Hallway funhouse mirror time

  1. I love this age when I spill coffee on them for the first time while I am posing for the cameras trying to make sure everyone sees the baby and hoping it keeps Alec out of jail.

  2. Nope, nope no no no fucking way this woman gave birth a week ago. It takes close to two months for your uterus to return to normal size! This is just impossible. And then the boobies -- I guess that's supposed to convince us she was pregs? And also -- ees dirty the floor!!!!

  3. Within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, my rib cage expanded so much. There is no room to carry a baby in this picture. There just isn't. Yes, petite people give birth all the time, but there's a difference between small and absolutely nowhere to put a baby.

  4. I am around her height and have been very thin my whole life. I have had 4 babies, first and second born my stomach went back pretty much straight away , my third baby it took a few months and then my 4th he's 2 now and I have a mum tummy. There is no way she has birthed all those children and has a flat stomach like that just weeks after her what 5th?? Birth. She is full of shit

  5. WHY is she photoshopping herself to look thinner? She’s supposed to be what, 8 days postpartum? Bare feet in a public hallway is a choice.

  6. Yeah wtf is “able to be one armed hold”? We know you’ve spoken English your entire life Hilary, so you must just be a moron.

  7. Lol I love how she reads this sub, and then puts her big padded bra on (the one she was wearing during the birth) to attempt to make her boobs look like her milk came in…

  8. If I ever see her in person again (the last time was during her yoga-grift phase circa 2011), it’s going to take ALL my self-restraint not to say, “OH STFU, HILLARY”

  9. I think I’m the only who read this correctly. It’s not she who does the chores etc, but the baby. Pronouns can save lives. This has to be the youngest victim of child labor, recorded at least.

  10. What age? You mean just born and you’re flashing bright lights in her face? What chores? Oh look you dropped all your baby weight in a week and time to showcase your store bought tit bombs. was it easy dropping all the weight because a surrogate carried the child? no one can convince me those are not frog feet that Grifter has.

  11. What is the point of commenting on how "easy" this phase is when you have half a dozen other children in what you deem more demanding phases? It isn't like having one fresh lump-on-a-log aged child makes the older babies/toddlers/children "easier"..? It would still be easier to have stuck with 6 rather than add a 7th?

  12. As someone who’s currently breastfeeding, there is no literal way she’s nursing right now. Those boobs are not doing any milking at this time. Even engorged, they don’t look like that and you would be in pain if they were. She’s insane

  13. She is sick. I remember back when Pamela Anderson Lee held a very brief press conference or interview back in the early 2000's. It was after she delivered her first son. I was in awe how excellent she looked in her tiny tight jeans. Pamela is a small person but she still had a postpartum belly albeit not too big. Hillary is insane . She birthed Carmen and maybe a big maybe one of the older boys. Insane

  14. Breasts that are engorged with milk are different than large breasts pushed together by a bra. This is just….ugh.

  15. When my milk came in with my son my tits HURT. I remember taking a super hot shower, crying and being absolutely miserable because of the bowling balls on my chest. She's so full of shit. Push-up bra, indeed!

  16. I seriously don’t get this hallway. Is it inside the house? Is it the hallway outside the door? Why is their a huge mirror? Why is it like you said, like a Dr’s office?

  17. There is so much wrong with this post and I have absolutely no idea where to begin. First of all, a pancake-flat tummy is NOT what a postpartum body looks like at all (especially if she allegedly claims to and shamelessly portrays all over social media to have carried and given birth to all of the other children except Malibu). Secondly (and most importantly), that newborn baby's head isn't being supported much at all. Finally, she's got her bare feet on the dirty apartment floor and she thought to post it all over the internet. Really, Hilarrhea?

  18. Hey her ankle seems to have molded to a normal humanish shape where the bulging bit gone and she tucked her pant's in so we know to look at her super flat, flat, flat, just gave birth flat stomach. her breasts are so swollen but shes super mami no pain or leaky nipps here nipples of steel and her stinky clam is also healed tight pants no bloody show for her she god dam wonder woman sadly not an attractive one bring back Lynda Carter,

  19. You are correct. And at that stage, they barely make it back into a bra before they are back out again.

  20. OH, it's That same corridoor AGAIN --- yawn ------- I'm beginning to think she lives in that corridor it's like a magnetic attraction to her that poor infant bet she frozen

  21. If she wants to inspire, be real! Say something about your health, poopie diapers that explode, sore nips, healing lower region. Let followers know she understands how women feel after childbirth. She’s been through it at least once or has it been only once and she’s forgotten????

  22. Right? The reality of having a newborn and being able to joyfully do chores with multiple children is not a real thing. I hope most mothers also don’t feel pressure that they should be up and about doing chores (baby in your arm or not) one week after delivering a baby. Rest! Your body was creating a baby for 40 weeks, then your body went through immense physical trauma delivering the baby, and on top of that, if you are nursing, your body is now adjusting, yet again, to producing milk, whilst being up all different hours of the day and night. There is a lot of rest that you need to do while you can! The first few weeks is hard, let alone the first year.

  23. There is soooo much wrong with this photo. Her stupid face. Her pushed up boobs. Her skin tight legginos. Her bare feet on the diiiirty floor. Her CLAIMS of being with the other kids and doing CHORES around the casa.

  24. She is absolutely living in a fantasy land where she's the perfect 50s mom. Even her hair styles and clothing choices look like they're from 1950. It's not a lie if you believe it.

  25. Translation: “I❤️this age where they have no voice, no opinions. They are under my control. They have no interactions w/other kids or parents who may tell them “hey little ones—you live in the Greenwich Village version of Flowers in the Attic” & your mama y papa are bat💩crazy!

  26. She seems to have a baby kink. A baby-and-boobs-displayed-on-social-media kink. Kinks are fine, but not without consent. A baby can't consent. This is just so weird.

  27. Barefoot on a corridor used by other people. Spat, piss, shit, dogshit, bacteria whatever..... while raising a newborn.

  28. You'd think if she was as "society" as her ego seems to think she is ... She would find a better place than the elevator hallway to take photos.

  29. Hopefully most normal humans are aware read up on at least watch videos of births child rearing without a nanny and see this is pure fantasy and even i know it is i don't have children but grew up in a large fam around friends who had kids young etc not one of those and there where a lot over 20 yrs have had miracle s like her births 7 kids no complication not even blood pressure swollen ankle never moaned nr end that she needed the baby out now no videos of baby moving around before birth inside the womb or of how her sleep was disturbed by naughty fetus acid reflux cravings no labour videos no stretch marks and i have a friend who was size 0 she had a 6lb baby her body is lit a tiger stripe her clam was nr stitched back together it took her years before she dared have another kid i saw and listened to what she went through how she felt so bad she couldnt breast feed because her milk didnt come in or wasnt enough and i sit and wonder how hilarious is allowed to preach around people who may be vunrable ie mentally slower people or on spectrum as i am myself but im meaning lower Iqs im mostly sad for her kids i really feel it for those kids i cant even exspress how awfull it is watching her laugh at her kids when she should be a proper mum still i cant unwatch either its not like me but i just cant seem to stop i keep hopeing that one day somone rescues those kids idk even know how that would happen sorry i wrote so much

  30. So much Spanish style by wearing her, how you say, leggings? Over her feet, the same feet look very, how you say, fucked up?

  31. I also love* the way newborns smell and their skin and hair is the softest thing ever, but not enough to have an expensive habit of baby buying. She does realize her drug is a human and a lifetime commitment..

  32. Sadly I don't think she has the mentality you think she does I've been on this sub a few days now because she is in British papers nr daily and things I saw disturbed me more so now i don't know how she isn't in a secure unit but in America things must be very different here those kids no matter if they belonged to the king of England would be at least on cps list of endangerment or least neglectful parenting she lit collect s human dolls then tolerates them as they age till next one comes along

  33. It’s probably because I’m 6 months pregnant, Nothing fucking fits, all of my maternity clothes are in the washer, I’m trying to get out of the house for a very rare and last minute date with my husband … but fuck this self righteous lying grifter. She is so full of shit!

  34. I love this community. I’m calm and rationale now. Thanks for showing me support while I was raging and spitting venom into the world…. That being said, she’s still a self righteous grifter

  35. Why are the majority of the pics in the hallway? She seems to spend a lot of time there, and it’s rather a sad looking hallway.

  36. I was going to say probably because their house was in variou states of packing but then I remembered that they definitely don't do any labour themselves.

  37. Is this 7? I’m new here and joined bc I find her weirdly fascinating/awful. I can’t decide if I hate her for faking an entire ethnicity or being so thin and rubbing it in my face (despite popping out kids every year). I’ve only had one and at 40 so have completely struggled. Seeing her makes me hate myself. And how she says it’s so easy.

  38. She’s a lying liar who lies! Please don’t every let this heinous piece of crap make you feel “less than” It’s all bullshit

  39. You’re new here! You’ll be pleased to know that she only birthed Carmen, the first. The rest were surrogates. Poke around here, and you’ll find all the evidence and interesting convo about it.

  40. Do not hate yourself!! I’m sure you are beautiful. Weight is just a number. She’s thin, but a horrible, despicable person. You don’t want to be anything like her!

  41. I don’t think she knows what being present means. It sure is shit isn’t standing in a hallway preening for photos & composing Instagram posts.

  42. That shit eating grin tells me she is perfectly happy being remembered in the annals of history as a crazy celebrity wife. She probably thinks she'll be remembered as a Joan Crawford type legend - except with zero talent or contribution to anything artistic or otherwise. Narcissists need attention - good or bad. The worst thing that could happen to her would be to be ignored. I probably would ignore her if not fascinated by the train wreck that is her life and her daily incredulous antics. I feel so very sad for those poor children.

  43. I’m surprised the giant sanitary pad she’s supposed to be wearing postpartum fits in those leather pants 🙄😵‍💫

  44. pretty sure those are a spanx like tights or leggings product-leather would have shine given the amount of lights she is using to take her pic

  45. I’m 30 weeks pregnant and I don’t think I’ll ever touch leather pants and possibly jeans again in my life. I am not sure how anyone could wear leather pants so soon after birth

  46. This is absurd. Yes you can hold a baby in one arm, but not for long, even if you are super Mami. I’d find it 1000% more plausible if she was wearing the baby in a carrier, because that’s something moms who actually have responsibilities and chores do. Can you imagine sweeping the floor, folding clothes, or cooking with a baby in one arm??

  47. That just reminded me: my 2nd was very needy and had to be with me/touching me AT. ALL. TIMES. I ended up getting a sling. I just remembered bending over to take clothes out of the dryer with him in his sling.

  48. “I love this age, when my milk comes in and my boobs look like hard basketballs in a inappropriate lacy bra.”Fixed it for her

  49. She’s barefoot, so presumably not actually going out, which means she stepped into the hall of her building just because she loves that damn mirror

  50. Here's my take on the mirror: 1. she loves it because its warped and it makes everyone look magically thin. 2. There's nothing else to distract the viewer and she doesn't have to be careful about curating the background and giving away any secrets. 3. When she's obviously going out, its her signal to the paps -- here comes Mama and her brood, get your cameras ready. 4. She can do her hallway selfies any time - like 3am when the adderall is still going strong and the benzos haven't kicked in yet - and she doesn't wake up any normal humans in the apartment who are sleeping.

  51. They did have a six month break when she broke out the larger moonbumps. But right back in the rotation now that she’s “free.”

  52. vapid ones. i remember nannying for a woman who wouldn’t breast feed so she could do coke everyday to get back to “107 pounds” meanwhile i made it very clear i’ve suffered with an eating disorder and didn’t want to talk about the fact a 3 month postpartum mother weighed less than me :/ selfish

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