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  1. "I got that awful call that makes your heart sink." Jesus, it's a black eye, not a car accident ffs. Additionally, how do you think Matt Hutchins felt when he "got that awful call." Hillary Baldwin is a piece of fucking trash.

  2. Having hoops in a toddler’s ear, even that size is so wrong. That could easily get snagged or even pulled by a sibling that could tear through. It looks like it’s already irritated. Poor kids, looks over their well being by this “mother”. Just like having the un-kid friendly furniture everywhere when you have that many kids especially. All that money baby proof your house better or at all. Or better get buy some warmer mid friendly stuff for them since you claim your life revolves around them. She can’t even be bothered to wipe her nose, probably no nanny in the room to do it, so she couldn’t be bothered to.

  3. I am a preschool teacher with 12 kids and 4 adults in the room. No child goes with a crusty or runny nose for more than 2 minutes bc that’s what toddlers do—their noses run all the time. You have to wipe them all the time. Poor Mami has no time to wipe baby snot she’s too busy pretending to nurse Siete in another apartment

  4. Are many of her posts meant to push AB's buttons? Look at all Mami has to deal with? You're a terrible father behind all of her woe is me so tired, working Mami, busy busy business lady with important appointments and no help from you, you old fat useless fucker?

  5. Yes it’s MUCH too heavy. I use to work with kids and I would see tiny ears with stretched and blown out piercing holes like these because the parents decided to go with something other than a plain little stud. This is going to keep pulling that hole until her ear tears or she gets an infection if her earrings aren’t changed out

  6. Crusty nose left there to prove Maliboo also has a cold, on top of everything else—adding to the thousands of issues poor overworked Mami has to juggle in her “job” role-playing the mother of Alec Baldwin’s seven (eight?) kids.

  7. I used to see kids at a poorly run daycare center with noses like this. I would think of how sad it was that no one loved them enough to clean their little noses.

  8. Poor thing. Wipe her nose at least, Pillz. She will photoshop/Facetune herself into oblivion but doesn’t give a shit what her kids look like on the ‘gram. Selfish.

  9. Right?? And that’s not just a little drip that’s coming out; that’s crusty dried crap that’s been on there for a while. I never let my baby’s noses get to that point. She is such a crappy mother.

  10. How about baby-proofing your house like a good parent Hilaria so things like don’t happen. This happened due a metal table leg being in proximity to her. Also who stretches their baby’s ear if your going to pierce her ear use a stud and not a ring. Also instead of taking the picture Hilaria clean your daughter’s nose, her ear hole, and where the bruise on her eye is instead of snapping pictures of your daughter with all that. I swear some people don’t deserve to be parents.

  11. Why, oh why couldn't she just wipe the nose first! It takes five seconds. SMH I just can't with this weirdo. 🤦🙄

  12. I’m Latino and most people who pierce their daughters ears use strictly studs because of this, but I guess since she has no actual Latino people around her she doesn’t know that

  13. I can't understand something. With all the filtering and photo editing she does on all her photos, why did she post this photo on purpose? With the green snotty nose and the earring hole that looks infected. I know I'm supposed to be looking at the bruised eye,,and thats bad,, but I just can't understand why she would post such a neglectful looking picture on purpose. It just makes no sense:(:(

  14. Right... if the baby is perfect, she filters it so it looks perfect to HER... but if there's injuries or sickness, let's leave it so it looks worse. This woman is fucking sick.

  15. Something every parent learns to accept is that no one loves your kid unconditionally but you! You might think the snot nose is cute but literally no one else thinks it’s endearing

  16. Aside from Malibu being cute, she has this mischievousness and seems to already see through the bs. I think many want to give her a gentle, nurturing, non chaotic life. She’s so precious.

  17. So her injured eye slash is blurred along with the eyebrow on that side. Her uninjured eye has some fake eyelash filter applied. Yet, her nose is green and crusty? WTF.

  18. Isn't this the little one who was sucking a bottle in the crib the other day? She looked 'sad' then, too. Everyone is spot on with their observations.

  19. I was just thinking.. this week we've seen a photo of this baby left alone to cry in her bed with a bottle. And now she has a nasty black eye and is sick. Like even if you take the best care of your kids, most mothers are conscious that that sequence of photos posted publicly doesn't reflect greatly on them. Its really... odd that she thinks it's so cute to keep sharing every moment of this poor child's misery

  20. That poor little thing. That crusted nose, her pale skin, and that blood red shiner is not the face of a multi-millionaire's child. This is not OK.

  21. I can’t even imagine what I’d think of my mom taking a picture of me like this, even this young.

  22. My son jumped off a chair at daycare when he was about 2.5 and split under his chin. I was at work and missed about 8 phone calls and couldn’t get there for more than an hour.

  23. PeePaw rages about everything and the Spanish grifter rages about being caught yet refuses to apologize or change. How are people not supposed to be suspicious of these 2 when things like this happen. My son broke his arm at 18 mos and my husband and I were put through the ringer until the Drs were satisfied that neither of us was responsible for his injury. Elites have privilege that is unfair to their children and it can put kids in danger. I can't help but be worried for 7 little kids in that nut house.

  24. You see it too? She doesn't match ML's glamour eyes to the beginnings of a cry for comfort - maybe a suppressed cry because she has learned to be stoic.

  25. I got into a violent, ugly fight with my husband’s oldest and dearest friend over this song, when it came out. The only fight he and I have had in forty years.

  26. Looks like she about lost her eye - and if this was a table leg - who slammed it into her eye socket? No way she 'fell and fell INTO a table leg' -- I've seen too any shiners with kids and this bs story isn't flying.

  27. My son LOVED to dance when he was a toddler and I remember standing him on a very sturdy wooden coffee table when his favorite video came on so he could dance. Mid bounce he decided to step off the table and hit the floor with his forehead. I was maybe 2 feet away and couldn’t catch him in time. It was a concrete floor with basement carpet. I snatched him up so quickly and he didn’t make a sound. I was dying. Finally the wail came and I was flooded with relief and worry. Called the pediatrician and the nurse calmed me down and told me just to watch him, (concussion protocol) and ice his forehead if he’d let me. I sure as fuck didn’t post it on social media. That’s not a cool fun thing to share.

  28. 😔 That’s not just a runny nose, that’s a crusted up little nose that no one bothered to clean for her and put a little Vaseline on so it doesn’t get too sore and red…Poor little thing😟

  29. Oh man, the crusty nose is worse than the black eye. The bruise could always just be an accident; the crust, nope.

  30. Probably I strapped her self from her torture. I mean high chair. Or tried escaping from her prison crib. Poor baby. ☹️

  31. funny how she’s never around whenever one of her kids hurts themselves. almost like she spends zero time with them

  32. She is never around the child that gets hurt. Same thing happened to Rafa when he broke his arm. She just lets them climb around dangerous places and never says anything to them. Also, Marilu probably fell out of her stupid high chair! Take care of all of your kids Hillary. You have enough nannies to help you. Always going out everyday with a newborn and toddlers isn’t right.

  33. When I was younger I hit the corner of a metal framed bed, totally knocked out. Came to my senses and had blood pouring out of a wound right above my eye.

  34. I do wonder if the kids were running wild and overturned a coffee table and little Malibu tripped and fell on the leg pointing upwards.

  35. I've known people who always post pics of their sick kids on social media with full rundowns on every detail. It's weird as hell.

  36. The crusty nose is green. Even if you are going to take a picture,wouldn’t you examine the picture, see the snot, wipe her nose and take a new one.

  37. This makes me want to cry. ML deserves more. No mother posts this or explains this. How truly fucking sad for this beautiful baby.

  38. I was thinking the same thing! I wouldn’t take a picture to show the world my little baby girl has an awful black eye..It’s so sad..she needs cuddles and kisses not her picture taken 🫤

  39. I will never understand her bragging that her kids are feral. Maybe it's me but I don't think kids should be climbing all over your furniture , hanging upside down. Is it really out of the realm of possibility that you teach kids manners? I would be embarrassed if my kids went over to someone else's house and were climbing all over their furniture with shoes, or hanging upside down, spilling on things. idk..maybe its just me

  40. Maybe it’s me but that wound looks older then a day old? Looks more like a week old more like it. Poor Marilou, that bruise looks incredible painful and her eye is swollen and blood shot. Please tell me she’s been taken to ER and been checked?

  41. Umm misogyny much? boys will be boys? There’s a hundred things wrong with this statement. Boyd’s aren’t all destructive maniacs and girls can be.

  42. Hillary’s or Alex’s Family & Child Services NEEDS to step in, this pic is unbelievable—this little one has been punched in eye—how would a metal rod leave these marks?

  43. I know it's a fantastical and dumb thing to say, but I'd wager this sub could have raised double what they paid their surrogate to simply turn down the offer. Im sure they'd have gotten a baby elsewhere but still.

  44. Mine had such an injury once, thankfully it happened in day care or I would have gotten a DCFS visit. She tripped on a backpack and hit the corner of a desk. It was actually at the eyebrow level but the bruise was like a black eye. She is a shitty mother and there are way too many kids to supervise properly but this these things do happen to kids.

  45. Just before I turned two, I fell into the corner of a coffee table and had two black eyes. Just in time for Christmas 💀 My parents definitely took me to the ER and had to answer a few questions about it. It was completely innocent. I was a very active and fearless child.

  46. Yeah, any injury in this area bruises much more widely than the initial injury. My kid is an Action Man and has managed to head butt a candle holder (how? Why?), flip over an exercise ball into his face while trying to kick it, and most recently was looking at a squirrel and ran into the corner of a picnic table. They all looked awful and had simple explanations but I didn’t document them publicly! I feel so self conscious and guilty when things happen, I’m not posting his injuries on Instagram.

  47. Years ago, we had friends over with their young children and one of them fell onto the corner of my brand néw coffee table hitting his eye. Off all the places for the boy to fall...😣

  48. She may have fallen out of the highchair but I’m still not buying it. First up, this stupid woman should give context to what happened instead of playing look at me let’s guess.

  49. I’ve never seen a toddler with this type of injury. Someone did that to her or allowed it to happen. If this child were taken to daycare center in this condition, the center would be duty bound to call Child Protective Services. Sick woman to post this, too. The father should demand the child be checked out by a pediatrician.

  50. It's a really serious bang to the roof of of eye socket. It should be checked out. Yes, father should go make sure that happens. If the kids were in preschool, they'd probably keep them home until it heals.

  51. Exactly this! I have a big family. I have kids attending school (regularly, unlike these Baldwin kids) and also daycare. And neither at home nor at school and daycare have my kids been injured like this or with the frequency that these kids get hurt. It is definitely extremely concerning.

  52. I have to agree. I haven’t seen this kind of injury before and I work with young children and have three of my own. It’s unusual to say the least.

  53. Yup. Looks like she was punched very hard in the eye. Likely at Mami direction or hit with severe force with an object into her eye (Mami’s direction).

  54. Shit happens when you’re a toddler but that’s not what’s in question here. The problem is her need to post every effing thing on Instagram. She would post herself pumping while taking a shit if it weren’t against Instagram’s policy.

  55. Ok let’s see what we have here from super mami: she took and posted a photo of her toddler daughter with 1. A black eye, 2. A snotty nose that she’s waiting on the nannies to wipe, 3. A stretched out ear piercing because super mami insists on putting hoops on a toddler even though it’s a stupid and dangerous idea (just like how she cosleeps with her new infant and advertises it!), 4. And her toddler just looking sad as usual because her whole life consists of her mother neglecting her (snotty nose, blown out diapers, etc.). Great job Hilz! Also you got a call? Oh that’s right that’s because you don’t raise your kids. How drunk/high were you when you got the phone call from the nannies that she got hurt?

  56. She was out with the guncles and their female friends. Hence "4 oldest". We all know she lies by omission and it's our fault we thought she meant her 4 oldest children.

  57. All of her kids look like those poor babies in a Russian orphanage. They never smile. Their eyes look sad and they are all so thin. None of them have good old juicy baby rolls. I had a thin baby but he still had some rolls. I feel so bad for her kids. Some people hoard animals, Hillary hoards children.

  58. Panda 🐼 eyes for those who heard of it prior to the Q shit show! Go right ahead & down vote me into oblivion but it's all I can think of when I see this! I'm not a Q person just so ya know!

  59. "You'll see this shiner for awhile" or how about give your kids a break from being exploited every day?? Jesus. Also she still doesn't address that she has nannies.... are we supposed to believe the cat called to alert her?

  60. No I think we’re supposed to believe that Alec Fucking Baldwin takes care of 3 babies by himself anytime she goes out. And she takes the 4 oldest with her every time she’s out of course. Or better yet, we’re just not supposed to think at all…

  61. Right?! I cannot stand to look at a snotty nose. As soon as I see it, I wipe it. I’ve been to playgrounds where kids have snot dripping down their face and the parent is right there and won’t wipe it and it drives me fucking insane!

  62. Pictures of this child always make me so sad. I just want to hug her, give her a PB&J, and read a book with her. Anything to bring her comfort and a little bit of peace 😭😭😭

  63. She’s covering her ass to let everyone know she wasn’t there when it happened so you can’t possibly blame her!! Such a vacuous cold bitch.

  64. This looks like a door knob. The bruise was made with force, is my guess. And its a couple of days old. I don't think a metal table leg did this. She needs to have the kid checked in the ER. My kid once fell out of a child's rocking chair, and the doctor examined him and was ready to call child services. The doctor undressed my kid, and felt for broken bones, etc. I think a doctor needs to look over this kid.

  65. Don't doubt you but why do you thinks she's lying? (Other than that she always lies) What a fucking devastating eco system of a family. Ed for spelling

  66. Oh. Me too! But my mom did not get on the horn. And take photos of my snot filled nose! Ugh. I hate her. I have the memory. That was enough. My mom wasn’t snapping photos.

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