carmen was a shield

  1. The current phantom pregnancy was also put in place as a sword or shield as needed. In fact, I expect the shield function of it will come into play here shortly

  2. I just don't get the dark makeup she put on her child... Really inappropriate no matter what the party was.

  3. Also the way Hillary thanked Carmen for an “unforgettable” night. Such a strange way to interact with your child

  4. I feel like she's advertising Carmen to rich dudes already in preparation for 5 years from now. She wants them to flock to her daughter for their chance at an unforgettable night so she can mingle with rich folks.

  5. Regardless of where they went or why they took Carmen, her outfit and make up reflects on Hillary’s poor parenting. She is teaching her daughter that her only real value is being “sexy” even at 9? ( is she 9) Carmen looks like if her parents didn’t have money or fame, that she would be destined to be a runaway, drug addict or walking the streets of hunts point as a prostitute. This is not to shame Carmen but just reflects that literally nobody is looking out for this innocent child’s best interests. It’s a lot to “undo” and I hope she has the ability to work through all this stuff when the time is right for her as an adult.

  6. I agree totally. Also believe Alec is just as accountable being her father. Ffs protect your child🙄

  7. It doesn't appear to be either, going by the photos. No one else is around in any of them, no activity. They could just be sitting outside somewhere, but they all look very tense and uptight, even the child.

  8. Why was she in denim and crocs?! Pick out a pretty summer dress together, get her some shiny shoes maybe with a little teeny heel from Nordstrom, then let her wear some neutral or shimmery lip gloss and let her bring it in a little purse. Oh and god damn it brush her hair!!

  9. What I find interesting is that she and Alex hosted an event for local authors earlier that day and all Hillary could talk about was partying with her daughter at a wedding they crashed. Shows where her mind set is. A perfectly respectable event THEY actually hosted with their names on the marquee etc. Hillary the perpetual sexy baby teen girl wants everyone to know how cool ( in her mind) she is.

  10. She reminds me of that mom from mean girls played by Amy Poehler. "You guys need anything? Condoms? Booze?" She wants to be so important and relevant but she is so forgettable and a hindrance to her children.

  11. It all just feels so off to me. They are pushing her to grow up really fast and Hillz is definitely banking on carmen to be the breadwinner. I'm surprised she hasn't pushed her into beauty pageants or dance competitions. I could see Hillz living out her dreams of stardom through carmen like that. But it's really gross even saying that carmen was joking about being roofied. Grooming for her sexual assault or something for sure. I just felt so icky about it all

  12. They also knew no one of the brought Carmen - no would really be whispering too loudly about the fake belly Hillary was walking around with looking like a fucking idiot.

  13. Wait, comments have said she's like 9. Also, why didn't they just stay home? And haven't we concluded they weren't actually guests, but rather party adjacent and pretending that they were at a party? Either way they suck for dressing her up like that. Worst parents ever. The fact that they consider Woody Allen a friend is extremely alarming.

  14. Absolutely! Poor Carmen was used as a sexualized meat shield! Of course mami had to make Carmen up, make her 9 yo wear her stilettos, & make up some insane story that Carmen pretended she was roofied! I don’t even understand what Hillary was doing there, besides sexualizing her daughter & passive aggressively trying to act like she didn’t want AB around. Hillary’s really trying to get the attention away from AB, but not as a supportive wife, but as a narcissist who cannot stand that her husband is getting more attention than she is!

  15. Maybe Carmen didn't want to go, she could have issues with knowing about all the crap going on and Hilary roofied her with her Xanax to make her compliant and not nervous

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