what do you think is going to happen when the kids find out they aren't Spanish?

  1. I don't think any of them really identify as Spanish... they're all pretty young, and they're not getting much Spanish/Hispanic culture aside from the nannies. I'm not sure how hard Hillary is pushing the Spanish thing these days, but I think it's going to be one of those things the kids will reject and see as a cringe obsession of their mother pretty soon. At least a couple of the kids will change their names or go by nicknames.

  2. Homeschool from their new home in Vermont is in their future. Hiring private tutors may just be cheaper for them at this point.

  3. The kids in school will soon be teasing them about their phony Spanish heritage and crazy names. This will spread like wildfire. “My mom told me your not Spanish and you’re crazy mom gave you Spanish names” “My sister told me…she showed me baby pictures of you with your face in your mom’s tits.” It will be brutal. *typo

  4. These kids, and their peers, will all have access to the internet. Pretty soon, probably. Not to mention what the other kids overhear from their parents and nannies It will be no secret to the many little Baldwins that their mother is a crazy fake Spaniard and their father is a rage a holic killer.

  5. With everything else going on in that house of horrors, those kids won’t even bat an eye at finding out they are not Spanish.

  6. Where I live there are so many kids and adults with first names that have nothing to do with their true heritage. No-one really bothers to question why. Then again, the Baldwin bunch have at least two Spanish and/or Italian names each, which they are sure to question. I see most of them using nicknames in the future, eg Romy, Eddie, Leo, etc.

  7. There’s no way the kids think they’re Spanish. They’ve never been to Spain. They don’t practice any Spanish traditions in their home. They don’t speak Spanish. They don’t even know their grandparents… their only connection to Spain.

  8. I think after Griftmas, H and A must surely have stopped repeating the lie to their kids that H (and by extension the kids) actually have Spanish heritage.

  9. I agree it only takes one level headed adult in a child's life to set them up well. Hopefully they have decent nannies and teachers in their lives that provide mature stability

  10. My parents and only sibling are narcissists and our home was extremely dysfunctional, and my mom was obsessed with the appearance of affluence. There was also religious and sexual + physical abuse in the mix, but because I had nice clothes and a roof over my head I seriously didn’t realize I had been abused and neglected until my mid 30’s. I went through a divorce (bc I was forced to get married for religious reasons) and took a break from my family. During that time I was exposed to other people and other ways of being/living and that’s when I finally started to see that I had a horrible childhood and had been living in a traumatized zombified state for my entire life. Hopefully the Baldwin kids will come to this realization much earlier in their lives bc their parents madness is playing out in the public. I like to imagine that once they’re older they’ll go no contact or keep their parents at arms length, but I could see Alex and/or Hilaria putting stipulations in their trusts that keep them loyal to the clan or keep them quiet. They’re totally the type to NDA their own children.

  11. Hugs pepino, you’ve been through a lot. It makes sense to think something is “normal” until you have a chance to compare. I’m glad you got away from that. ❤️

  12. Hugs! I'm a fellow narcissistic abuse survivor and I also didn't have a public life so I came to the realization in my mid 20s. I agree with them finding out earlier. I predict a few of them even trying to become emancipated* minors.

  13. Carmen has to know something is up at this point. She's in fourth grade and despite how isolated Mami keeps them, her classmates must be talking. She's becoming aware of how crazy her mother is. Sooner or later she's going to be faced directly with that question.

  14. In a phonecall with a NM detective one week after he killed Halyna, Alec said "We had to tell my older daughter yesterday what happened and she started to cry. She said, I'm going to go to school and everyone's going to make fun of me."

  15. Mami plies her with the same rigamarole she feeds us—that one picture of Carmen doing yoga on the train en Espana as an infant…how come we never go to Spain to visit our abuelos Mami?” Keeping them locked up and isolated like this is almost the worst part of the birther grift

  16. IMO she's faced it already. Kids are blunt. I don't think mamacita registered that all these babies are going to grow up, ask questions, have opinions, and soon. You know, they're human beings, not dolls. Not going to remain portable and controllable forever.

  17. That will be when all the trouble in and out of school starts and the police/juvenile services will be involved. Skipping classes, vandalism, violence, fights with parents. Because that tends to happen when children have no idea who or what they are due to narcissistic parenting.

  18. Yeah it sounds like what happened to my sister. She lashed out whilst I turned inward as a result of our narcissistic abuse. I'm really sorry those kids will have to go through this.

  19. I was given a French name though I'm about as French as Hillz is Spanish. Not once did my parents pretend to be French. We are actually Slavic and my brother got the Slavic name lol. My sister was given a common American name. If all three of us had been given French names, it would have really weird

  20. That's what I mean! Why pretend to be another heritage. People can like how a name sounds without lying about being a part of a different culture

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