Would you lie on your stomach like that with such a large pregnant belly?

  1. Hi Hillary, if you’re scrolling please stop parentify-ing your child. It’s very harmful. Take that camera out of her face and share a connection.

  2. Oh, right. You’re eleventy-months pregnant (AS IF) and you have a nine year old “work” on your back bc you were up all night with sleepless children who have sleep-in nannies. How many lies did you spot in this post??

  3. No way can a woman who is in the last trimester of a real pregnancy lay flat on her stomach like this. She is so full of 💩she can’t even fake it long enough to convince anyone

  4. Or sleep in so many different positions either you lay on your right or left side. And isnt the left side supposed to be better ? Cant recall. Such a moron.

  5. Never ever ever, would be uncomfortable and hard as can be with a big belly… I remember being so excited to lay on my stomach again after I had my baby….

  6. All three pregnancies had me googling those hilarious pool raft type things with the hole in the middle for your pregnant belly because I wanted to lay on my stomach SO badly. The reviews were always so horrible I never got one.

  7. Hilaria’s youngest child is more than a year old. Why are her kids still having sleepless nights? That’s concerning not cute.

  8. ML and Edu clearly don’t get enough exercise. Who knows how much time they’re strapped into those frigging high chairs??!? Outdoor play in their yard(s), in the park, and just plain romping around should wear them out sufficiently to ensure that toddlers are ready for a bath, and bedtime.

  9. It is because she doesn’t do the regular household chores in addition to raising children. She has plenty of time.

  10. Lying again Hilarious. We have all seen the help wanted ads for your nannies. Remember them? The one where it states that the nannies must sleep with the kids.

  11. Remember back in the old days when you were in all those positions as you seduced Alec but you never complained on social media?

  12. Pimped out Carmen is working hard. Poor thing is now the source of entertainment Not Mami She is busy being delusional Carmen now dresses up, looks like she is 16 years old, takes photos per Mami request. She is very multi. Remember she is just a young girl. Horrible

  13. Multitalented Carmen went to a party in full makeup and high heels last night and also gives massages during the day. Just sayin‘.

  14. I think it's normal to have a bassinet at her stage of "pregnancy". But I don't get why she hid it with texts.

  15. Its beyond pathetic that she makes up these fucking LIES about “having to” sleep w her kids. Why not let them camp out in her room on the floor? She is so desperate for attention/adoration/pity. I’m sure Aleek is being a BEAST after the news about the FBI findings. This is just cray cray.

  16. So she’s an experienced practiced yogi who does advanced yoga everyday which a body that is so amazing that she has bounced back to the perfect looking and functioning body after, not one , but 7 pregnancies. Running within days of delivery. Yet sleeping in an imperfect position for a few hours one night throws her out of commission? THATS what causes back pain for an otherwise super body? I don’t know…..

  17. So not only does Carmen have to co-parent (along with the nannies -- not you) but she also has to serve as your chiropractor?

  18. Translation “I’m hung over because I drank way too much last night and my daughter is worried about me so I told her my back is hurting”.

  19. Translation: Carmen is in no way attempting to "fix her back" because there is nothing wrong with it. Carmen was ordered to do this so Grifter could fool people into thinking one of her kids cares about her pains and aches and falls for her lies.

  20. Right? I mean she's partially on her side but it is clear to anyone who's ever had a big pregnant belly that she is lying much too far over under her stomach for this to even be POSSIBLE, let alone comfortable.

  21. Ok this means Alec doesn’t care when she doesn’t feel well and that Carmen loves her. She thinks her date night with Carmen went very well— she took her up a few notches in confusing codependency in one evening, and now she is still not allowed to go off on her own and have fun with anyone her own age or explore the outdoor world just as a squirrel would appreciate today. A child’s Sunday: Mommy wants to take a selfie of you giving me a back massage. She loves me, Haters. Smug level: very sad. And so many kids post Covid are really appreciating more being able to have play dates and socialize, and here she is isolating her again for her own attention. It’s a spacious prison.

  22. Why are your children ‘sleepless’ and why are they still ‘sleeping with you’? I’m dead serious. Let your children learn to self-soothe and also, keep the house calm before bedtime. 🙋🏻‍♀️had to learn this. These children will be exhausted and grumpy when going back to school. Hilary, act like an adult. Go recruit friends in your age group. Volunteer somewhere. Your Marsh interview had so many gaping holes in it a mactruck could have plowed through it. You are not an inspiration to anyone and let me tell ya, as the Baldwin kids grow, they’re not gunna find you all that inspiring, either. All this is an out of control train heading toward a cliff.

  23. “Self-soothing” is based on hundreds of memories of actually being soothed, though. I strongly suspect these children were not and therefore are always going to struggle. I suspect she trauma-bonds with them and prefers them upset and ‘needing’ her. And then she takes pictures and brags, it’s pretty sick.

  24. I saw a clip where a male Japanese politician wore a heavy moon bump for 24 hours to gain a better understanding of what pregnant women got through.

  25. The ones she wears are light, they aren't designed to actually simulate pregnancy for the wearer, just to make the wearer appear pregnant to others. Hence why she never moves like a pregnant person.

  26. Oh Main house mother Carmen is taking care of her mother? After reading to the non twins, dressing up in makeup and high hills in mother's clothes to attend a social gathering? Your back hurts because it's full of lies

  27. Is she trying to provoke Aleek? Is she trying to say “LOOK Aleek, if you don’t pay attention / dote on me, I’ll make Carmen do it?” And then broadcast it to the world.

  28. Hard no on sleeping prone whilst pregnant - and thank you to all who have enlightened people as to yet another form of covert abuse in her arsenal. My own remote narc mother never hugged or touched me, except to pinch, so emotional incest wasn't something that registered.

  29. Why the hell should a 9-year-old have to 'fix' their mother's back. Gross. That kid should be at a friend's house.

  30. But the “bounce back” Boston bimbo has a body that’s “mucho” special. It’s “diffront” from other females who are really “pregnant” not pretending.

  31. A person CAN’T lay on their 8 months pregnant belly!!!!! There is NO way she could do that if she were pregnant. (But we all know she’s not.)

  32. Hire a massage therapist to come to the house! This is more covert incest. My mom made me scratch her back. And brush her hair. And put lotion on her back. HTB has got to stop using her daughter as an emotional crutch. A child is not a stand in for your neglectful, absentee spouse. 7 kids are not going to fill that hole. Get a therapist, geezus.

  33. I’m so sorry…My Mom was emotionally and physically unavailable to me growing up. We both got robbed in the Mom department. ❤️

  34. Right? She's not doing wealthy right. She's a white trash Karen with a 80s aesthetic acting like she lives in a trailer park. Her privilege shows when she can lay around and not gratefully utilize her privilege. She's just been handed everything and nothing interests her, she's bored of it all and only cares about superficial self absorbed things that feed her own ego. This is why the Nuevo Rich families self destruct, the lazy entitled offspring shit on all the hard work. Her grandchildren will struggle, if not her kids

  35. Leave her alone! Emotional incest, is a type of abuse in which a parent looks to their child for the emotional support that would be normally provided by another adult.

  36. She keeps forgetting she's supposed to be pregnant and there are certain things a big belly with a tiny human inside prevents you from doing.

  37. Heck no, an actual bump this far along will only let you roll so far on your stomache. It is a big solid barrier. On your side is about all you've got.

  38. And yeah, no way in hell was I laying on my stomach when I was that big. I don’t see how it would have been physically possible. But even if it is… she’s laying on her HUGE stomach because it’s, comfortable? What?!

  39. Carmen’s new “career” is a chiropractor. And her “sleepless children” were wired with eating too many sweet treats before bed.

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