Overwhelmed super-mami

  1. Does every single photo in this woman’s SM have to be of her bare breasts ? I understand and condone breastfeeding in public, but this isn’t about that. Is she trying to make readers think that if she’s breastfeeding (or posing with them out), that she must have recently given birth ? Because it’s possible to breastfeed without having given birth

  2. oh you people expect her to have time for kids when hair and makeup people are awaiting? She has to check when she's due for more botox, fillers, then weekly blading appointments, the manicurists, directing interns to delete posts on insta, create "fan" posts and so much more. she's BUSY, why wont y'all realize?

  3. always with the titties out and, for some reason, always with the titties pushed up against a child in some way. why ma’am?

  4. She’s so transparent. We all know you are OBSESSED with showing your tits, and this is the only way you can do it. Nasty ho! 🤢

  5. "let's see....boobs and cleavage showing....full makeup....falsest eyelashes....ready!!! Ok, let me hold the baby as if that's what I'm really wanting to show here..."

  6. Zoom in on her eye— you can see that she’s side-eyeing the phone, not looking at the latest prop in hilary’s world.

  7. I actually can't see any side eye going on because of her false eyelashes. Seriously. Apparently she puts them on first thing in the morning or perhaps she has those eyelash extensions that cost a fortune. I was really hoping I could see the side eye, though, but I can't. Darn!

  8. Your brain wouldn’t be so overwhelmed if you stayed home w/ your 7 small children. Just think, no leaking milk on your formal gowns, no pumping milk on the bathroom floor and no need to constantly dress & pose for selfies. So much more time for the kids!

  9. You wouldn’t be overwhelmed if you didn’t have 7 kids. Sorry, but by 3-4, you get overwhelmed. You’re outnumbered. I can sympathize with moms with up to four kids who are overwhelmed. That’s a reasonable number. You’re not pushing it to the extreme

  10. It’s almost like tiny people are actual people with needs that need to be nurtured, and parenting (even just one!) is active and hard work. Like, maybe babies are not just vending machines of joy.

  11. Can you imagine extending your arm to take this selfie, and not look at the camera, but pretend someone else has taken this photo? Plus all the other things you wrote. 10x cringe

  12. can't put the tits away for 5 minutes. she is nothing but a pair of silicones with 7 bebes who have no idea who she is. you can tell by lil'larry's eyes, she has no idea who big larry is.

  13. This poor baby has no idea who she is. This is how my niece looked at me when a month later when I hadn’t seen her since she was born. This is not how a baby looks at the mother who feeds them and knows their voice and heartbeat.

  14. She just wants to show off her boobs. I guess she’s also looking for sympathy. She’s a fkn liar. She’s not overwhelmed by anything. I guess the show isn’t going well and may get canceled so they’re looking for an excuse. Her and Alex are absentee parents. I’m sure we’ll see a people article soon about overwhelmed, tired mami 🙄

  15. She started a podcast in a time of overwhelming saturation of podcasts, there are thousands of them out there.

  16. I hope each of her boobs get their own baby book. Instead of a tiny foot print and knit hospital cap there will be a nipple print and a Victoria's Secret bra. She needs to cherish these memories.

  17. She knows we know she’s staging these pics, right? I mean, does she think she’s on her own tv show and this is a candid photo/freeze frame?

  18. seriously this, cry me a fucking river plus the "we are having meeting" faux ESL bs again. Someone needs to make billboards 'still not Spanish' or put the truth out so much that she's going to feel very weird perpetuating this nonsense.

  19. Her sloping forehead must be the one part of her face she hasn’t nipped and tucked yet. Sloping & neanderthal in such stark contrast to the rest of her which is so plastic

  20. As a mother who has nurses two babies both over a year I can say I never would imagine wearing a lacy push up bra especially during the newborn phase

  21. She's such an asshole! 🤣🤣🤣 You going to spit out seven kids, exploit them on social media and then complain? Alec shot the wrong person!

  22. The seven tiny people that you desperately wanted, Hillary - you wanted this lifestyle. And we haven't forgotten that you have multiple nannies.

  23. I think most of these posts are for Alec’s attention. I don’t think he pays any attention to her at all anymore. She is desperately showing him what he is missing, showing him she still has value, showing him she can be interesting, she’s not, but she’s desperately trying to seem that way to him. I know I used the word desperate multiple times, but that’s how all of this comes off, manic and desperate. He’s just written her off. Her usefulness to him is spent, she is now more liability than asset, he can’t risk divorcing her so he’s just quiet firing her.

  24. Ffs, my kids are in their 20’s and I’m still too tired to wear full make up… especially for no other reason than to show off fake titties for ANOTHER selfie.

  25. But not so overwhelmed that she doesn't have time to get hideous spidery lashes applied. Obviously mums need time for self-care, obviously. But she looks inexecrable

  26. Even if any of this was true: you do not tell your children who didn't ask for being born that they scramble your brain. You can feel that way (especially if you are really raising them) but you do not Tell them.

  27. You know, I have this memory fairly often of the time that 8 was trying on shorts at Old Navy and we were in the big dressing room and 4 was dancing to Prince and it's super adorable but I didn't post it on social media then, and won't ever, and do you know why, Hillz?

  28. her mind is being scrambled by 7 tiny people? How can that possibly be when she has NO LESS than 3 nannies and at least 4 should be in school full-time AND it appears she's home very little?

  29. She has heard that it's a mom thing other moms complain about so she adopted "tired mami" as her new persona. The other persona is "Spanish exchange student". That one didn't pan out either.

  30. Poor kiddo. It's almost like a weird strain of Munchausen only it's characterized by "having" children for attention instead of making them chronically ill. Eeeelaria is clearly chronically ill w narcissism if nothing else. So very very sad for these children, not to mention their father, who should hopefully be arrested any minute, on at least manslaughter charges.

  31. Poor mami so mucho work ! Tatas out ouch bad baby so demanding ! You pumping so mucho milk. Pumping at every bathroom in nyc ? Broadway ? Nobu? Done it ! Mr chow ? Done it ! Bad baby demanding baby ! Bad baby! Best mami and a bad Babi


  33. Somebody is feeding that, shes catering to someone if not her father maybe 13 year old boys message her and she keeps doing it, she can't be caught sending it directly. She thinks someone wants to see it, because this is pathological

  34. The only thing satiating her Munchausen by proxy is her constant accumulation of children. Eventually, she is going to cause harm that she will use to garner attention for herself.

  35. “Overwhelmed by 7 tiny people.” Is saying she’s having buyers remorse? Maybe she should just buy another nanny so she can do even less than nothing.

  36. This woman genuinely has nothing to say. She's like a teenage girl who's tits finally came in and she wants everyone to see. Except she's had the new boobs for years now, and she's legally an adult.

  37. And what overwhelm is she complaining of? She does not work. She does not go to school. She has housekeepers and Nannies galore, so she does not have to do anything around the house or related to her kids.

  38. Excuse you for having no compassion! Do you think it’s easy to decide which bra to wear for SM pictures every day? What top to model with the pleather pants & slippers in the hallway? What room to hook up the pumping bottles & tape them to her breasts in? How to angle the selfies just right to get the gum-ball ring in the picture?

  39. …and SO overwhelmed yet she finds time to apply full makeup including false eyelashes, several weekly + trips hair stylists, “running”, taking selfies of her breast pumping In random bathrooms, med spa procedures…. etc etc. Boo hoo Hilary. Also…your daughter is looking at you as if you are a stranger and visa versa.

  40. Come now, your brain is scrambled from the drugs and alcohol, don’t blame it on the 7 innocent children YOU brought into the world. And what have you got be worried about? You have Nannie’s for each child, more then likely have them also to do your cooking, cleaning and laundry and you don’t work and have no financial issues.

  41. Not all of them are tiny. Several are bigger and could use enriching activities such as dance, chess club, art,music lessons,soccer…I could go on and on.

  42. Looks like she’s holding the baby away from her because if she didn’t, baby might try to get closer to Mami, which would block her boobAlicious post. What a whacko.

  43. Hillary Haywood Thomas bringing out the boobs to remind her and everyone that she’s “Hilaria”. The boost she needs to get over the embarrassment of the ridiculous podcast (another fail) and buyers remorse since this damn baby didn’t generate the attention she hoped for.

  44. There's just not enough hours in the day for botox, coffee runs, slutty IG posts & the near constant exploitation of her 7 small children. Poor Mami.

  45. The seven children she planned for way ahead of time and chose to have knowing the responsibility that children 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 were already. I feel so sorry for you not knowing 7 kids would be a struggle. Poor mami

  46. As Big Larry has a menagerie of her own accord, no one is interested in her overwhelmingly boring humble-glory posts from her sad self-imposed pedestal.

  47. For real why doesn’t she just do porn? She posts boob after boob after boob all frickin day long and sexualizes every single pose and prop in her life. Honestly I’m starting to think she buys babies for the soul purpose of a fake excuse to show her boobs…

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