She'll be going on the Baldwinito diet program soon enough.

  1. There’s so much wrong with this picture: baby’s palor and unresponsiveness, inappropriate tatas, ill fitting mask, fake eyelashes….

  2. Am I crazy or does this baby look different than the others? Do you know what I mean? The others all looked so similar as babies… I could be nuts.

  3. She sure gave the doctor and staff an eyeful 🙄 I’m sure I’m not the only pepino who has gone to the pediatrician’s office dozens of times and never once wore a skimpy tank top or showed my breasts to the doctor.

  4. Isn’t 10 lbs kind of small for a 2 month old? When my son was almost 10 lbs at 2 months old, he was considered failure to thrive and we had to supplement with formula to get him to gain weight. Maybe Mamí doesn’t have the magical super breast milk she claims to have?

  5. Meh. My first son was born at 6 lbs 10 oz and got up to 10 lbs around 2 months and the doctor said he was gaining fast (strictly nursing) he slowed down and was under 20 lbs at a year but still healthy. My second was born at 7 lbs 7 oz and had a harder time gaining so he was probably under 10 at 2 months and under 20 lbs at a year. They were both exclusively nursed and were fine. With baby 2, for one week I nursed him, then pumped, then gave him an extra ounce after every feed and he started gaining.

  6. It’s on the lower end of average for baby girls, but with babies, it just matters that they stay on their percentage curve. My family makes petite babies - my one daughter was born at 6 lbs, was 9.5 lbs at 8 weeks old, and now is a very tall and healthy 4 year old. Her weight at 8 weeks old wasn’t a concern because she stayed on her weight curve and showed consistently normal growth.

  7. It's irritating after YEARS of mask wearing this nitwit can't figure out how to tie the ear loops tighter so they fit her face.

  8. I feel the same way. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a more serious case of autism here. Something is off. Looks different to me than all the other babies too. We’ll see…

  9. I had that same thought. However, the baby can’t see a face (and certainly not the face her mother was born with) with that mask so maybe, in this photo, we’re seeing “huh?” From the baby

  10. Where are the invisible older boys? Content may be wonderful with yet another baby but what about all the other kids? Day 14 no real time with Rafa Leo Edu because they are not the best content. We are watching for it .

  11. So you want her to exploit the boys even more? As if we haven't seen enough private moments of their lives blasted all over Instagram...

  12. That baby never ever looks alert. It always looks sedated or like it just woke up. I remember babies being a lot more wiggly

  13. Yes, she is noticeably unalert in every photo. She appears to struggle to keep her eyes open. This is pure speculation, but based on photos of her skin and eyes, as well as signs on the older kids' skin, it appears that she might have a fungal infection. I truly hope this pediatrician's office is keeping a close eye on the situation. I also hope that MariLu has received some medical attention for her recent injuries. And Carmen needs to get checked out, as well, as some of the scabs on her hands are a bit concerning.

  14. Right? I was 10 pounds being born. My mom got her shit ripped to her bootyhole girlllll LOL. She celebrates my bday with me saying “it was my first birth and traumatic. Thank ME for doing it” LOL

  15. That cabinet looks wonky. Plus when the pediatrician comes in to see the baby they want the baby is basically just a diaper. Not fully clothed and wrapped.

  16. Bitch wears layers of coats in her house, yet at the doctor's office, she strips down to a low V tank with her bra strap falling off.

  17. What an unnatural look for an infant? Like super stiff and staring straight ahead. Once again zero warmth or maternal love for her baby.

  18. Shit, I took my kids to the pediatrician this week and didn’t even take my winter coat off. This woman not only took her coat off, she took her top off and is sitting in a tank???

  19. It’s interesting that we see pediatrician appointments but never her pregnancy checkups. I don’t know about any of you, but I was a geriatric pregnancy and I feel like I was doing heartbeat monitoring twice a week for the final month. I had a ton of appointments when I was pregnant which would have been plenty of content for an expectant mother.

  20. Yep. I'm Hillary's age with my first. In the 3rd trimester, I have to go in every two weeks, then the final four weeks I have to go in weekly.

  21. I get second-hand embarrassment for anyone who has to come into contact with her in these scenarios. She looks so trashy to be at the pediatricians... which should have been about the baby, but mami only made it about a cringey photoshoot for herself. Imagine going to a doctor's appointment like this with your boobjob hanging completely out, your skin-tight, low-cut, 'sexy' nightclub top, bra straps 'sexily' hanging down your arms, etc. It must always be uncomfortable for staff to have to accommodate her thirty inappropriateness. And that Moncler baby blanket is beyond tacky and cheap-looking. That brand must love her for buying all of the hideous, misguided stuff they can't possibly unload anywhere else.

  22. Ikr! I'm no expert but if a Mother or surrogate is taking a lot of drugs, surely it would pass too the baby via breast milk? Would explain the baby being not very alert.

  23. So obvs she planned to do a photo op at the pediatron’s ofc: low-cut black top, necklace, hoops, mink eyelashes and effin Moncler baby blanket. Wonder if she made some overworked staffer spend 15 min taking snaps.

  24. I remember my one hoop-wearing friend was yelled this from a car one time, “The bigger the hoop, the bigger the hoe!”

  25. I actually dislike them tremendously for Uncle Woody affiliations and the obvious additional problems inside the Baldwin home. This is a doctors room, and in my state doctors offices and hospitals are still requiring masks. I’ve had sick kids this month and every room has signs that say not to take them off even if you are alone in the room. I presume to help limit the germs coming in, I really don’t know

  26. I have a super small face and had try 6 brands of masks before settling on kid sized kn95’s because this is what they looked like on me. She a) looks stupid and b) isn’t actually wearing a mask so she’s just inviting infection.

  27. It looks like she is trying to get the baby's temperature up to me. My youngest daughter had issues keeping her temperature up. So a lot of doctors appointments were spent with me doing skin to skin with a slew of blankets to rise her temp.

  28. Baby is still trying to figure out who the fuck the crazy lady that only holds her when she takes pictures actually is.

  29. First of all I don't like she was born In September. She's only 10.5 pounds? Is Hillary admitting she was premature? Or did she forget her lie?

  30. I had a 37 weeker (on the dot) in September and he just weighed in at 11.5 lbs at his two month appointment and hes in one of the bottom percentiles. I can’t believe this kid would be a POUND less and not generate medical concern, but then again I’m feeding him formula, not cramming a dry Boston tit in his mouth for the gram.

  31. Right? Granted, I had huge babies (well, they were long, not chubby) that were almost ten lbs each at birth, so I’m not great at judging very young, normal-sized babies. 😂

  32. Piercing a babies ears is fucking barbaric. The babies second experience of trauma. The first being ripped from the woman who’s womb she rented. Instilling trauma from a young age is very on brand for Hollywood 🤢

  33. They’re not even done properly either! The piercing is not centered at all, it’s WAYYY too close to the head.

  34. Those earrings had to go in to celebrate Mami’s culture! Yes, a delusional mother poked permanent holes in an infant’s ears 3x so Hillary could appropriate a part of Spanish culture (that’s not even a part of their culture).

  35. It's so strange to me that she never says, "our baby girl". To me, apart from the random, "my baby/babies", not saying, "our" seems to really exclude the other parent. It really bugs me.

  36. I don’t think Alec has anything whatsoever to do with this baby. He’s never been photographed holding her and never, ever speaks of her. Oh and then remember when Hilary was 8.5 months into faking this pregnancy and the baby’s birth (by surrogate) was imminent, Alec even posted on Instagram to Hilary: “I hope that your new baby will be as special as you are.” (😂) So even he admits that this is just Hilary’s baby. Alec didn’t want anymore kids since after the first two, i believe. I think he’s been fully checked-out of the whole situation for a while now and doesn’t even bother to pretend to be involved anymore.

  37. Doctor wellness check with tits out, mask 😷 not on correctly and baby swaddled for the first time 🤯 the constant performative nonsense is abusive to the viewer as well as the baby 🖕🏼

  38. It was freezing cold today in NYC and Hillz is wearing a tank top with her boobies hanging out. And her bra strap showing. Skank.

  39. Ugly blanket, looks like from thrift shop. Nothing wrong with thrift shop, I buy stuff there but I would not choose this blanket

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