Kennedy PR thought this was a good look?!?

  1. Oh, haven't you heard? JFK and his son are alive and well and coming back to serve at the right and left tiny hands of the OrangeTurd?

  2. He hosted it last year too, a month or so after the shooting. There are photos of him having a great time, chatting away to everyone. And guest Baldwin eating nothing and taking to no one.

  3. The world’s population is booming and it’s vile that they would want AB there in any way. His impact on the environment is worse than 10 families.

  4. Don’t forget that RFK Sr. fathered eleven children, the youngest (daughter Rory) born posthumously. His wife Ethel was hell-bent on outbreeding her mother-in-law Rose, who gave birth to only nine.

  5. There’s no way he’ll take a chance & bring Hillary. He’s lucky he still has enough $ & a bit of clout to assure that he has a role at this function. Can you imagine if Larry was there? Dragging her backpack pump & perhaps her dolly. As much as the schadenfreude would be satisfying, she only makes this (rightfully) vilified man look like a complete idiot.

  6. My innocent pepino, you still reserve a space for “the nerve” and these guys stymie us every time. I am sure she will be there. There is no way she would miss it. She WILL BRING THE PUMP. If this guy had a single post nut clarity moment with Hillary, it would’ve happened by now. It hasn’t. He thinks she’s a Latina victim of bullying. Like a pitbull that is essentially wired and cannot even will itself to let go once clamped on, is the narc onto his delusions of grandeur.

  7. RFK Jr. is a piece of shit who tormented his children’s mother to committing suicide. He’s got dangerous anti-vax views & had those views way before Covid.

  8. Brilliant!!! If I had an award to give you would be the recipient!! I will give you cake instead!🍰🎂🧁

  9. 😂 I rilly want to see Hilaria Baldwin and Saint Meghan Markle in the same photo. Hillary doing something stupid and Harry's wife looking at her like she's shit on her shoe.

  10. Damn these grifters really have their hands in all of the pies. Yesterday, I was catching up on the Danny Masterson trial and, turns out, Billy Baldwin went to court to support Danny bc they’re brother in laws!😵‍💫 Danny the violent rapist is married to Bijou Phillips who’s Chyna’s half sister and a part of the infamous Phillips incestuous family. Real cream of the crop at the top! 🤮

  11. Hilary and Rachel should spend some time getting to know each other. They are the exact same person. They could become great friends, girlfriends supporting girlfriends, all of that

  12. I don’t see MM publicly giving HB the time of day. Hillz isn’t famous or important enough. Maybe she privately sent her one of her encouraging handwritten notes.

  13. Be careful, I posted something about MM and some looney tunes immediately said, you must be a racist for criticizing her, because she’s half black. No…she just sucks. And her husband, who wore a nazi uniform and is white. Well, he sucks too.

  14. Alec is emcee because he funnels large amounts of money through these types of events and charities. And because he's an attention seeking narcissist, his controlling the microphone is necessary for his ego. It's not like he has anything of substance to contribute, so they write him a script, and put him to work listening to his own voice in front of an audience.

  15. Although I don’t like Alec I do think as an emcee he does have an iconic (?) voice and that he has just enough of a natural sense of humor and is white enough to get these starched white folk to move a little in their chairs. NYC folk maybe just aren’t the same as in other places as far as Alec and the death of Halyna are concerned.

  16. He emceed last year too!! Unbelievable. Did his super supportive wife attend? I don’t remember seeing anything posted in on her riveting content.

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