She's playing us. You know your children are so blonde haired blue eyed, because they are from white parents 🤦‍♀️

  1. This is just an introduction to let us all know that the stork will be bringing a baby that is going to have brown hair this time.

  2. I have almost black hair and green eyes, husband is brunette with hazel eyes. We have one blonde blue eyed girl and one with almost black hair and super brown eyes. Just family genetics at work Hilz 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Some of the children are brunette. Pretty crazy for a mother to write that line when she has a mix of blond and brunette kids.

  4. So not only did that fancy private school fail to teach Hillary Lynn the basics of writing mechanics, it appears rudimentary biology was also not part of the curriculum. 🤦‍♀️

  5. He does not introduce him that way and never will. This woman has the most obviously disordered cluster b thinking I’ve ever seen. Or maybe it’s her lack of intelligence combined with disordered thinking. So bizarre.

  6. She is setting it up so when her Hispanic looking baby - brown skin, honey eyes compliments of an Hispanic egg donor - is born she can 'I told you damn so' to everyone and we will realize that SHE IS ACTUALLY FROM MAJORCA.

  7. She invented “mami math” Are we really expecting her to understand how DNA works? Dumber than a rock

  8. Because you too carry recessive genes and they end up being dominant. Baldwin has strong genes. Or it appears Carol did. Is that his mom’s name?

  9. She thinks she’s clever. You can’t outsmart us pepinos, Hillz. We know what you’re doing. Don’t you have anything else to do to occupy your mind?You’re embarrassing yourself.

  10. Way before all of her lies were exposed I always wondered why her children were pale with almost white hair as babies and blue eyes. Obviously now it makes sense but it was so weird!

  11. Tell your kid to knock it off, then. It’s not cute. Quite reminding him he has different color eyes. Leave him alone.

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