Quintessential Hillary. Naming her daughter Ilaria, she is solidifying her reputation as a complete fraud. 🥂

  1. A dr friend once told me about a Hispanic mom who named her newborn Erotica. She tried to talk her out of it. Reminds me of Hilz.

  2. I knew a woman that named her daughter after herself. She was Big Marilyn and her daughter was called Little Marilyn. It's odd for a woman to do this. It's a tradition based on narcissism usually reserved for ego driven men.

  3. Yeah, I’m not a fan of the argument I’ve been seeing that it’s somehow worse for a woman to do it. Either way you crack it, it’s egotistical to name your kid after yourself. It’s just more common with men.

  4. I knew a family whose last name was sounded like Wart. They named the son after dad, Richard. Big Dick and little Dick, Wart. So unfortunate

  5. All those fucking names and they couldn’t honor Alec’s mother that just passed?! Carolena or something, bitch. She didn’t even go to that woman’s funeral and then names her daughter after herself — a fake fucking name she made up to pass off as a Spanish woman. What a stupid fraudulent narcissistic bitch.

  6. She stuck totally to her side of the family when naming this new baby. Her mother’s name is Kathryn and her maternal grandmother’s name is Irene

  7. It’s like the race to be the most controversial famous mommy in that cunty circle. Last week Violet’s pant-less child, week prior pretty-baby Carmen lipstick, this week is for Hillary and her props! Cue a ridiculous name cause it get’s Mami her attention fix. 🤢

  8. When Violet wouldn’t post her baby’s name because she didn’t want Hillary to steal it, Hillary had to resort to using her own name. She literally couldn’t think of anything else.

  9. In Spain 🇪🇸 it’s quite common for the mother to name her daughter after herself. Same w boys being named after their dads. Makes sense to me. The only thing is Hilaria isn’t from Spain.

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