ten seconds when Mommy leaves for work and that’s it. That baby looks miserable.

  15. Oh God, bitch, stop it with the misery face fetish! You love showing your kids being unhappy. You're a sick fuck. Get help. Poor Marilu.

  16. I guess it's a good thing for Mari that her mother dislikes her real face so much that she gets filtered beyond recognition. At least she accidentally gets some anonymity.

  17. Hillary's laughing until she's crying, apparently, that she has a toddler who's frequently perplexed, upset, and unhappy. That's a real hoot to Hillary.

  18. OH NO Poor Malibu!! That poor child is being abused! Is The Grift showing her beautiful little girl in distress yet again?!! WTF is happening? That poor child and all the other Props are so not loved, respected, cared for or protected. The Grift is just the worst. Malibu deserved much better.

  19. What has happened to this adorable baby? She was finally blossoming and looked so lively and joyful. Now she's pouting, crying, and looking sad and upset. I don't post much here, but I don't like to see her looking like this lately.

  20. Yep. We saw the same exact thing happen with Big Ed right before our very eyes. I wonder if there is something in the toddler psyche at this specific age when they realize they don’t have safety and security.

  21. In the future the kids will just need to direct their therapists to this sub and they can save a lot of time and money to explain why they feel the way that they do.

  22. it’s as if Marilú knows what’s coming … she senses her little world is about to be thrown completely out of kilter. ☹️

  23. They know (and are sick of) every millimileter, crack and crevice of your childish phone case Hillary Lynn. They know it better than they know your surgically altered face.

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