"My wife is literally one of the 5 most remarkable human beings I've ever met in my life."

  1. " when someone dies and the assumption you had any real responsibility", like a young mother was just someone"who died", he makes it sound like she died of natural causes

  2. He’s always singing her praises like this. I have to wonder does he really believe these idiotic things he says or is her just paying lip service?

  3. He has no right to feel anything but feel shame and remorse over what he did to Halyna, and yet here he is full of rage, acting like he is somehow the aggrieved party. I just can’t comprehend how someone can be so bitter and narcissistic

  4. He is resentful and bitter by how long it has taken?! What?! Does he not know how long investigations take? How about how long a child will be without his mother? What a selfish garbage human. Deplorable. I can’t believe he says this shit publicly. Fuck you, Alec. Fuck your trash human of a wife, too. The woman YOU killed was far greater a human than Hillary can ever dream of being.

  5. I have to chime in again, it just makes my blood boil hearing Alec going on & on about his remarkable wife who’s been proven to fake her Spanish heritage, body shame real mothers, over expose her young kids on social media, etc. What about Mathew’s wife, Halyna, who was 1000 times more remarkable than your grifter wife? What about HALYNA a very talented cinematographer that you killed? Can you even say you’re sorry for killing her? You’ve already said on national television you feel “no guilt” for Halyna being dead. Shame on you Alec Baldwin.

  6. I don’t care what you all say. I was always sure he pulled the trigger. I was equally sure he assumed blanks were there. It was an accident, nothing more. This is out of context. We don’t know if later on he expressed regret that her family no longer has her. Give home a break 🙄

  7. Let me get this straight: Alec is “deeply resentful & bitter about how long the process has become.” Really? When Mathew & his son have to deal with a LIFE LONG process of their beloved Halyna not sharing their life, all because of the asshole Alec Baldwin who failed to check his own gun? And just like his whacko “not Spanish wife” Alec is playing the victim. I hope Mathew sues Baldwin for everything he has.

  8. It gives me the creeps that both of these guys are so far removed from the reality that most of the American population lives and yet they think they can somehow become relatable with... one time this happened to me so I understand

  9. If you go by the values-connotation neutral definition of "remarkable" as meaning "worthy of remarking on" then yes, Hillary is one of the most remarkable people on any of our radars.

  10. Can anyone begin to imagine the amount of child and spousal support PeePaw would have to pay a month at this point if he didn't pretend to feel this way?

  11. I'm sorry, did he actually say that his killing Halyna put him in an "unfamilar" situation??

  12. When you need to tell the public how "physically beautiful" and "attracted" you are to your wife....

  13. He's very attracted to her. Because, um, for some reason he felt compelled to tell us that....

  14. He can't admit he just wanted to have sex with someone half his age...when he was in his 50s. He has to make her sound unusual so he doesn't look like another dirty old man.

  15. She took control of his life for him for awhile? How? By continuing to post their ‘wonderful life’? By ordering up yet another baby?

  16. U r beyond tone deaf that the process makes u deeply resentful, tool. Someone died. A child lost his mother, a man his wife but u resent “the process” in which U r now being called out for the liar u are. These two are unbelievable. Every interview should be u expressing complete grief at being a part of this not deflection & ego about what this has cost YOU! Beyond insensitive!

  17. It was an accident and I do understand that but now he constantly lies about what actually happened in a hope that he doesn't have to lose the lifestyle that hes become accustomed to. I guarantee hes done everything possible to hide his assets before he's sued civilly.

  18. She's only remarkable because no one else wants him around. She doesn't either but she didn't leave him & sue for child support so that's something in his eyes.

  19. Exactly, she knew no one else wanted him and played herself like a sweet, wise, Latina who put him under a spell with bendy sex. He’s still under her spell!!

  20. Poor Matt has to listen to this asshole minimize is wife’s life and legacy at every possible opportunity. Despicable.

  21. Legally I am not sure why AB wants to self destruct any case he could possibly make regarding the Rusk matter.

  22. I'm too lazy to look. Did he ever apologize to the family? Even though he claims no fault, did he ever apologize to them?

  23. Of course she is. SO many reasons. Either she snowed him in & he bought it hook like & sinker or else she is his GREATEST ally in the grift & taking all for the team or else he is tripping down on their common grift. He is a moron. Think what you want about her as a mom, keeping in shape while 'birthing' the same or more than your mom did, supporting you endlessly/agreeing, but she F-ED up. She didn't sell the Spanish thing. When he says this I think he WANTS to mean it or else he just doesn't know what else to say.

  24. Would love to know who the other four are...We know Woody Allen is one. Are we at all surprised he still tries to ship her? He's a narcissistic idiot who makes one mistake after an other and one bad decision after another so that his life is like a runway train of shit. He's not going to admit ANY wrongdoing ever. He possesses the same personality as a former president he claims to hate yet they literally sound like the same person. I would go out on a limb and say AB's choice of a second wife is far worse. I think Marla Maples is a benign presence compared to this trainwreck. I think Melania is far less harmful than Hillary, she keeps to herself as much as possible. Now he is admitting he let idiota make decisions after the shooting on set. That explains the new bambino which is her answer to every problem ever. Add another human life to chaos....I would never leave the group because I love the insights and humor & I want the numbers to stay strong but lately I feel the Baldwin shitshow is just too much. I am thinking of an extended break. You guys are keeping it real, bravo!

  25. He is fully aware what an idiot he married so has to keep doubling down how wonderful she is to make himself feel better. Gives you heartburn doesn't it Zandy.😅🤣

  26. Yes I mean a single chink in the armor of their collective grift (which he HAS to be in on esp SO many babies at his age) & he thinks it will all come crashing down. They never consider that concession/apology/contrition is an option.

  27. I honestly believe we are watching a severe case of folie à deux with these two. I think it started with Alec first meeting her and desperately wanting to believe she really was Spanish, and she desperately wanting him to believe her lies, so she could hook him and his celebrity. Facts and clarification were offered and available to Alec over the years, but he chose instead to turn a blind eye to the truth and instead enable her, share the lies, and double down on them. I think they have lied together about surrogates. He desperately wants to believe he's married to a 'wellness expert' and 'the most emotionally healthy person'... so she's empowered to pretend she is those things too. I think they erase the existence of the nannies together (Alec used to acknowledge them pretty regularly) and the reality that those kids wouldn't even be alive without the care and safekeeping of the nannies. There is no way in the world Hillary could raise even one kid, let alone six or seven. But Alec makes himself believe that Hillary is the 'best mother in the world'. They both believe they are victims of a long list of things and people. Their shared delusions go on and on, and they seem to be growing worse.

  28. I am sure Matt Hutchins and his attorneys are paying very close attention to everything this fat slob is saying. I would be beyond furious if my spouse had been killed by this fool and he spoke about the shooting the way fat slob is speaking about it. I am not confident this POS will be criminally charged, even though he should be, but I do believe Matt's civil case will really rip this POS a new one.

  29. Matt Hutchins has proved to be a classy and dignified man who will not engage the likes of this Baldwin dirtbag and simply wants justice.

  30. Finally identified the thing that makes me so strongly dislike Alec Baldwin: He puts on such an air of authority all the time, yet he never takes responsibility for anything. How is it that you're so much more knowledgeable and deep-thinking than everyone else but none of your fuckups are ever your fault?? It sounds terrible but I almost want bad things to happen to him just so he'll finally own up to his own bullshit, but he never does.

  31. He is ever so profound and erudite and sophisticated. None of the rest of the world will ever understand his intellect and moral superiority.

  32. YOU'RE bitter at how long the investigation is taking?? After YOU delayed turning your phone in?? The fucking arrogance is astounding. And YOU'RE going to have something to say? Fuck you.

  33. “Sexy spanish baby” is rapidly closing in on middle age. What then? What is their plan now they she has aged out of sexy spanish baby? Nothing has stuck so far because shes as interesting as a lump of clay. 🍿

  34. Nailed it 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Great pinpointing on this short breathy bloviating game. His flawed logic in this Cuomo interview is kind of like he’s 3 and she’s a 4 with a diffront of 1 or he’s a 4 and she’s a 3 and same diffront of 1 so it’s the same … it’s all gobbledygook 🤯🥸🤥

  35. Alec has to say that. What is he gonna say? My wife is a liar and has been internet and SM fodder for 2 years now? I was like this in an old relationship by the way, so fucking messed up. I ascribed the most wonderful attributes to someone who didn't deserve it and never showed me the things I was saying about him. I wanted him to be this way, but that wasn't reality and I wasn't fooling anyone either. Years later they told me what they thought about him and everyone was absolutely right. They picked up on all his shit. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  36. 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 look at chris’ face when he says that! Alec and Hillary are both delusional! Dumb and dumber deserve each other! Every trash can has its lid!

  37. He talks about Hillary like he's trying to convince himself he loves her and is still physically attracted to her (why even bring that aspect of her up???) and how she's a "remarkable" person.

  38. Hilary is as good as Alec is going to do. The raw food grifter didn't even want him. His temper. The abusive behavior towards his daughter. His messy divorce. His friendship with Woody Allen. He's terrible.

  39. I don't get it. He's saying he wasn't responsible for killing her. He actually did kill her. Was it an accident? Yes. But he was totally responsible. Even legally, as executive producer, we'll see he's responsible when the civil suits start up.

  40. His wife is one of the 5 most remarkable people he's ever met? Oh boy, what a compliment! I bet you the other ones are Kim Basinger, underage Russian Olympians, and his hot co star of his upcoming movie.

  41. That movie just might not happen. Can you imagine the storm that will take place when over there they have a true gun protocol for safety? By definition a movie with a rogue spy and the CIA and betrayal and this and that will involve guns. What is he going to answer later in court or the press about how this movie's protocol included all sorts of procedures - which by definition all his co-stars would demand - versus the puny protocols he had in place in his own movie over here?

  42. “She took control of my life for a while and said let’s sit down and do some very serious thinking about what’s going to happen”…. Orders a baby.

  43. Alec is completely off his rocker at this point. But I did laugh that he had to shoehorn in his insistence that he's 'physically attracted' to her.

  44. I’ve said this before, but he sounds just like Trump. Deflecting blame, repeating his word salad, and saying “I can’t say anything about my legal troubles now, but once the report comes out, I’m going to have a LOT to say, I’m going to say a LOT of things.”

  45. So if “your wife” is such a ‘special person’ and literally ‘saved your life’, why didn’t she get her ass on a plane to comfort you in New Mexico?

  46. Might want to keep your veiled threats to yourself for now, dumb dumb. If any of the Santa Fe police were Alec Baldwin supporters before this, they certainly aren’t now.

  47. To lament the length of the process?!! You know who is rightfully bitter you monstrous twatwaffle is this poor woman's family. How dare you whine about how this has affected you (the "assumption" i had something to do with it, you did! You killed her!). What an absolute dirtbag

  48. The NM authorities still don't have the contents of his phone! He really has a nerve to complain about how much time the investigation is taking.

  49. He is such a stupid, dumbass, mentally checked out and delusional that he needs treatment ASAP. Wahhhhhhhhh “ My crazy Boston born fraud wife is the blah, blah, blah… Shut up Baldwin! Your wife is a fraud, a liar, a Bad Mother, a opportunist, a smug entitled classless human. And YOU need to put away. Maybe God willing a jail cell would be good for you. You need to be cancelled and drained of all your finances. The money will really hurt. You are a 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  50. I have no doubt that Hillary can shift her sociopathic/manic attention towards keeping the bread winner’s head above water. It’s called survival and self preservation dude.

  51. Also, no amount of money is going to get you off clean Alec. A wife and mother is dead and you pulled the trigger. The justice may not be as harsh as it deserves, but there will be some.

  52. I "saved" a narcissists life too once. 🤣🤣 some woman or POS in this case, is always "saving" them.....I love he's talking as though this was 20 years ago also

  53. Guess whose (actually remarkable) wife can’t save his life or be there to comfort him and their child? Instead of this bloviating pig praising his lying, grifting, narcissistic, personality-disordered wife endlessly, he should have a little respect for the marriage and family that he destroyed.

  54. His speech patterns are exactly like Donald Trump's. "deeply, deeply, deeply.." "She saved my life. She saved my life." "months and months and months..."

  55. YES! He is exactly a Trump Wanna Be!! How revolting and disgusting to go on TV or whatever Chris Cuomo is doing and blab about your high and mighty self. You are INSANE on every level. You are disliked, shunned and laughed at It’s sort of cool that you are seen for who you really are. And are too stupid to see it.

  56. Mkay…so the whole roadside presser after the shooting, vile Halloween instagram content with child props, “I need life with you Mami”, Stepanopoulos interview, Splenda packet idiocy etc etc was all part of Mami’s very own wise insightful PR plan?? Is that what he’s saying here? Or is he busy throwing her under the bus in case all of this blows up in his face even more. Nigh impossible methinks

  57. Please, did you really think the sideshow on the turnout in Vermont, wasn’t all planned and rehearsed with the the paps.?

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