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  1. But alec I swear just this last time twins then I'm done no more bambinos whats two more anyway I got the perfect surrogate in mind better that they are all closer in an age like a proper Spanish family baby think about it what if I give you an early Christmas sexy Spanish dance you love my dancing no baby

  2. Fashion is indeed for the young! Alec Baldwin steps out with his 4 year old granddaughter who proudly announced "I picked out the outfit all by myself!"

  3. Ooohhhh Farley, I miss you. He could have done Alec or Hilary on SNL and would have nailed it! Can you imagine him in those stinky black leggings and a black wig doing Hilary!? Fuuuuuck!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Gin-soaked sexagenarian sitcom actor Alec Baldwin tries to distance himself from the washed up New Jersey mobster’s girlfriend escort he was with when he spots the paps.

  5. Photo still from a cut storyline of the Sopranos: Tony's has-been step-brother and his goomah, out to lunch.

  6. Elderly former gangster hanger on and his mail order bride from espana leave the dmv where the star of old fellas failed his eye test

  7. Larry is always trailing behind PeePaw. He’s such a gentleman (NOT). My husband would never do this to me.

  8. Alec Baldwin carries both the remote control unit and the instruction sheet for his freshly unboxed Hilaria bot, who follows him out of their building for an inaugural stroll on Thanksgiving.

  9. This is the day he was photographed going into the DMV w his and her passports. Is he renewing it or getting a work visa?

  10. She looks like Lorraine Bracco’s character at the point in Goodfellas where she’s all whacked out on the nose candy. Alec looks like he runs a curbside dice game and fences stolen catalytic converters. He smells of hanging out at the horse track picking up used cigars.

  11. Hilaria: ‘Aleek, you can’t go around wearing my moonbump in publico...wait Spanish legs are from small people.’ Aleek: ‘Fyp!’

  12. Alec’s walked in front of her many times. Even before their marriage. His body language speaks loudly about his disdain for her.

  13. “MOVE IT, ALEC! The glass door and reflection of you is obstructing the paparazzi’s clear photograph of meeeee!”

  14. They look like low-class grifters. Like they were just cashing bad checks or stealing someone's social security. So seedy-looking.

  15. That thing where a longhaired cat takes a poo but then a little bit of the turd gets stuck in the fur on their legs and hardens and eventually you have to tackle them and trim it off.

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