This was conveniently placed in Edu's bday reel.

  1. She’s breast feeding and you can’t see anything inappropriate of either child.. y’all reaching

  2. Her tits are so gross too. The surgeon was no good and they are like when you meet someone who has a lazy eye.

  3. I have breast feeding pictures of all my kids and not even my kids have seen them. Not that this is breast feeding or anything. Breast feeding soft porn is so low on so many levels.

  4. Just a reminder that HilariOUS has been faking breastfeeding for many years now. So, de facto, doesn't that make this abomination of a picture a depiction of lactation porn? One wonders.

  5. Look at how much tension is in her arms and hands forcing this to happen. They photoshop out her boob veins but leave in the real grotesquerie

  6. This is shocking and why she has no friends. Not the breastfeeding part, I breast fed for 2 years. She is making this about her when it should be pics of him playing and smiling. She’s sick.

  7. She needs to make an only fans account as she is obviously into breastfeeding fetish and flashing her saggy tits on the camera. I’m sorry but this is almost like she is raping the mouth of those babies to suck her pepperoni nipples. This fucking bitch is beyond help. She is sick and evil and I can only hope she is not molesting her children.

  8. Force feeding at it’s worst!! 🤦‍♀️ That refund gap did allow them to dry nurse comfortably though, guess it was good for something after all. 😁😁😁 Ed looks so frustrated, like, “where’s the milk?”

  9. So sad that the only thing that stopped her from showing off her boobs and breastfeeding daily was the shooting. That’s what it took for her to cover the basketballs up. Sickening

  10. There is absolutely nothing maternal about this pic. It just looks like a naked, skinny, veiny, middle-aged woman with fake tits, an absurdly large diamond ring, and a couple of naked babies with their faces awkwardly jammed into her boobs. That this picture was even taken, let alone posted publicly is just insane.

  11. And edu’s frown! She really doesn’t give a shit how her kids look in pics, it’s about how does she look? i.e skinny? Boobs displayed? Ring front and center, even if the hand placement doesn’t make sense? Check check check

  12. Could she not sell the ring for money to buy food? Boy, these black and white photos really portray the atrocities of famine. So sad.

  13. Why does this photo even exist? This was not a selfie. It was a "professional" photoshoot with a photographer who was paid to spend the day at their Hamptons house last summer. What would make her or the photographer decide this was worth staging, and when they saw how terrible it looked, why would it be preserved? Hilaria's got a death grip on both kids (look at the tendons and tension in her arms/hands). Her boobs look fucked up and uneven.

  14. Outdoors, topless, legs spread, no back support, holding infant daughters head in place so as to capture the contrived photo. She’s not ARTISTIC nor is she NATURAL. Her attempts always are awkward and desperate.

  15. I just can’t get over how rigid her hand looks. It looks almost like she’s reflecting it back. Like, look at your own hand and see at what point you get the same tendons/veins popping out. And then ask why you would be holding your hand in such an uncomfortable position for breastfeeding. It really, really is okay to feed them one at a time… especially when they’re not even twins and hypothetically wouldn’t even be on the same feeding schedule.

  16. So gross on so many levels. I am not dissing breastfeeding it's a beautiful time. However she did not consistently nurse these children. It's his second birthday why is she trying to make twin thing happen? Yes we get it, you are tan Hillary you're not Spanish. They aren't twins. You have big boobs while you are dreadfully thin. A big diamond doesn't equate a healthy husband. Get help. Now.

  17. My god. What is wrong with her??? Who puts this in their child’s 2nd birthday post? Wow. She still shocks me after all this time. There is nothing she won’t do. No low is too low.

  18. Those babies aren’t latched. She’s not breastfeeding, so no need to be concerned about the “milk” they are getting here, because there is none.

  19. I think mami sneaked it into her, oops, I mean Ed’s “birthday tribute” as a fuck you to her SMM, AB & all of us! She’s BIG mad because she doesn’t like being told what to do!

  20. Soooooo many questions?? Who’s idea was this? Who said, let’s get you and the babies naked and sit outside and pretend to breastfeed them?? Who said let’s get the gum-ball ring in the shot. Who said let’s share this with the world? Hilz clearly has no inhibitions.

  21. Oh the irony. Hils posts this on a day AB posts a salute to the Queen recognizing her stoicism and dignity yet he lives his own life celebrating like trash. Pick a lane.

  22. From Rafa until Marilu none of them have been breastfed. Just for the gram. She posted pictures since Rafa pretending doing it. Alec knows all of this. They are monsters. She is a total study case of how a troubled mind works.

  23. So she desperately wants babies— she’s told the media for years— both Hillary and Alec have described themselves as baby collectors, and then this is how she treats them. She couldn’t pass a dog adoption application after this pic, there’s no stray cat on the streets of nyc who would be approved to be with this human 🤖mother. Alec called babies “vending machines of joy”— what about the babies’ lack of joy??

  24. How inappropriate and disgusting. Imagine if Alec posted this, even he knows when to stop.

  25. There are two parents equally responsible for the well being of the children. He has not an ounce more dignity or sense than she.

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