Clip from their wedding vow renewal

  1. As if there wasn’t a nanny right in the wings to hold that baby. Hillary knows she is without interest if she doesn’t prop a kid in the shot.

  2. They are so gross. I just watched this clip and noticed that AB wipes mouth his hand after kissing Hillary and then runs the same hand with they’re dirty mouth juice down her arm 🤣. So gross.

  3. Ok. I know this is a very unpopular opinion in these parts, but I always liked Alec. His comedic timing is as quick as his angered rants. As for the wife….she’s completely annoying!!

  4. What a cheesy ham Perp paw is! He believes he’s utterly charming…Zero self-awareness of how despised he truly is, and Pillz, too 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  5. I wonder how long this role of the ‘hot headed spaniard’ has been going for... I’d be interested to know when she started doing it.

  6. She was going for the over the top face suck and even Alec was like ummm that's inappropriate Hillary, simmer down😒😒

  7. I know one successful case, and she was legit just sad her wedding pics weren’t great, so they did a renewal one anniversary. They’re the only reason my husband and I would even consider it, that was legit a fun party.

  8. I bet those two are war of the roses. She wishes there would be proof of his infidelity. Meanwhile Genevieve gets locked up in Rikers,Hylana killed on set.

  9. I get wanting an excuse to throw an elaborate party, but I still think vow renewals as a concept are tacky. Unless you’ve actually broken your vows, then, sure, go for it in an attempt to get a clean slate.

  10. Rumor has it that this was a repositioning event. Apparently a lot of stuff went down after the taping of that movie in Spain and there was a lot of noise behind the Spanish stuff coming out. Alec Baldwin at that time admitted in an interview for the movie that Hilary was not born in Spain, but that interview got very little airtime (none at all) over here. That is also when he said the grandmother or some grandparent was born in Spain (another lie).

  11. Most of the outright lies have come from Alec, not her. I think it’s a case of two half-truths making a lie. She tells him a misleading half truth, because we know her fake Spanish persona predates him. There’s no way she’d come completely clean. Then as an actor/performer/someone with equally loose integrity, he runs with the story and embellishes.

  12. I had to take my daughter up with me to get my diploma when I graduated from college. I was 22, I didn’t have (several) Nannies and she was crying for me. Hillary is not the same. There is no reason for her to be holding that baby other than to show what a super Mami she is. The baby has zero interest in her. God I despise her.

  13. Publicity. He's way more interesting (he thinks) with a tiny young woman by his side. And if that's not enough, they can have kids.

  14. She is so uniquely unloving in every setting and situation I've ever seen her in. Never once have I seen her eyes filled with love or seen her offer genuine gestures of affection. Every single time she kisses her husband or picks up a child her expression is that she thinks that's what she is supposed to do. Her cold detachment is jarring.

  15. I know I’m late but I just wanted to say that this is SO accurate in describing Hillary . It’s chilling when you think about how cold and detached she truly is . Excellent, astute observation.

  16. To the comments about her holding the bebe...I think it's so she can remind everyone how skinny she is even though she had a bebe! And her being a mami is her new identity.

  17. This was when Papi decided to renew the contract, permanently, and Hillary just went downhill from there…..

  18. It seems that every time celebrities renew their vows is to give their career a boost and to get attention drawn back to them. Her carrying the baby on the hip shows she is awkward without a prop. She doesn't even look at the crowd, they're props too. They're into talking amongst themselves and she's doing that weird head shake and touching her hair. Zero substance to these two clowns 🤡🤡 100% fake

  19. That head shake says she is feeling WAYYYYYY self-conscious. Way, way, way too self-conscious. That was bizarre-o. She looks like my dog when he hears something weird.

  20. 🤮 I just barfed. A saggy old coot and a thirsty fake Spanish. She tries so hard to appear interesting and cute she came off so fucking trashy.

  21. No more $ for more diamonds on their 10th. I think she should be grateful for what she already has, tho. Can't get any bigger than that monstrosity of rock she has now. It should be all about the children from here on out... not photos on Instagram... but, ballet lessons, judo, soccer practice, tee ball... all of that! You're grown Hilaria... allow your children to grow.

  22. I know, right? Now that Alec & Hilary are social pariahs, the “friends” all scurried away like rats fleeing a sinking ship.

  23. Thank you pepino! I’ve not seen this. Hilz Thank you my hussban 🤢I’m ignoring that kiss and pretending it never happened. But I will say. He’s unbelievably short and dumpy.

  24. Oh geez he wipes off his lips with his hand, then wipes his hand on her arm and her dress. How did this family not come down with Covid?

  25. Or several other diseases. (Covid isn't transmitted all that well from fabric or skin away from the eyes, mouth and nostrils).

  26. I was in close, unmasked contact with my own children and many of my closest coworkers who started showing symptoms within hours of being around me. I never caught it!

  27. Yuck, the way she blocks his attempts at kisses is so gross. At least pretend you like the guy, Hillz. Xander is much better at pretending to like you.

  28. Have you seen the one where he does push-ups for her in the kitchen at the Devonshire, and she just sneers at him?

  29. You can tell from stuff like that, that those children barely know their own so-called parents. When my son was about a year old like that boy, especially around all those people, he would’ve been clinging to me and his attention would’ve been on me & his dad. Like most babies, he was always happy & at ease & interacting with me, when he was being held by me. That baby has no connection to Hilary, or Alec, at all.

  30. I always think that Alex looks more like a chauffeur. No offence to chauffeurs. But his nondescript suits and ties looks like ill-fitting agency ones and he can never stand up straight these days from too much sitting around.

  31. So they renewed their “vows” for their 5th but barely acknowledged their milestone 10th? It took a decade, but the truth slowly coming out…

  32. They renewed their vows because she wanted to show off her ring upgrade. For their 10th this year he gave her a can of Goya tomato paste. She in return gave him a second wedding band. He wears both, one on each hand, like handcuffs.

  33. Yeah 5 years is absurd. 25 or later maybe. But anyone that does it before that I assume there is a reason they need to renew them.

  34. She could have made it as a yoga teacher, with more training and less thirsty try-hard stunts. I've said before she could be like Tracy Anderson.

  35. Too bad they didn’t have an armada of Nannies. (They did/do) so the nanny could hold the baby. But no… Hillz has to have a physical reminder for everyone of her fertility. 🤮. It’s all sooo fake.

  36. Ikr?! I thought it was BIZARRE, to say the least, that she's sitting up there with a kid on her hip looking like she couldn't wait to get out of there at her freaking vow renewal! Let a family member or a nanny watch the baby like they are the other children and act like you wanna be there. These people were always weird.

  37. YES!!!! She has no personality and reeks of insecurity so she uses the babies or the moon bump as her personality. What is she going to do when no more moon bumps and the youngest baby is out of diapers????

  38. I don’t think vow renewals are a red flag, got one planned for next year. (We eloped). I will NOT be holding a baby during, we plan on a no kids after 8 pm rule. It’s a party for grownups otherwise what’s the point?

  39. If my husband and I do a renewal it will be so my family can't stress me the fuck out from the word go lol no kids at all. Our daughter is already 14, so in 4 more years she won't count 😂

  40. I could never sit through a vow renewal. To me, that's just performative bullshit. Anniversary party with open bar is better!

  41. An open bar is class! 🤣 I agree. These things are self-indulgent, and no-one should have to pay to attend. But parties and dancing are fun.

  42. The stupid baby props are absolutely ridiculous. Babies on a hip at a wedding. Babies at fashion shows. It’s absurd. Especially since Hillary is a hands OFF parent.

  43. Why with a baby on the hip? I have been in weddings post baby and I always arranged for someone else to hold them. Vow renewals = divorce somewhere along the way.

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