Alec sues

  1. I think Alec is trying to keep the focus on the loaded gun and AWAY from the fact nobody is ever supposed to point a gun at another person on set.

  2. So, if by chance this film was finished with no incident and ended up a commercial or critical success, would Alec Baldwin, THE PRODUCER!, claim he has nothing to do with it, no responsibility, it was someone else? Personally, I think he would take credit as the mastermind or genius "who assembled this great team of artists!" He can't have it both ways!

  3. Halyna Hutchins’s husband is now working on the film as an executive producer. He’s obviously over it.

  4. Maybe if he actually took a gun safety course, rule one is always treat a gun as if it is loaded with live rounds. If someone loaded it for you never assume

  5. Anyone notice how even his extended family (Ireland, 4 brothers, niece Hailey, Chyna Phillips, etc.) has been mum and not defended him??That must really hurt, although who could blame them??

  6. Alec Baldwin should be serving time for killing Halyna Hutchins, not deflecting blame. He was the producer; any performance issues on set are on him!!

  7. So the PRODUCER is suing the people he hired for following the instructions he, as a producer, should have made more clear just because he pulled the trigger and killed someone.

  8. Gaslighting at its finest. Like the woman whose husband was sentenced to 10 years in prison for stealing $100m also blames “the people that ratted him out” in a plea bargain instead of blaming her own husband for racketeering, money laundering, wire fraud, etc. (true story based on some disgusting people I know).

  9. You're going to get nowhere, reckless murderer. And when you lose your case, may you pay all of their lawyers' fees.

  10. Absolutely. And I’m glad he’s arrogant enough to want to spend money that he doesn’t have on lawyers fees to prove a point. Looking forward to him crashing and burning. Again.

  11. 10 days before this shooting I was an extra on set with John Travolta. This was also a low budget production but this is the gun safety protocol I experienced:

  12. And if the Alec had the same kind of instructions and protocol about gun safety in place on his movie as he does with his nanny applications and NDA's, we wouldn't be dreaming of even having this conversation most likely.

  13. I read somewhere that the guy who shot the gun that killed Brandon Lee on set of crow left acting for 1 year because he was so distraught over what had happened, immediately thought of Alec and how this man does not seem the slightest bit distraught still living his life like he would on any other day of this had not happened.

  14. Hell Alec went and posted a picture 1 year later on his IG of the person he killed and just wrote 1 year ago. Not I'm sorry or anything. He is a P.O.S

  15. He never really recovered from it either. At the time of his death in 2016 he still had nightmares, 20+ years ago. It's like he truly understood the gravity of what happened regardless of his intent. Alec is just completely soulless which is why they're perfect for each other. Not a single combined soul.

  16. "The actor said that the gun went off accidentally and that he did not pull the trigger. However, a recent FBI forensic report found the weapon could not have fired unless the trigger was pulled."

  17. She was way in over her head, but Baldwin could get her cheap and have her do two jobs instead of the most important one......keeping people safe.

  18. I wonder if Alec's character had been using the gun to play Russian roulette in the movie, whether he'd have been so quick to trust that the gun was unloaded...

  19. he was cutting safety corners to be cheaper and cut the budget down/ rumors it was already going around about the lack of safety on set how things weren't done to how they were supposed to be also why did he need a real gun anyway there's CGI now or doesn't he know that they could've added the sound effects later used a toy gun that didn't fire any bullets idiot did the damage himself is just trying to off the blame guilt onto the others on set shallow and sad just accept you took a life by cutting corners for greed idiot id have rather gone over my budget to do things right than risk my cast and crew s lives but i have empathy

  20. Oh, fuck him. Why doesn’t he man up for once? He stays acting like the world is less intelligent than he is. Take responsibility for your actions, Alec. It’s a sign of maturity that you and your wife both lack.

  21. Hi fellow Bostonian! I have the curse too. I don't pronounce my Rs and oddly enough I add R where it doesn't belong "soder" instead of "soda" lol.

  22. So, who will answer to making the armorer do more than one job and explain why her doing other jobs was more important than handling the firearms?

  23. as someone who works in the film industry, I’ve always said that he’s not to blame as an actor. he IS at fault as a shitty, bottom of the barrel, cheap ass producer.

  24. Alec refused several requests - emails - through his assistant to take more gun safety classes including one for the difficult cross draw he was performing in that scene. Which they did not call the armorer for, and script does not call for him to point gun at camera. Problematic.

  25. I thought the actor had a responsibility to check the weapon they were handed to double check that it wasn't loaded. Being told by someone, who obviously didn't check it themselves, that it was a cold gun doesn't seem like enough.

  26. I am not in movie production but in utility construction which has many parallels. We have at least four differently subcontracted safety people watching when the powerline guys lift heavy loads with a crane overhead under energized powerlines (third parties with different interests). Everything is planned and announced ahead of time. We have multiple meetings (tailboards) any time any plans change on the ground. I am astonished these Rust guys didn't have a morning tailboard and after lunch when working with loaded weapons. It definitely is financial but at a minimum Hannah Gutierrez should have been having twice daily safety tailboards with daily sign in sheet, going over job hazards, gun rules and expectations, environmental hazards (snakes in the desert, hydration, work plan for the day, nearest hospital with emergency plan) and repeat it ad nauseum twice a day. In short, they suck.

  27. Yep! I worked production for many years. I can say that anytime a serious injury has occurred it was ALWAYS on the cheap ass, low budget productions. There is a 100% direct correlation between safety practices and budget.

  28. I've always thought this would be a great basis for a Law & Order episode: you start investigating the actor who shot the gun, realize it wasn't his fault because he was just following orders, then keep going up through the chain of command to figure out who was ultimately responsible, ending at the executive producer.... who happens to be the same person as the actor.

  29. He was the executive producer. He was ultimately responsible for overseeing and enforcing safety protocols, such as insisting that the actor must independently check any weapons before doing a scene, which is standard on most film sets.

  30. Didn’t he bitch about people suing him and all they wanted was money… or something like that?? Pot meet kettle

  31. Now children, escuchame, por favor. Es very importante. Daddy es muy inteligente! He wants to show todo el mundo that he is señor smarty pants . Pero, we know he did what people in THIS country call Career Suicide or political suicide. Fuck ya poop! This means we are screwed. No more plastic toys for you.

  32. Yet another reason why filming shouldn't be ressumed on this tainted piece of shit film that I doubt anybody wants to see, even in morbid curiousity.

  33. This is probably a legal strategy. If any of the people he is suing testify against him in the criminal trial, discovery obtained in the civil proceedings can be used against them to challenge their credibility in cross examination… or something like that. Lol. I’ve never practiced criminal law, so just going off my memory from law school.

  34. It is, but it’s more likely the result of Alec’s insurers insisting he seek indemnification from his co-defendants. We’d have to take the time to see where all the different suits are filed, but I would expect all the claims, cross-claims, and interpleaders to get consolidated into one suit before the same court — at least as to all the producers and production companies suing each other. I doubt the personal injury claims would be consolidated together; it depends on how the court views the “transactions” giving rise to their injuries. There may be a lot of jurisdictional wrangling before they get to discovery and start the substantive motion practice.

  35. Isn’t that what the 5th Amendment protects them from though? That they can plead the 5th in a civil case if there is potential for criminal proceedings against them?

  36. I definitely think this offensive move was aimed at shaping whether or not he's able to be prosecuted, or the likelihood of him being seen as innocent.

  37. Wow! The big screen actor playing victim. PerpPaw is pissed off he’s gotten fired or passed up for roles and he wants revenge. He just doesn’t understand that the consequences for having no remorse for killing 1/injuring another is grounds for getting canceled. He just doesn’t understand it, can’t comprehend it. He should be kicked out of the guild.

  38. Larry the liar, his non Spanish wife, helped his career circle the drain. Arrogant Ass Alec doubling down on his wife’s lies helped. After Killing Halyna, blaming everyone on his set didn’t help. Rambling about dead people on Instagram made him sound unhinged. Having 73 children drove him into a stressed out, angry, doddering, old irrelevant idiot. No one cares about sick twisted old guys who fight with the world. Stfu, Alexander. Consider the source. Consider the source.

  39. Thanks for posting. It makes it even worse that it’s got nothing to do with Halyna or safety or even mental anguish over killing her and more to do with him being passed over for roles and associated with the debacle. Like AB is an A-list leading man.

  40. All issues of responsibility aside, there is usually no point in suing people that don't have any money.... maybe he somehow believes a judgment in his favor in this case would help him fight criminal charges? (even though that's really unlikely).... or I guess there could be some insurance issue going on where he needs to legally dump responsibility on someone other than himself in order for his company to pay out.

  41. Sure fire way to elicit sympathy, Baldwin. Just had to take take that knife and stick it into Matt one more time. YOU were the one holding the purse strings. YOU had the keys to the car. YOU fired the gun. If someone gave you something of unknown origin to eat, pretty certain you’d ask what’s in it before eating it. The buck stops with YOU. FFS, the crew had walked off prior to you killing Halyna.

  42. I agree with this. I know everyone hates him on here, and he is obviously not a good human being. But the armouror but a real bullet where there should be a fake one resulting in a death. It’s pretty clear cut.

  43. Lol. The Public Intellectual does not want his personal life examined by the courts and I suspect a few things will come out if he pursues this.

  44. The Screen Actors Guild’s written rules on safety in film and television make clear that actors should never point a firearm at anyone.

  45. Doesn’t Alec own the production company? If so, he is essentially responsible for hiring the people he is now trying to sue. At the end of the day, liability/negligence still rests with him. He had a responsibility to ensure a safe movie set and the hiring of experienced professionals, and now he wants to play dumb. I hope this suit gets thrown out.

  46. Yes, he did shoot the gun, but as the actor in those moments, he should not have been handed a loaded gun. He has every right to sue the armorer, etc. That gun should have been checked and REchecked AND there never should have been live bullets on the set period. Why were there live bullets in the box of dummies/blanks? Why was the gun loaded AT ALL if it wasn't even an acting/scene rehearsal?

  47. No, no, no. That’s not how it works. It doesn’t matter if you’re the actor or not. If you’re the one shooting it — whether you’re a stunt person, an actor,or anything else for that matter, you always 👏🏼 check 👏🏼 the 👏🏼 gun 👏🏼 It doesn’t matter if you’re told it’s cold by 3 different people, you check it yourself. Period.

  48. I hear ya' Jack ... but never point the gun at a person ... and the script did not call for a gun ... and he didn't train....Anyone can sue ... but Alec Baldwin was dumb and distracted at the time of the incident, IMO. He was negligent.

  49. But he should not have pointed the gun at anyone and the rule is to always check to see if a gun is loaded even if the person handing it off says it’s not.

  50. Yes, the armorer is grossly negligent. That goes without saying. However…. Why is a 20 something year old kid being hired for such a responsible role, though? The corner cutting higher ups and executives are also responsible. One view of that police interrogation tells you that anyone with any sense could see that girl was not an appropriate armorer.

  51. I read that a loaded movie set gun doesn’t mean a loaded gun like we think of them, but it still has explosive power and needs to be handled very, very carefully and is usually only loaded for the actual filming, not rehearsal like what happened here. So yeah, I agree - a lawsuit is appropriate IMO.

  52. I’m gonna be the devil’s advocate here as I’m an experienced film professional and have been safety captain on sets since I was in film school. The kind of producer credit Alec has is probably not hands on during production - he probably only helped secure funding. When he was in front of the camera, he was an actor. An actor handed a loaded gun by an inexperienced armorer that I’m 100% certain he had no hand in hiring. Lowkey, he probably has a case here. I’m def not a fan of the Baldwins (I mean, I read this sub daily lol) but at what point is there some empathy for the fact he has to live with the horror of having killed someone for the rest of his life while he was doing his job? I’m sure I’ll get downvoted into oblivion for saying this lol

  53. The armourer didn't hand him the gun. In his first interviews after the shooting he said she did and that that was the proper procedure, but later he changed that and said the AD handed him the gun. The armourer was not called back into the church set when they started using the gun.

  54. Alec ignored and did not attend the mandatory gun training for this particular real western era gun. He had no business pulling the trigger which wasn’t on the script at all. The rehearsal that resulted in death wasn’t even scheduled. He wasn’t supposed to grab the gun which wasn’t officially cleared or checked. The armorer wasn’t there to hand it to him, as per protocol. She wasn’t there only because the rehearsal wasn’t scheduled and Alec wanted to practice that scene and a gun draw but was too arrogant and dumb to properly follow all the protocols. The whole crew was complaining about him before the incident, that’s why they sued him right away after the shooting.

  55. secondopinion: the armorer did not hand him the gun. She was off doing her "2nd" on set job. David Halls handed him the gun, an assistant director.

  56. The armorer didn’t give him the gun. Halls (the AD?) did. But my question is shouldn’t Alec have checked the gun no matter who gave it to him?

  57. You’re correct about what his producer credit likely entailed. However, I’ve never heard of an actor not checking a gun once it’s in their hands as well…regardless, of what the armorer says (or, in the case, it was NOT the armorer, but the AD, David Halls). In fact, multiple A-list actors said as much in the days following the accident, when asked their thoughts on what had happened. Because, at the end of the day, it’s the actor who’s shooting the gun, no one else — so the buck stops with them.

  58. I agree with you totally. Baldwin is obviously not a good human being but this was not his fault here. It’s a horrible accident.

  59. Why were there unsecured guns on the set just lying on a table? Who put a live round in one (or more) of them? What's the total story about crew members using the guns to shoot cans during down time? This all leads back to a set rampant with negligence and who's fault is that? The Producers -- all of them. I'm so sick of sycophants and hangers-on and big name actors getting producing credit when they "don't really do anything." Hey -- if you're going to take the credit, you get the responsibility also.

  60. He was NOT handed a gun by an inexperienced armorer. He lied to the interrogators saying Hannah the armorer (“that word is new to me”) handed him the gun. She wasn’t on set. He didn’t attend cross draw training. David Hall’s took one of three guns off the cart (not locked but out in the open) and handed it to PerpPaw and called it a cold gun without inspecting the chambers. Had Hannah been there, she would have demonstrated for cast and crew that the gun chambers were either empty or loaded with dummies. She would also have advised PerpPaw to keep his finger outside of the trigger guard and not point the weapon at anyone.

  61. But he was a producer, right? So he had responsibility, generally speaking, on who was hired for this film, right? So he’s suing the incompetent armorer/crew that he’s responsible for being there in the first place. He’s dodging responsibility as the person with their finger on the trigger, who failed to follow very basic gun safety, AND he’s dodging responsibility for being the person that put inexperienced crew in place.

  62. She wasn’t there. They started without her. Cuz time is money and as a producer, PerpPaw can’t stand wasting money.

  63. She absolutely does but it isn’t uncommon for the ultimate responsibility to lie with higher ups or those who failed to vet the person. If, for example, someone is an unqualified or inexperienced surgeon and makes a surgical error sure you can go after them but the ultimate responsibility is going to lie with hospitals, licensing boards, and corporations.

  64. Also, staff that were senior to the armorer taking the guns for target practice. It sounds like the set was a frat house and they picked an armorer that’s would be easy to manipulate and work for peanuts

  65. Exactly...he ignored many people protesting the safety that had left that very morning or day before...A VET actor that has been in many films with guns...ya should had followed protocol like George Clooney....

  66. The competent and experienced armorer who turned down the job said it was a job for three people. He said the film had so much use of guns that he would need two other people to do the job properly.

  67. I hope the defendants would join force to bankrupt this murdering asshole. His stupid self pulled the trigger and he’s washing his hands clean.

  68. I feel bad for her cuz she was dealing with props & they did not call her to set....Also, only few people were allowed due to Covid laws....wrecking a young girls life when she just wanted a career....unless there is something she did we don't know...Dave Hall def should be punished

  69. Cuz he’s a little bitch who has hurt feelings and who is incapable of accepting fault for anything. He has anger management issues.

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