Hillary appropriates Anne Heche's death

  1. Did you ever see that episode of Friends where Joey is writing a letter of recommendation to the adoption agency for Monica and Chandler? He uses a thesaurus for almost every single word and the letter makes absolutely no sense? Did she do that for this post?

  2. Literally trying to ‘one up AH’ or at least imply that their suffering is in anyway comparable. I’m sure she knows about AH’s story…. and still makes it about Hilary from Boston.

  3. Tell Hillary to stay off social media and maybe you won't be exposed to so much justified criticism.

  4. She was high as a kite when she wrote that. I had to go over it a few times, it's almost gibberish. And of course she's really opining about herself, as a tragic and misunderstood celebrity. 🙄

  5. Anne did not abuse substances to escape the hell of fame. Her death was not caused by fame. She didn’t plow into a house to escape paps or the judgment of a bullying public.

  6. Anne Heche’s problems are very deep seeded and have nothing to do with acting. They stem from her childhood. She’s been very open about that. Hilary should take 5 minutes to skim through her book if she is going to write word salad about her

  7. Girlfriend, you lied about being Spanish. It ain’t Anne Heche heavy there’s no comparison. Leave Anne Heche out of your circus if a life. All you have to do is humble yourself and apologize for appropriating a culture. Get off instagram for a while and focus on your kids.

  8. Energy? Their nervous systems? Shut the fuck up!!! This fucked up bitch.. I swear I want to punch her in the teeth.

  9. I live in Los Angeles. It's common to meet and interact with public figures, idk why she's pretending she's the only one who gets the chance lol. It's so pretentious

  10. Yep. Grew up there and have tons of “celebrity” friends and acquaintances. They’re just normal people and most of them (the healthy ones at least) don’t spend much time thinking about their fame. Only wannabes do that.

  11. I'm starting to think that she uses 'human' because she sees the public as human so she thinks it's relatable (unlike her, a 'magical creature' and a 'legend'.) and 'nervous system' as synonymous with 'mental health, crazy, psycho.......she doesn't like those words because they are used frequently to describe her. She would rather people think it's merely a problem with her nervous system.

  12. I can't,t think of one movie with Anne Heche let alone one with Anne and Alec. What is this dinner at yapping about? Did she personally even meet Anne?

  13. Here's how I interpreted dumb fucks gobbledygook. "Us famous people have to deal with a lot, always being watched by the public because we're famous, us public figures, we turn to drugs because of being such famous public figures, our nervous systems are different. It's the public's fault because I'm so famous. I'm famous and this could be me. Me me me, I, I, I, this dated photo of my not then husband and a beautiful young what's her name prove I'm famous and can relate , I too use drugs"

  14. “I sort of know Anne Heche because my husband once worked with her years ago. We’ve never met and that’s why I don’t have any pictures of us together. She & my husband have always been especially fond of each other and he really likes hot blonde actresses. She looks like a smoke show in this picture and she and my husband are clearly smitten here with their hands all over each other. He’s given more loving attention to her these past few days than me and nope, doesn’t bother me at all. Thoughts & prayers, Anne.”

  15. It’s like when a tragedy happens in a high school and some annoying ass people all of a sudden have so many connections to the person who died

  16. Hilary comparing herself to real "public figures" is hilarious. Who is she to say Anne Heche's personal problems came from other peoples opinions?

  17. I could not follow it. Why does she bother? Someone in her life should make her fake socials so she can play, but not put this on her children. And us, lol. But mainly them.

  18. Omg, can she get off social media then??????? And not expose her kids to it, as it’s obviously very dangerous in her opinion

  19. No words for the fellow mother her husband murdered, or for her own mother-in-law... but sure, wax on about a stranger your husband acted with 30 years ago, Hills.

  20. Oh my fuck…JFC I had no idea. 😓😓😓😓 I know firsthand the consequences of this kind of trauma. God rest her soul. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Just fucking unreal.

  21. The all eyes and paps part- thank you. It's called addiction, trauma and likely denial. No excuse, of course. But some context. It wasn't bc she was a b-list celebrity who occasionally had to deal with photographers and TMZ. This woman was so damaged and it seems like she had both less than ideal genetics and horrific child abuse welcoming her into the world, setting the baseline. Let's remember the victims and let's remember choice. But Hilaria, this tragedy had NOTHING to do with your life experience by proxy to being married to a movie star. She needs a publicist to review her posts. God.

  22. I think “from too many sources” references the fact that numerous outlets are now publishing about the baby fraud thing (it’s gotten bigger than Pepinoland).

  23. Each time one of them post they get more hated. Each time there’s an article the comments are harsher. Things are closing in on them and it couldn’t happen to nicer ‘kindness warriors’.

  24. If someone accused me of robbing a bank- from the NYT to US Weekly to Pro Publica- and I didn't rob that bank, I'd laugh. That's it. Her incessantly bringing this "issue" up in her stories and waxing on, acting like Hester Prynne...it only makes it more clear that perhaps it's a little more than a bunch of haters hating. And I get when people wrongly accused of things don't want to debase themselves to "prove" the "conspiracy" wrong. But she could just do that and yet hasn't. Just saying.

  25. I love how 80% of it is her personal experience she clearly thinks is very wise. She doesn’t know what a nervous system is either.

  26. Hillary. You're not famous. You married someone famous. You are a lazy, lying, unemployed, poorly educated, tragedy vulture. Just stfu.

  27. This disjointed paragraph reads like she took some Adderall, wrote this out in her third rate spanish, Google translated it to Chinese, then Google translated it back to English.

  28. “It’s so awful being a misunderstood famous person. I anesthetize myself with coke, Adderall, tormenting my kids, Instagram, and pretending I’m pregnant and/or Spanish.”

  29. I hate hate hate It when someone posts in memory of a deceased and then only makes It about themselves. Write RIP, you Will be missed with a nice picture of her and only her and let It be. Ridicilous

  30. ‘I’m married to an actor and an actress he once worked with died so the world revolves around me. Did you know my husband is Alec Baldwin, the actor? I’m famous, too”.

  31. Right? Hilaria acts like she was thrown into being a public figure as opposed to something she is actively chasing and trying to be. If the judgments or so many people is so mentally hard on her, all she needs to do is stop posting. There are tons more people way more famous than her that stay out of the limelight and are able to enjoy a normal life by just staying low.

  32. The two people embracing in this photo show more warmth and connection than I’ve ever seen between AB and Guest Baldwin.

  33. I wanted to stop reading at “human”, I kept going and wanted to stop again at “compassion for their nervous systems”. I read the whole thing and am like “wtf is she talking about?”

  34. That whole “she was my pal” nonsense from Alec makes me think he and Anne probably fucked at some point and he’s trying to deflect so Hillary doesn’t go off the rails but he can still pretend Anne’s tragedy is meaningful.

  35. Xanax philosophy. Imagine how many times she wrote & rewrote & edited finally saying to her HIGH self it was a wellness expert deep thought masterpiece. He parents cringe. All that $ on private schools. It's Utter nonsense. NOTHING to do with Anne. Some twisted idea she thinks of herself. Blah Blah Blah Addiction & Mental Health Torture. Wellness expert didn't make it through even one semester at NYU. NO degree of anything. Rest in Peace Anne.

  36. Even her yoga is a scam, two weeks of training doesn’t make one a yogi. She knows nothing about anything, but wants followers to hang on every word and robustly praise her.

  37. can you imagine this is supposed to be a memorial tribute to Anne Heche. Rilly Rilly how stoned was Hillz writing about her own "Addiction" Mental Health Torture" . Stupid as a a bendy stick.

  38. And do we really believe that over the 10 years they have been married that she has actually met and gotten to know these people that Alec worked with years ago. I can’t see them living in NY her having met many of these people. She may know a few of those that live in NYC (Woody, Howard, Jerry, Tina) if are spending time at dinner parties, the symphony often, other fund raising events.

  39. Do you think that because her English is so bad… thats why she associates as a Spanish person? Because she can’t assimilate with English speaking Americans

  40. I was shocked reading this, although I shouldn’t have been. Hillary rilly, rilly does not get why people hate her? Read that again, Hillz! You made another person’s death all about you and your “bullying.”

  41. It occurs to me she might have pretended to be Spanish because her grasp of English is so poor. She really seems like it's not her first language.

  42. I said this since I joined…she used the ESL as a excuse for the learning and behavioural disabilities (which were never properly addressed as a child). This made her out to be exotic, more interesting and most importantly gave her positive attention because “it was cute” and not anxious about her shortcomings. And it gave her a great cover to meet the likes of people in Alec’s league. It was the perfect con…until it wasn’t.

  43. The finest private schools in Boston. How proud her parents must be she is ummm... welll... oh yes she is bendy & married a rich old guy (not rich for long) . This writing is her level of intelligence. She is DUMB in every language.

  44. Exactly. The only reason Hilarious is famous is because she married Mr. Conductor. Otherwise, she's just another narcissist.

  45. I’m here since the beginning of this sub, I wouldn’t recognize Hillary if I passed her on the sidewalk, between her generic face and constant photoshop.

  46. This was definitely meant to shade her "bullies" and imply that this is why Anne drank and did drugs and had her life end in such a sad way. Because Hillary is all about Hillary.

  47. AB has 2 vids up about Anne and is soaking up sympathy for HIM, so its not surprising H is appropriating, too. H putting herself in the same category of celebrity of Anne is egregious, arrogant and disgusting. Typical Despicable Bs. RIP Anne

  48. At least Anne was talented and had a career. She did become notorious for one particular romantic relationship but sadly it derailed her career rather than improving it, rather than H who makes her whole personality being Guest Baldwin, and who still couldn’t make something of herself with all the resources he gave her.

  49. Well this was a weird way to find out that Anne Heche died... I've just googled it to confirm and returning to this drivel is just... wow. It's not like I was huge fan or anything but I'm honestly sickened by the way she's utterly cheapened this fresh tragedy. Right down to the picture - its like it isn't even worth pretending to give a shit...Just another opening to insert herself into...

  50. “Look at me! No, stop looking at me!” There is no excuse for “anesthetizing” your “nervous system” and driving a car or playing with a weapon.

  51. She and Aleek try to be deep intellectuals so damn bad it's embarrassing. I'd have second-hand embarrassment for them if they weren't such assholes.

  52. If she could look past her own ego, she’d see this tragedy shows us how profoundly childhood trauma affects life into adulthood. Stop saying that children are resilient. They are not!

  53. When she types lately it reminds me of the way Donald Trump talks. Using the word "much" to begin a sentence, it just cracks me up. Much laughter has been had...by me.

  54. To be effected by clouds is Human. So many dark days can cause someone anesthesia and hide under an umbrella.’We can only take so many raindrops that beat us down. We must look for the rainbows and the unicorns. They will create the sunshine that lifts our resilient spirits. Remember in life to always be the unicorn and not the rain drops. Cause too many raindrops make puddles and we don’t want to drown in puddles.

  55. I wonder what Hillary will have to say about Salman Rushdie? She won't ever have heard of him. I think it will be one for Alec. One of Alec's 'intellectual' Ted Ramble vids

  56. Funny how having “so many eyes and opinions” on one person, the “sheer numbers and intensity” are “unnatural”…Yet it’s totally natural and namaste that Hil willingly, EAGERLY publicizes every minute of every day of every one of her non consenting children.

  57. What tf does it even mean? And if you’re going have compassion for someone’s nervous system, how will you feel for their gastrointestinal system?

  58. She s horrible. Horrible. Always milking people s tragedy while pretending to be a poor little girl who lived in a favela. 🤨🤨🤨

  59. One of her loopiest yet. This sounds like she videoed herself but decided instead to write down what she spewed. It's exactly as she speaks.

  60. Every time Hillary posts something like this, the message is that she's mentally ill and cannot cope without anesthetizing. We all know that. And her children suffer for it.

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