Pompous PeePaw at HIFF this weekend

  1. Look at these people, they all look strange. The rich are different …..well clearly we ain’t missing anything not being up there with this swanky crew 🤮

  2. Is this ‘the wedding’? He’s wearing the SAME OLD SLOPPY bum around shorts, in his wear-every-day, stained, bum around black t shirt, & his salvation army suit jacket smh AND glass of wine 🍷 in his hand… how NOT alcoholic is wine? He’s a SLOB.

  3. Psych Nurse here and he is just showing every sign of clinical depression.. his lack of attention to hygiene is a huge red flag..I also feel that men with major depression often are very irritable and have anger issues. I know there is much not to admire about him, but I do think he is suffering in a big way.

  4. Meanwhile the actual grandpa in the picture looks sharp as a tack! Love the pink and white / seersucker, and that straw hat! (And grandma’s looking snazzy too!)

  5. Looks like a charity event to help the homeless...Alec looks like He he needs help! He really is aging so fast. He could no longer play his 30 Rock role of a ( nasty) well dressed successful jerk.

  6. Wow, quite a fashion statement. PeePaw Killer McDraw is sporting a hobo look and I spy a glass of alcohol 🍷 —- sober my ass

  7. He carries a jacket to throw over his fuckin tit stains for pics. The rest Of the time he is legit in pjs. What a fuxkin slob

  8. Some alcoholics they sweat rancid alcohol.its awful. The clothes, the sheets, towels.... the car... everything smells like them.

  9. Oh yeah. That’s what’s her name hanging on to him. They are so fucking smug. It’s the wealth and fame. People like them. Swear to god.

  10. Alec is honestly so cringe. Why in the ever loving FUCK is he wearing sports shorts to an event like this. He looks like the raving madman who turned up without an invite and crashed the party.

  11. his linen blazer would be fine if it was smoothed out around the collar area and teamed with slacks and a decent T-shirt underneath. He’s not wearing it very well

  12. What is up with that jacket? Lapels all wonky, rumpled… looks like he fished it out of the trunk of his car.

  13. Holding a glass of wine (?). I don’t fault him for it but doesn’t he or his wife proclaim him to be a recovering alcoholic?

  14. I mean the clothes are a choice, but then add the stains on the tshirt collar and peepaw looks like he’s escaped from a nursing home.

  15. Oh look! He's hanging out with age appropriate peers. Too bad he missed the memo about dress code. He looks like a slob in the dirty, sweat stained t-shirt, ill-fitting and rumpled blazer and gym shorts. Look how classically casual the woman in the middle looks.

  16. Both of them show up poorly dressed and disheveled to these things like they have no respect for anyone around them. Now people are stuck with photos of themselves with this slob

  17. He used to at least try. Alec has been a fixture at the HIFF events forever. This picture is the epitome of his life and his fall from grace.

  18. Even if he were sober (I don’t think he is) why even chance drinking from a glass that was made to drink alcohol from? The pictures, the gossip, I mean he’s being investigated by the fbi, right? lol this man’s a mess

  19. Who wears a jacket with shorts, let alone athletic shorts?!! Everyone else in the photo looks classy casual. Looks like Trash comes to the garden party 🫣

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