Look at that face

  1. Good try, Hillary. They look like college students home for the Thanksgiving break - and they probably are!

  2. So is Yoel one of her handlers? Or the handler? No way they’re just buds.. although if there was anyone out there insufferable enough to actually be friends with Hillary it would be Yoel!🤮

  3. I have grown kids that come home for thanksgiving and bring their friends. That’s what this looks like—as if she’s posing with her college age children. Also she wasn’t such a young ingenue as she likes to pretend when she first started popping out all the crotch fruit, so she’s definitely in middle age mom territory now. These kids are just tolerating her, they have no interest in partying with a forty year old.

  4. Looks like yoels family is in town, and she invited herself over, she sandwiched herself into a picture with people she does not know that are related to him and pretended they were her friends. Then when she left, they all sat there and talked about how crazy she is. But maybe not who knows she’s crazy either way.

  5. Lol right, my first thought was “Friendsgiving? Maam you have seven children.” But I’ll give her a pass as it’s not actually thanksgiving.

  6. Are we sure she wasn't photoshopped into this picture? Is her head that small compared to the girl on her right/our left? (Commenting before reading all the other comments, apologize if this is a conversation already)

  7. She looks at least 10-15 years older than all of these “friends” of hers. So I vote this is either staged/photoshopped OR she’s landed a part time gig as a sorority house Mom at NYU.

  8. People engaged in transactional relationships with Hilary who hope to leverage her connection to Alec Baldwin imo.

  9. Gotta say I don’t see many woman outside of their teens visibly tag every person they are with socially.

  10. Honestly I’m happy to see her with women at someone’s house for once. No one trying to smize the camera. This is the most normal looking friend type of picture I’ve ever seen her in. I’m almost proud! Even if it not real.

  11. She wouldn’t be friends with women younger/more beautiful than she is…whoever said these were former nannies or friends of Yoel’s was 100% correct.

  12. I'm no fan of the Baldwins, but this is extremely ugly. Haven't learned much in bible study. I'm outta this sub.

  13. Sorry Baldwin children apparently there is no traditional dinner and family celebration for you this Thanksgivings. Next week when your classmates are describing their weekend, you can add how thankful you were that your crazy mother went out and your not-feeling-any-guilt father stayed in his apartment.

  14. How many of the rent a crowd are on the payroll? Also you have 7 kids! Isn’t friendsgiving for people who don’t have their family around?

  15. It looks like she photoshopped her head on to the picture. Everyone is front facing and smiling (showing teeth) ... EXCEPT Hillz. 🙄

  16. This is 100% in response to Pepino Nation questioning if she has friends, who these friend are she references when she says "my friend(s) asked/sent me", etc

  17. friends? social media workers who post that fake crap, maybe do the "fan" accounts, the usual because she is a big star RIGHT?

  18. She has no actual celebrity friends. Who am I kidding she doesn't have friends at all just paid sycophants.

  19. Are these the 3 women in the above photo? From Self Help Africa where Hilaria was a 3rd wheel and went home early claiming she left her breast pump at home and leaked all over her wildly inappropriate leopard dress.

  20. PS She met Alex Schrecengost 2 weeks ago at the Self Help Africa fundraiser. Tapeworm Yoel and his husband invited her. There she is to the right of tapeworm -

  21. Ok but why does the thumbnail of this photo look like Tapeworm is poking Larry in the hip with his boner 😂🤮😂🤮😂

  22. Picture this. She goes to the guncles in West Orange NJ earlier today for a "friends" giving event. She hates that there are other women there. She hates that she's not the center of attention. So she comes up with a bad back/co-sleeping story and plops down on a sofa with the massager pad. That gives her something to talk about (bad back, aches and pains and cosleeping with a Blandwinito), an excuse to not lift a finger and help, and a reason to duck out early if she's uncomfortable

  23. I can see her definitely being uncomfortable, she has zero social skills. I’m sure she’s terrified of actual unscripted conversation. I don’t love small talk, but it’s a necessary skill.

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