Make it make sense. This is a chart of Hilarias pregnancies and miscarriages. When did she have time for all the lipo, plastic surgery in this timeline? Her claiming infertility is so offensive.

  1. I’ve known many women, including myself, who already had children, then a miscarriage, then more children. This is very common. Why would any doctor even agree to do IVF on her so soon? Her story is complete B.S.

  2. Her and Alec aren’t having sex and haven’t in years - she on her own just keeps getting surrogates pregnant probably as some sort of bargain they have when they got together. Now it’s out of control and their life is beyond a punch line it’s a dark twisted tragedy with poor kids involved

  3. All babies except one were carried by surrogates. Hilary was only pregnant once—with her first child, Carmen. There’s tons of evidence here in this subreddit proving that every single other “pregnancy” was faked.

  4. Ahh, this is what I was looking for! So by her timeline, between April 4 and July 11-23ish (If we allow for IVF transfer a little later than natural conception), she miscarried, then went through egg retrieval, embryo creation (and likely embryonic testing to ensure a girl) and transfer. At most that’s 15-16 weeks from miscarriage to transfer. I haven’t done IVF, but those of you who have: Is this even possible?

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