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  1. For someone with 50 kids under the age of 9(?), she posts multiple times a day on IG. She annoys the living pi$$ out of me, she loves to show her damn boob in someone’s mouth too! She posts the most ridiculous shit on IG but this took the cake. I actually DM’d her “For fuck sake”, Just utterly inappropriate and dumb. “Look everyone, I knew Leslie Jordan and we were so close I had to post a tribute video to him that he’ll never see but everyone else will see what a freaking fake idiot I am!”! GAG!

  2. This is a white American woman with two sets of white American grandparents. The accent is a total act! Hillary Lynn Hayward Thomas Baldwin you are the worst cultural appropriator I’ve ever seen.

  3. Could not agree more, who did she make this ridiculous fake crying video for? Oh I know, herself! Also make sure you let everyone see your giant rock. 🤮

  4. That’s right…he was one of the few celebrities who continued to like her posts and provide positive comments. No wonder she’s upset. And for the love of all that is holy, drop the effing accent lady. The jig is up. It’s been up for two years.

  5. THE ACCENT. she really acts like she doesnt know what a contraction is. "i am not from your country. i do not know your you say...all the way."

  6. Alert: I am making this about ME. I cried when I heard the news of Leslie Jordan because he was a very small, very lovable, very funny gay man just like my beloved Uncle David, who passed a week after the birth of my first child. Sordid Lives (and Leslie in general) was one of his absolute favorites. Leslie triggered that unresolved pain in me and I sobbed in the bathroom for twenty minutes mildly criticizing myself! (Leslie wasn’t Uncle David after all) I feel it for his family and his real friends. She was not a real friend. Real friends don’t do this. Grieving people don’t do this. She is so infuriating. Go mother your children and stuff the pain down, like I did. I never had a nanny to give me time to film goodbye videos much less process my loss. SHE IS SO IGNORANT.

  7. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Leslie Jordan's work. By why was he spending so much valuable time consoling and propping up someone with entirely self inflicted first world problems?

  8. I’d love to know what her parents think when they see shit like this. I think someone here said her dad still follows her. Talk about being horrified and ashamed of your child

  9. EVERYTHING is performance. EVERYTHING is performed for Instagram. Absolutely nothing about this idiot is authentic.

  10. I literally was about to write that. So crazy. It’s another attention seeking personality disorder.

  11. Clearly, I am an Old. I don’t know who this crying person is, but according to the comments she is famous for something.

  12. I’ve watched this video way too many times and this is by far her worst performance ever! The voice, the eye rolling, the ring 💍, the overly filtered face. Paying a tribute with all this fakery. Get lost Hilary!

  13. gosh, I watched this yesterday without sound (because my husband was there and he already thinks I'm weird) and that was already cringe af, but today I'm in home office alone and with sound this is just so ridiculous

  14. My husband does not understand my obsession following this shit show. I don’t either. I only know it works as a better distraction than knitting or scrabble .

  15. I can’t imagine wanting a camera in my face immediately after the death of a friend or loved one. I’d rather be in a dark hole than even think about putting on makeup and jewelry. She’s soulless.

  16. Oh, that's such a good point. I lost a dear friend to cancer and was out of it for days on end. I couldn't think straight or get many words out (let alone layer on a fake accent). There was no way I was going to be able to make a curated, filtered, bejeweled video performance of my grief while pretending my friend was reachable through some Instagram-afterlife connection.

  17. Yeah she's taking advantage of Leslie Jordan's death to send fake condolences with an even faker accent!! This is so ridiculous

  18. I don’t know who this Leslie dude was, so many people say he was a sweetheart, but if he supported, enabled, or encouraged her batshit nonsense in any way, that’s a nish-nish from me.

  19. As another Pepino wisely said-- the histrionics that she displays (and apparently believes) must really scare her children.

  20. I get it, she’s annoying to a lot of people, but she is clearly distressed about losing her friend. Frankly, the fact that she was Leslie’s friend makes her more likeable in my eyes. I’d even venture to say her commitment to the fake accent is endearing.

  21. Upset she may be at someone who, lovely though Leslie clearly was, indulged her grift. She's lost one of the very few forgiving people who could tolerate her. But look at this calculated farce of a fake accented, highly filtered performance she has orchestrated here. Talking directly to Leslie, in the present tense, like he is alive to watch this tribute.

  22. My bf heard the audio from across the room and said “Holy shit is she serious??” I don’t know if he means the accent or crying and looking into the camera.

  23. I find this embarrassing and difficult to watch. It feels so insincere. Filming yourself crying whilst you make a (welldeserved) tribute. But this is not about him. It’s all about you

  24. Did Leslie Jordan die? Fuck. Loved him. Larry, why are you still speaking with an accent. Second this goddam vid was so filtered didn’t even recognize her. It was the baby Spanish voice that confirmed it was her

  25. Yes dude. Devastating. Unless news has changed in the last few hours, authorities are saying he had a medical emergency which caused him to crash his vehicle into a building. Totally devastating.

  26. I’ve not been a regular pepino for a while, and I look in to see this. I really thought it was a good parody, because of the Hilaria-ous accent. Imagine my surprise when it clicked..nope, Brier- this actually IS her. How f&cking disrespectful to fake cry and roll out the laughable stupid accent when ostensibly wracked with grief over someone’s death. I remember why I hate her as much as I do.

  27. This is the same person who dressed up as a black widow a matter of days after Halyna passed away and doesn’t comfort her husband or show any sadness about the situation. Absolutely loco.

  28. Yeah I can’t listen to what the fraud has to blather on about today for her “fans”. I’m sure it’s dumb and self serving and Spanish. Hard pass. Sorry some guy you pretend to be besties with died. 🤷🏻‍♀️. Ya still aren’t Spanish. Tho…do you realize that?? 🤔

  29. I know. She’s so inserting the Spanish accent here. It’s unreal. I’m sorry for her if they really were friends but this need to document every second of her life is so over the top.

  30. Was an interesting tribute, esp the number of times she says" me" or "I". Fine to say you'll miss him etc but didn't need the stories of all the times she needed him. Talk about his work, his personality etc

  31. Did someone tell her this whole grift exposure would just blow over eventually?? That everyone will forget she faked being Spanish for a fucking DECADE?!? To just give it some time and she can start appropriating being Spanish again? Wtf?!?

  32. For the next edition of the DSM, they need to add videos. This one is under the heading histrionic personality disorder: a case study.

  33. INSANE. CERTIFIABLY BAT SHIT CRAZY. Oh, and I guess we're Spanish again. If you're that person, how is the accent back? you haven't been to Spain for over 10 years

  34. Excuse me excuse me why posting a tribute to someone who is gone by tragic accident Publicly if you met them once and they were so sweet and nice ? When your husband killed a young mom of a young kid and doesn’t feel any guilt ? And you r crying in a video for the gram ? Write something like …hey I met him once at dinner with the ila in Natasha’s belly like fine I am so sorry this happened to you ? ….Maybe if you r trying to maybe be normal in some ways you say ….I met you and you were amazing and now you r gone … rest in peace ! Feeling sad …. She is trying to be an actor cuz alik isn’t anymore

  35. Why would a grown-ass adult post something like this?! If he was your true friend, this wouldn’t be the time. You would be too devastated to carry on like this. Sorry, it’s just true.

  36. SHE IS INSANE!!!! I have lost people.. I mean actual people, not people that were fake friends..We all have lost people... did occur to any of you to rip out your phone and take a video of yourself minutes after you found out that person that you cared about so much has died.. and then to post it on social media? No??? She’s sick.

  37. I am sorry, but what? First of all, pendeja, cut the fake accent. I know you probably did it any and every time you ever interacted with Leslie, but cut the shit.

  38. Oh FFS is she EVER capable of making something NOT ABOUT HER? Never mind the accent dialed up to 11 — this comes across as crass and self-serving. Why can’t they get any human moment right — ever??

  39. You mean because she didn't mention anything about how Leslie's family must be feeling? Because she only talked about herself?

  40. Her stupid fake accent is just as inconsistent as her MoonBump-wearing is during her fake pregnancies (especially the last one). Wearing a massively huge MoonBump one day, then showing video of herself the next day with a flat stomach, then back to huge, then flat….Then posting photos of herself the following day with a huge pregnant belly, apparently expecting people to just forget that she had no bump at all the day before. Same thing with this. Talk without a hint of an accent one day, then the next day post video of herself talking with a very thick accent (complete with using words inappropriately to really drive home the “English Second Language fakery”), and expect people to just disregard the fact that they’ve heard with their own ears that this person talks with no accent?!? So we’re all just supposed to believe she’s Spanish just because she says she is and because she’s back to using a thick accent, even though we all found out already that she has no Spanish heritage and has never lived there?!?

  41. I hate to laugh because he was amazing and it’s sad… but she’s pushing that accent out and I’m trying to think how many times she practiced this speech and crying

  42. All about me me me. Did send condolences to his family? No. It’s all about how she’s been victimized by the cruel cruel world but he was there for her-this magical creature who wiped her tears and kissed her forehead. It’s an impossibility for this woman to have an authentic private moment. Blubbering all over herself. Disgusting. This man was patient enough to give her attention. She didn’t give a damn about him. She only cared what he could do for her.

  43. Oh wow. So even if I actually thought she knew this person enough to be grieving, that was the worst tribute. It was disingenuous and contrived. Who does this????

  44. It's uncomfortable to watch. I was listening to a podcast and Christina Najjar a.k.a @itsmetinx was the guest. She moved to London as a baby and to California at 19, her parents are American I believe and she has only an American accent.

  45. Why is that her stupid fake accent is getting more and more pronounced? We know your name is Hilary, you dumb, crazy bitch. I absolutely despise these performative and self absorbed tributes . You made this all about yourself and the over the top, breathless crying voice is beyond embarrassing. You are a disgrace to humanity.

  46. Welcome to what will be your newest hobby! It's a train wreck wrapped in a helicopter crash that lands in the Hudson River and catches on fire. And that's all before breakfast usually.You won't be able to look away 💃🥒

  47. Umm bitch he can’t hear you. This is all for show just like everything she does. And quadrupling down on the accent during a tribute? Half my family has been harassed for being ESL. Fuck you Hillary. Go to Hell. This sub has been my entertainment for 2 years now, but I can’t do this anymore. Hillary, you are a piece of shit and I hope the worst for you.

  48. This stupid ass, performative tribute with her stupid, fake accent makes my ears steam. She is truly the epitome of a See You Next Tuesday. I bet Alec really hates her but she's too expensive to get rid of.

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