1. Just saying, that baby did not come out vaginally. Head is too perfect, it has to have been a c-section. Or a doll.

  2. Good GOD, give it a rest already, Lyin' Larry! No one wants to sponsor you, except maybe Baby So Real (or whatever those lifelike newborn dolls are called).

  3. My cats watched over my babies when they napped on the couch or bed (with an adult nearby). Once they were sleeping in cribs the door was always closed and cats definitely weren't allowed in.

  4. Exactly. I won’t even let my cat stay in the room if I’m napping WITH my son on our bed. It’s just not worth the risk. She’s such a dumb asshole.

  5. I still get nervous about my 2 year old being around my cat. They can be perfectly sweet animals but not necessarily going to tolerate a child grabbing at them or even crying.

  6. Love cats, dogs but their dander/hair isnt what you want on your newborn. she NEVER was around kids, had friends or relatives with kids when she was growing up, she is very weird in this respect. she has no mothering skills except to put those taties out for display.

  7. Because H&M and Pottery Barn would find illegal exotic bengal cats in a crib with a newborn with a misspelled caption a great way to sell their products?

  8. Ha ha ha, nailed it. Faux illiteracy because your family migrated from Boston and recklessness with children and animals is all she has to give these days.

  9. I agree. And it's funny because she posted some cryptic message a few months ago that she thought this one would look different. Don't know what's up, but this may be a frankenbaby.

  10. Who thinks about brands like this when they're bonding with their child? I don't sit in my kids' playroom and think "oh that's carters, that's fisher price, that's melissa and doug, that's skip and hop, better take a picture and tell everyone". It would literally not occur to most people to do this. Her grift is so transparent and desperate.

  11. I don’t see the nails or the ring or any other hallmark signs of Hillz in this photo, so I genuinely doubt it was taken by her. She is always in a picture in some way.

  12. And if anything like that did happen the cat would probably end up thrown in a shelter or euthanized even though it wouldn't be the cat's fault that it acted on instinct, because a pet's life is worth nothing to some toxic people. Also those toes look suspiciously stubby so if it turns out she's had it declawed as well then worse than that, she's a vicious c*** as well.

  13. Truth!! My cat (who I half-jokingly call my familiar, and who is currently snuggled on my lap) predates all my kids, and while I know she is fantastic, adores them, and has never done anything to harm them, I N E V E R let her near the babies when they were sleeping.

  14. If Ila what? And that kid is enormous for being what, 26 days old. And how sad, trying to pimp her grifting self when no one wants her mentioning their brands. She’s the fruitcake you receive during the holidays.

  15. Does she spell words wrong on purpose? Because English is not her, how you say, primero language? I’ve seen it a bunch.

  16. When we first set up my daughter’s crib a few months before she was born, my cat thought it was for her. I stopped that pretty quickly though, I didn’t want her marking her territory, she needed to know that the crib was for the baby.

  17. This kills me ugh that baby needs color! Or for now even just black and white to stimulate her and all she gets is different shades of beige & white 😭

  18. I HATE this trend for baby stuff!! Black and white, contrast, and bold patterns are great for baby brain development, but apparently sad beige and white basic bitch aesthetic is more important than the actual kids

  19. The company tagging is so laughably desperate. Stop Hillary, no one is asking what those products are and imaginary fans don’t count. This family is just short of forming a jug band to perform for nickels on the street corner.

  20. Last year Raf or and another lost boy were cosbegging in the street, jumping and singing for nickels. So tonedeaf ~and also makes this comment even wilder

  21. Not that she gaf, but spreading yet another harmful misconception about this breed, and Fkn cats in general. Like the Bengal is some kind of “nanny” cat —when en realidad tiene un fleet de “Leonelas” y young women who keep the Caillou menagerie alive.

  22. I wish she would get the hint that ALL BRANDS WILL NOT TOUCH POISON as a brand influencer or ambassador. Look at how it played out with Kanye/Gap. She has too many lies in the public realm. And why would a children's brand pick up someone whose husband killed a mother of a child. People would be clutching their pearls. The market is too shaky for huge risks.

  23. A baby at that age should not be sleeping on the floor, never mind the cat “babysitter”. Put her in a crib you whacko.

  24. It’s so creepy how she tags everything. She does not enjoy life she does not capture moments, it’s all props and brands. It’s sick. She’s not even authentic, either.

  25. I think she's amping it up so she can accuse people of 'bullying' when potential sponsors are informed of her history and subsequently dump her.

  26. The cat was sleeping on that blanket and the fake Spaniard came along and plonked the baby down next to it for a boring photo op.

  27. The nanny did, then the nanny posted it (the nannies were caught talking in the background in an Alec photo last summer saying in Spanish, "I will post this later for her" (not exact words).

  28. It is a MYTH that cats will smother babies in their sleep. That is outdated information. However, they can transfer poo related diseases to humans, so still not the best idea.

  29. Seriously I’m just a common germaphobe (with 3 cats) and am grossed out a cat is in Illy’s crib. Medical professionals on this sub must be apoplectic!

  30. “Because you asked” Hillary is just providing us a public service. Is low lives really want to know where she gets her stuff, so we can be just like her.

  31. Nobody, not one person, even those lucky enough not to know why this bitch should be avoided at all costs, is looking at this post and asking “where did super Mami Hilaria get this plain white playmat? I need to know the brand, I couldn’t possibly find one on my own just like it” GTFO, no company is trying to partner with you, psycho

  32. I still say she’s a pretty baby but she has something funny going on with her coloring… Darkness on her eyelids troubles me I don’t know what it is…

  33. I’ve never had a cat. It looks declawed. Is there a way to tell for certain? So weird. All of their Single use plastic, declawed cats, a million disposable diapers, bullying and unhealthy diet. They live the opposite of their social media post and the media never calls them out on their double standard.

  34. SHE DECLAWED HER BENGAL?!?!!! Wonder what the breeder thinks of that. Ya know, HILLARY, if you’d stop popping out kids like your twat is a clown car, you wouldn’t have to declaw your cats.

  35. The breeder loves her. They've reposted her psycho shit many times. They were one of the few business relationships she still had publicly after griftmas.

  36. Nope. I have a Savannah cat (which is a few “levels” below a Bengal) and, while he’s a big, sweet cuddle bug, I would NEVER let him get this close to a brand new baby. The other kids are one thing; this baby has only been in the house a few weeks.

  37. True. They should never have chosen Bengals IMHO. So many cats need homes but these selfish pricks get designer exotic cats then declaw them! Grrrr.

  38. omg she declawed her cat wtf thats straight up animal torture evil fucker she shouldnt own a cat let alone birth people chop her fingers off evil bint i hope that kitty shits everywhere

  39. Ok ill get hate but hear me out never let a cat sleep with babies they can smother them even unintentionally they like a nice warm spot and it is well known I love animals so much more than people trust me I love cats I had my own 18 yrs she was my world and best pal sad I know but its safety first with babies and what about worms and kitty poo again please don't hate me I'm just saying it as truth babies need a clean safe pet free room least till there older than newborn IDK maybe I'm so old and out of touch I just can't understand her thinking and no there isn't an issue if kitty is supervised but still, I doubt she does supervise kitty also doesn't she say he watches over them asleep in one post I may have taken that lit one false tail pull or angry kitty out comes an eye or scratch to baby skin omfg why I again will say no ill will toward Mr kitty, ok I just arghhhhhh idk

  40. I completely agree, cats are cute and all, but should not be near a new born( bacteria etc.) or a toddler, they can be agressive in play and get hurt by the cat

  41. I love cats but also believe in keeping cats away from babies/toddlers that cannot fend for themselves. Scratches, bites, smothering, fur and dander and fleas etc….

  42. You’re absolutely spot on! Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and a baby can’t get itself out of an unsafe location.

  43. So, this one already has a 5 o’clock shadow on its head “6-weeks” in, but the rest of them remained cueball bald for the first 1.5-2 years of their lives? Oh. Ok. LOL.

  44. Have we seen a video of this baby? I’m blocked from her insta, so I rely on pepinos to post stuff, but I haven’t seen a video (or her even awake?!)

  45. so who lives in the kitty cage in the room with those white chairs nest to them is a storage jail with kitty things inside but the kitty sleeps in the nursery guarding newborn face II means changing matt. much confusion

  46. it changes all the time sometimes its newborn sometimes it's old enough to walk lol we just get a random baby spin the wheel strongest newborn today it can lift its head and turn to kiss mami.

  47. It almost looks like a stuffed toy, I think I see the face. Wouldn't you notice putting a newborn on a toy?

  48. Right above gato, it looks like a heavily padded bra!!! 😂🤣 (I realized that it wasn’t). How disgusting is this puta that she always photoshops her ninos🤦‍♀️

  49. I’m so on the fence with this picture. I’m beginning to doubt it too. I never had to be convinced of Bellygate, because it was always obvious to me that she faked all of the “pregnancies” after Carmen. Watching this pathological liar spin out & get consumed by addiction really makes me think that nothing she says or does is real. Honestly, if this is one of those dolls, that would be perfect. She cannot be left alone with real human babies, toddlers or children, so whoever got her (potentially) into these creepy dolls is brilliant & could be saving the “Tiny New Yorkers” from more damage from mami.

  50. She gets super worked up when Aleeeek is about to go away for work. Someone above spoke of abandonment issues. I'm on that train. She got all the way wacked out before he went to work on Rust -- causing so much distraction, upset, and mayhem. He was a wreck. And, now, they are going back to work? She's going to be going off the rails every night he is away. Guaranteed.

  51. She has to be wondering what her future will be if alec is jailed but he won't be untouchable murderer arnt are they but yes she needs a new supply to fund her selfie addiction I really belive she has that addiction among others bizarre why people allow this just because of her so-called status kids again who suffer in long run I mean

  52. seriously she declawed them that's cruel and abuse grrrrrrrrrrrrr i hate her more than ever you just chop her fingertips off see how she likes it poor animals cant even fight back if there half strangled by kids evil cow really pissed off

  53. Isn’t thst some shit! I mean for real. What kindof person does that. Worried about her furniture. Not her kids.

  54. Relentless, desperate & dangerous! She’s lost it (and the drugs have really done a number on her). It looks like this is real Jr (not mami’s doll that she parades around). She SERIOUSLY cannot be left alone with that baby for one minute! She’s so busy, desperately tagging everything, that she’s not considering what a semi wild cat can do to an infant! The team has done a decent job of keeping mami from making the lactation porn, but she still has zero concern for her new prop’s safety & wellbeing!

  55. Exactly! Amal Clooney, Amanda Seyfried, Kristen Bell, (just a few off the top of my head) they all hide their children's faces. She is truly looking unhinged and desperate.

  56. She’s a spiraling narcissist. She “has” (gets?) yet another baby and all she gets is mocked (except for the paid for puff pieces).

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