This is not the "home language" I was expecting.

  1. My mother always fed my brother and I well. I was an extremely picky eater. I was tall, long arms & long longs with short torso. I didn’t have an eating disorder (never had a clue about ED). Mom took me to doctor and gave me iron & B12 supplements. Finally at 19 I learned to expand my variety of food! I ate primarily veggie, fruits, and small amounts of meat & fish. My youngest nieces was just like me.

  2. Carmen called Mayo - it's spelled instead of Ro_Mayo the way his parents used to proclaim it was pronounced.

  3. Your family did not invent the “ritual for the beginning of Christmas season”. Christians are on record for observing this season before Christmas, called Advent, for at least 1500 years. Obviously some families celebrate in their own way, but this is not an Advent custom. I’m mentioning this because they had a Catholic wedding and baptized at least some of their children.

  4. Poor Carmen. To me, I see her “bossiness” as anxiety over being a little kid expected to parent her mushmillion siblings.

  5. Meh, it’s natural for the oldest sibling to be “bossy”… I certainly was with my 3 younger brothers. :)

  6. Leo is taller than Rafa now. Rafa looks somewhat malnourished. I already suspect he is on the spectrum, so may have food issues. I am concerned for this lad.

  7. I completely agree. Not only is he malnourished but he is definitely not getting the attention he needs. I imagine that his home environment is often very stressful for him to endure.

  8. I feel like she used the word “ritual” to tie in to her witch persona bullshit she’s currently plugging. Idk for some reason that word is really sticking out to me out of her whole caption.

  9. Apparently? Do most people wait for their 7th child together to create Christmas rituals and traditions? Why does she act like she's an alien?

  10. But this Christmas "ritual" was created by Los Baldwinitos™. Hillary often uses the word "apparently" to describe something her spawn do. It's almost as though she rarely interacts with them. 🤔

  11. I think Carmen has to be in charge, considering how disconnected their mother is and this is just kind of how it goes with her little siblings.

  12. Hear the way Carmen speaks, demanding everyone surround her. The way she says it multiple times just shows the path she’s going down. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  13. Why am I not surprised she doesn't see anything wrong with kids playing with candles (not that it was real, she clearly set the scene)

  14. Can a male pepino correct me if l'm wrong? I literally don't know of one little boy who wasn't fascinated by fire. All my friends with boys have stories about near tragedies averted in the nick of time before the flames got out of control. A family in the city l live near lost two sons in a house fire after they were left unattended in the basement. With four wild boys, l'm hoping they never get access to matches and a candle. I don't even use candles, we live so far away from fire stations.

  15. I am a Speech-Language Pathologist and these videos with the terrible sippy cups and bottles for far too long make me cringe! Never mind these kids’ dentition … but then again they can afford braces for all 7 of ‘em!

  16. So as a kid, I definitely engaged in imaginative play with siblings, creating a store or making a fort. No parental involvement. What I see here is imaginative play but with a very specific link to mami's podcast topic (which really doesn't make it imaginative) Definite adult involvement/input. Oh and videoing it for ig.

  17. I get Duggar vibes. Poor Carmen is required to parent her sibs while crazycakes posts hallway pics with the youngest buddy and peepaw is off his rocker somewhere.

  18. For all the Duggar's MANY faults, they did spend time with and teach their kids basic life skills. It's weird, like these families are polar opposites of each other.

  19. Wouldn’t be shocked if it was one of the many nannies. I’m sure their parents are both absent majority of the time.

  20. In Spain we have Los Reyes / Los Reyes magos (6th of January) or in the Basque region, for instance, Olentzero, on the 24th.

  21. Yeah I'd be suprised if any of the kids were able to speak any Spanish by now. Carmen has probably forgotten what little she learned, a language needs to be used and lived in to remain in children.

  22. I would’ve definitely said something like “everyone surround me” as a 9yo 🤷🏻‍♀️ I read a lot of books tho and used a lot of big words, to the point people would laugh (not maliciously) at me lol

  23. Lmao you got all that from this? I don’t think you spend any time around kids if you think kids don’t do weird shit like this all on their own. Come on there’s enough real stuff to make fun of, you sound unhinged and obsessed when you do this

  24. That whirring noise would be their Catholic grandparents spinning in their Graves. Stop hillz they are not witches. She's nuts but peepaw allows this exploitation, that's worse.

  25. Me. I’ll take the downvotes. Intervention or help: yes. Cps intervention based on strangers’ opinions of curated Instagram clips: no.

  26. Play this again and only watch Rafa. I think Pepinos are right that he’s neurodivergent - which is a perfectly fine way to be - and I want them to ensure he gets support around that. He seems lovely. 💚

  27. My parents got married in a catholic church. I was baptized/got communion/confirmed. It was for the sake of tradition more than religion, though. I didn’t grow up in a religious household at all.

  28. There is something so cringey about kids who know they're being filmed when they look directly at the camera waiting for their cue to "perform". Ugh. Just let them live. 🙄

  29. Did she call Romeo an idiot? “No no no that’s going to start a fire you idiot.” Kids repeat what they hear and see. She is bossy which can be a great asset but can also be a hindrance.

  30. I don't have kids of my own (I plan on fostering next year), but I'm a teacher, and something about these kids is just... off. They are so unappreciative and entitled.

  31. She’s getting Carmen to boss the boys into participating im candle magic, which is harmless for grownups but stupid to force onto kids, when it’s a promotional tie in with your dumb podcast There’s some basic spells you can do where you write what you want down on paper then light a candle (usually) burn it, and she’s probably got them to write something Xmas related (hence the papers) It’s like focussing or manifesting, but as usual she’s twisted something harmless into something weird and performative.. I can just imagine the grin on her face from behind the iPhone.. yes children, MORE CONTENT!

  32. I love how Carmen had an accent for a few years and now she has a slightly borough sounding accent with a cold. 💀💀 I haven’t heard her speak a lick of Spanish in years……que Hillz posting a video of Carmen saying “me llama Carmencita Baldwinito”

  33. Puta only spends 5 minutes with the prop ferals but in that 5 minutes, she's determined to "raise" them to be assholes. It's fucking 💔 to watch Carmen in survival mode to placate Mami dearest.

  34. I like how Carmen pronounces Romeo the English way, as opposed to their home language pronunciation. Wild how the way she portrays her families culture is so different than what it actually is. These kids are white Americans- nothing wrong with that! But in her mind she sees Spanish niños.

  35. Why does everything about this video feel cold and sterile? No toys, no decor in the house, no joy. Just one kid bossing around the other kids who seem extremely uninterested.

  36. I'm sure they just switched to English while Mami was filming so her Instagram fans could understand what they were saying.

  37. "Apparently there's a ritual..." I wonder why Hillary? You certainly haven't started any traditions for your family, so now these kids are left to their own devices to come up with the start of the Christmas season because you're lazy and uninvolved AF.

  38. She always states the children’s behavior like it’s a joke, in a mocking and diminishing way. She is so toxic. Those children already seem lost and just lacking a strong sense of self, IMO.

  39. Sad thing is there will never be repeated family traditions because Mami can’t see something through for more then a couple of days much less a whole year

  40. Funny how all her kids grew up "bilingual"and yet not a hint of a Spanish accent while speaking English. How do you explain that, Alec?

  41. The clapping was also really obviously something they were told to do. A couple of boys started doing it like they were unsure, then more loudly once everyone had joined in.

  42. Carmen sounds as bossy as Hillary, awful to hear. And why does this village idiot insist on still using the term "Baldwinito" to refer to her 100% multi generation American children??

  43. Yes! Guest is really raising some wonderful kindness warriors, isn't she?! Carmen's bullish behavior toward her brothers is appalling...maybe she needs a sweatshirt like Raf's, to remind her to be kind.

  44. If the Baldwins were not white and wealthy CPS would be notified about so much crap that Hillary encourages the kids to do.

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