The person who runs this “fan page” is not a native spanish speaker. In spanish you dont say “was born” in passive voice (nacida) you say NACIÓ. Nacida is a bad literal translation from english. Its so obvious Hillary is the one behind this posts. Im just amazed she thinks no one will tell.

  1. wait sorry im not native either so im sort of a cucumber lover myself, but out of curiosity would a native say “es tan hija como los otros”? that feels like a transliteration from eng—wouldn’t you say “es la misma que todos sus hermanos” or something like that?

  2. Yes, it’s gramaticaly incorrect. It should say something like “es tan hija como lo son los otros niños”. You can find the same mistake in the first sentence: there should be a “lo” before “como sus hermanos. A grammarly correct way of writing this whole paragraph could be like this: Marilú nació por vientre subrogado y es tan amada y querida como lo son sus hermanos. Es tan hija como lo son los otros niños y lo más importante de todo es que ella es completamente feliz. (This completely also sounds like a bad english translation)

  3. wait sorry im not native either so im sort of a cucumber lover myself, but out of curiosity would a native say “es tan hija como los otros”? that feels like a transliteration from eng—wouldn’t you say “es la misma que todos sus hermanos” or something like that?

  4. Most of these Mary Caillou photos are super unflattering, so it's clearly supermami behind the wheel. She totally resents this kid.

  5. Or how can she always find the source and designer of all the dresses Larry has used over the last decade for side by side comparisons

  6. OMG! Would you be willing to continue sleuthing into the discrepancies between native Spanish speaker vs English Spanish speaker on this Instagram page? I love anything that proves it's all a sham.

  7. Same. She is such a pathological liar with yet another long drawn out fabricated explanation as to the kind hearted strangers who post the kids pictures for pedo fodder.

  8. Pretty much all of these 'fan' accounts are Hillary and her paid buddies... Yoel the Tapeworm and maybe a couple of other people... doing 'PR' for Hillary. You can buy up established accounts that already have followers, so I'm sure that's why a few of the pages have had previous weird names. These are all 100% Hillary's disordered, deranged ideas and narratives.

  9. Someone smarter than I am did some sort of search on the "author" of this sicko family compilation site and found that the same person had hosted other "family" websites for d-list celebrities. I wish I could remember more.

  10. One was an account for Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. There are quite a few “fan” accounts for the JP kids, so beyond creepy

  11. I remember that post too! It’s the only reason I don’t think it’s Larry running the account, but obviously someone who is…needing a real life and needs to stop stalking kids

  12. Even with my intermediate level of Spanish, I know that it sounds weird. This is her latest narrative, that we claim ML isn't as important as the others. Stop listening to the voices in your head, Hillz.

  13. I just looked at that Insta page and seeing all those photos of the poor children made me feel sick in my stomach. Why is this allowed? Who are the 9000 followers?

  14. The fragmentary sentence structure almost seems as if it's saying that Marilú is the most important of all the babies (the dative clitic pronoun "lo" however is most often used in SA countries, while the Iberian "le" is used as a third person pronoun and "lo" is used in Spain for objects). Guest Baldwin is a confused, lying numpty.

  15. Little detail: this post is referring to the "revealed" surrogacy information. Why would a Spanish person comment on that now? Because they listened to the podcast? Only what H does not know is that Spanish people don't speak English well, and her "Spanish fan/friend" would not understand the podcast. I live in Spain, I know this for a fact. Even highly educated people like doctors don't speak much English here and you basicly need to hire someone to do official paperwork if you don't know Spanish.

  16. They only have what little she chooses to share. I’m sure they’ve all got personalities but boring bland dumb Mami photographer & poster is the problem.

  17. Jaja exactly! Also, in spanish sentences are longer and we use lots of commas. In this post sentences stop just where a english native speaker would end them.. aham Hillary

  18. While Hilaria is insane, ML is so cute, and these photos show her personality and the brightness in her eyes.

  19. Subrogacion is incorrect, in Spanish is a whole sentence. Subrogar is a substitute. The whole sentence is just wrong. Marilu nace por viente en alquiler, o madre gestante.

  20. Another tell is the unflattering pictures. Normal people post pictures where the kids are smiling or silly, not these random ass pics where she looks sad in half of them and the others are unflattering

  21. Right?! Especially when you're a public figure with money - I'd think you'd want to protect your kids at all costs, not enable an internet stranger's bizarre fixation. (That said, that account reeks of Hilz and her sloppy grift).

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