ML looks thrilled

  1. The 2 older kids, don’t know their names but the girl and the walking boy, have a very very scary look. I’d be counting the steak knives and locking my bedroom door at night Hilz and Kilz

  2. 🙄 The Daily Mail got it wrong: "... the [Matriarch's] arms wrapped around two-year-old son Eduardo as he sat on her lap shedding tears and seemingly crying out with displeasure." I have to wonder if they intentionally make these little slip-ups.

  3. Yes, Edu is clearly center stage in neglectville here. Even Sistermom Carmen isn't paying attention to him

  4. The one in the back, Rafa is it? He always always looks so so sad. My 💔💔 breaks for that poor boy.. just looking at him you can physically feel his sadness .. ugh 😫

  5. I hate the seemingly practiced come hither look on Carmen’s face. Am I seeing something that’s not there? It reminds me of Mamis

  6. Her surrogates get impregnated. Carmen is their sole surprise child, born before they began the pregnancy grift - and Alec has dubbed her his favourite person on earth.

  7. This Reddit thread used to bring me so much joy but now I think it borders on bullying :( these kids will start reading Reddit one day, we need to be careful

  8. I really think their mother’s general existence on earth will cause them a lot more distress than this sub. And the fact that their dad shot someone and walked away while she lay dying.

  9. I think she has been mimicking Hillary for a while now, prolly for any attention she can get. That is a Hillary face. Scary.

  10. This is what it looks like when the nannies have Thanksgiving off and no one to dress them, no one behind the camera to make them smile because they have cut off their family, etc. This is just a picture of dysfunctional personality disorders and neglected kids… uncomfortable to even see.

  11. That big bite out of the cheese caught my attention. I immediately thought “what kind of monster eats cheese like that?”, then remembered the kids don’t seem to be feed all that well once they’re too old for “breastfeeding” pics, so maybe it was just hungry kid shooting their shot? Or maybe even trying to get attention and/or piss off mami and/or peepaw since they can’t possibly be getting enough attention and that’s the kinda thing that I bet would set hilary off - messing with the aesthetic!

  12. Pretty new here so don’t know the kids names but is that little girl wearing drop earrings? Is she going out on a date? I mean I watch Hilary because abnormal psychology is interesting to me … but the kids? that’s not fun and almost all of it deserves child welfare intervention…and what are those lamps!? Who did their decorating? Oh wait I know the answer

  13. Ummm, I thought they were vegan. Why is there cheese there? (And no complaints; children need protein and fat).

  14. If you look closely, the centerpiece of this photo is her ring. It’s more important for her to have her hand composed, than her own child. She’s such a phony.

  15. Notice Marilu front and center, because that’s what’s giving her stories in the Dm etc this week. Number 7 isn’t as newsworthy so she’s been palmed off on number 1.

  16. The Happy Gratitude Day is her bullshit, lying, grifting, appropriation translating from the Spanish. “Thanksgiving Day, the traditional fall holiday of feasting and gratitude, is “El Día de Acción de Gracias” in Spanish. The holiday is not celebrated in any Spanish-speaking countries, but Spanish-speakers living in the US and Canada will be familiar with the term.” I got this from Google as all my native Spanish relatives living in the US say “Happy Thanksgiving” Keep it up Big Larry. Pepinos will keep you accountable.

  17. I think she's going for political correctness but that could be it too. I wanted to ask as well but didn't want to offend any First Nation, Native Americans because there have been protests over celebrating Thanksgiving.

  18. In Spain, in our English classes we’re taught about Thanksgiving day and its origin, what food you guys usually eat, etc. I’d never call it “Gratitude Day”, where did that even come from?

  19. I'm Irish so we don't have thanksgiving, is the home not usually decorated with Christmas at this time too? I'm just going by what I see on social media.

  20. Who took the bite out of the cheese? And now let’s take a picture of it…gross…it’s all gross and so disturbing… but at least all we have to see is the huge ring and are spared the sight of her veiny breasts

  21. sit down you can see their barley controlling the ferals at that point all the kids are trying to escape apart from carmen who seem to be going through a mothering phase lit I have heard the kids run riot but I was like mmmm think this proves they can't control there own kids too many and they don't spend time with them just photo ops the rest of the time nannies prob look after the kids

  22. Even if they do doesn't make her Spanish i have some Chinese i ain't pretending to be Chinese lol shes very strange we all have a mix of somthing but we arnt doing this

  23. That is the saddest looking cheese plate I’ve ever seen. But pretty good for a vegan household I guess!

  24. Thinl its supposed to look like a happy together family picture postcard least in hills head i mean to me it looks like a nightmare of scraming kids from hell to parents who lit cant stand to be together in same room

  25. ML looks like the kid who is plopped onto Santa’s lap at the mall. No idea who it is. Scared about being forced into the lap of a stranger.

  26. I’m surprised the breast pump wasn’t on the coffee table. She did manage to get her JTV gumball ring, new beak & one fake boob front & center as ML cries & squirms to get away. So freaking dysfunctional.

  27. I think ML is suffering because having a new baby in the home takes needed attention away from her. She’s just a baby herself. She was already born into having to share her mother with 5 other siblings.

  28. The attention to ML as the “surrogate baby” to show the public that she’s so loved and as loved as the others Trying to sell the latest podcast.

  29. It's going to be great! As soon as they have a teenager fight and she realizes how much money she could make with a tell-all book, it's game on. Please big Larry let Carmen have Instagram soon so we can start planting the book idea.

  30. The lost boys look particularly checked out (besides Mayo) while she mauls Mari Lu. It's staged but at the same time the jacked up dynamic is on full display.

  31. Are...are those teeth mark in the wedge of cheese? Did she seriously lay that out and was just like, the kids can just take turns taking bites, it's fine. And THEN posted a pic like it's normal? Like it's a common method used when feeding children?!?

  32. I think Hillary is high. She seems to load up on pills when she has all the kids. (Have seen her in this state before during one of the kids’ birthday parties.) Eyes low, slurring speech.

  33. Snack table/charcuterie board = thing of grapes, cheese wedge with rind, box of crackers. Every child's dream.....

  34. And it brings home how difficult it would be to adequately attend to the needs of all of those kids - compare this brood to a family w 2 kids who are 2-3 yrs apart.

  35. That’s her next podcast! FINALLY spilling the beans on ML’s surrogacy and how much she’s love just like the others which is such bullpucky since she is more like her siblings except for Carmen. ML is now going to be front and center for a while.

  36. She obviously chose a photo where you can see her cheek bones, alec and everyone else looks awful. Except for Carmen she has a very inappropriate look at the camera

  37. careful inappropriate look they net will call you a pervert shes just a small child lol not like she isn't learning to be sly and look at the camera that way from her nutjob mum

  38. What a classy display. Crackers half opened with plastic still on it and a cheese wedge that looks like a kid took a bite right out of the center. For all their money these people have zero class.

  39. What the heck is gratitude day - does gratitude not mean being thankful (according to dictionary and the bible). So the same as Thanksgiving..just mami read a thesaurus!

  40. Alec returns to the wily habits of his primitive Baldwin hunter-gatherer antecedents during his frequent excursions away from home. Not coincidentally, his shambling, hunched-over jaunts often occur at mealtimes.

  41. That's because Aleek eats whatever he wants and he leaves his poor deprived ferals in the hands of that wacko and her pretend granola 100% ED diet bs.

  42. She honestly has no clue about basic manners or hosting. She truly doesn’t know to take the crackers and cheese out of their store bought packaging and putting them on a serving platter. The ways in which this women tells on herself are amazing and amusing.

  43. He hasn't touched that kid since she rolled her Big Wheel into that household after being dropped off by the surrogate

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