Get the popcorn out Pepinos.

  1. If anyone wanted to read the texts between my husband and I they would be bored to tears. Grocery lists, work schedules...What could Alec and Hillary have on their phones?

  2. If they searched through mine they’d find periodic texts in which I’m updating my boyfriend about the state of this sub, lol

  3. He's aiming a gun directly at the person shooting the video. Gun Safety 101: never point a gun at someone you don't intend to shoot. Even on a movie set, there are ways to angle a shot, so it looks like the gun is pointed directly at a person.

  4. Here... I'll help the police by supplying a sampling of the phone communication 'Mr. Baldwin' receives from his spouse...

  5. "Will not review or copy any communication between Mr. Baldwin and his spouse"... Can you imagine what that communication was!? Don't think it had anything to do with the shooting!

  6. I think that would fall under spousal privilege, private communication between an accused person and their spouse can't be used as evidence in civil or criminal cases.

  7. For real. The entitlement! He also kept his phone for months and months before handing it over, and I'm sure he scrubbed as much as he could off of it in that time.

  8. And he’s anti gun! Hahaha hypocrite. His entire celebrity persona is fake. He’s acting 24/7. Everything he pretends to be, he is the opposite!

  9. I think Emily posted that she has it on her substack. I’m looking around for another source. From her substack page: The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office released its investigative case binder on Friday afternoon. The full 551-page report is attached below for paid subscribers to read.

  10. It’s a thing. My first ‘Thanksgiving Dump’ in the US was the Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey divorce - they’re hoping everybody’s busy and it will just blow over.

  11. Lawyer here. It’s intentional and often done with celebs on Fridays before a holiday weekend/week with the hope that media attention will be minimized. I’ve been calling out the timing of the investigation for the last six months for this very reason. There’s a trend.

  12. Legally, conversations between him and his wife or him and his attorneys are privileged and cannot be submitted into evidence. His attorneys also had the opportunity to flag for removal anything that was pulled from his phone that wasn't directly relevant to the case.

  13. I wonder if it's under the same idea that spouses are not obligated to testify against one another in court. Still frustrating. I bet there is a lot there.

  14. Can you imagine the level of neediness, bitchiness, and straight-up lunacy she was posting??? That was when she posted a pic of herself in that wacky pink wig. Remember? She was nervous w him being away and 'in character'. She was hot for that cowboy cosplay - and was sure some other fat Karen was going to go after him.

  15. I don’t care what he said to Hillary, I wanna know what’s in those production emails. I don’t think he’s getting charged.

  16. While I do understand the importance of documenting the events and lack of safety protocol that lead to the shooting. I gotta admit I also wouldn't mind seeing the communication between the 2 of them. I have a feeling its also damaging and possibly lead to the end of them on so many levels.

  17. Shiiiiiit OK!! That didn’t occur to me at first! What entity would have those? Are they a proper addendum to the report or can they be requested using FOIA or sunshine laws???

  18. Jesus. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were texting about hookers they’ve killed and hidden in the Devonshire at this point. These two are atrocious.

  19. Consciousness of guilt: Alec Baldwin texted his assistant Johah Foxman two days after the Oct. 21 shooting and says, “I have to delete my archive.”

  20. That's it...I don't have to see anymore. If Alec Baldwin is not charged in this case the law of involuntary manslaughter in New Mexico is only used to prosecute the poors. I hope they're better than that but....sigh.

  21. I imagine Hilaria's only concern was her texts being released to the public. I wonder why he didn't include any other family members.

  22. Cause he’s not in contact with any of them! He’s just a poor lonely sociopath, all alone in the world, except for his lunatic wife and 8 (!) children who (will) hate him 💔

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