prop box

  1. "I don't have time to spend with my six children, so sticking this one in a plastic container with junk in it will amuse her for a while."

  2. Nannies took this picture lest we believe Hillary was there doing caretaking, 1. Nannies take pic hidden from sight 2. Hillary receives pic up in her room on her phone 3. Hillary posts and narrates to give impression easily that she is present and doing caretaking. Easy Peasy. ☺️

  3. Hilary, Don’t you feel like a loser, being at the point where your life is soooooo boring that, just to have something to do & to create Instagram content, you place your toddler daughter in a plastic bin, photograph her, and caption the post “Yup.”???!? Don’t you see that that’s a little bit, um, LAME & pointless???

  4. Places there by a nanny - picture sent to lazy psycho. Psycho post gibberish on it. Stores it and pumps it out on social media whenever.

  5. That baby could not have climbed into that plastic tub without turning it over. Someone placed her there. And those wooden/plastic blocks can't be comfortable to sit on.

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