Alec has to do his part✂️✂️

  1. How many times did she practice the "we are not okay" script in the hallway mirror? Not one tear. You know who is not okay the HUTCHIN's Family. Andros has no mother & Matt has no wife. Who gives a Sh*t if Aleek or Pillz are okay. New BS platform she's creating. UH Nasty Narcissistic.

  2. I almost believe Alex would cut his entire dick off if he thought for a minute that would keep her from ordering up another baby at this point.

  3. She can't trust Aleek to put on a condom with the regular sex partners he has bc he was with her & Genevieve at the same time. OLD VERY OLD DOG! Just worried another Baldwin will appear for child support.

  4. Tbh I think she is pretty but it’s her insane personality that shines through that ends up making her look uglier on the outside. I know there are lots of people on this sub who disagree and think she’s hideous tho

  5. The gender selection, the fake Spanish, the “HIS” part ✂️, miscarriages, never carrying a baby, breastfeeding piety, IVF, like pick a MF train to exploit already and stay on it. You’re either a sexy mami he can’t stop knocking up or you’re a sad infertile normal like us. She wants to be the best at everything, never have problems with anything then be angry that nobody believes her and call them then problem. Hillary Thomas is what’s wrong with women.she starts an interview fake crying and ends it with leaving us with the thought of that fat pig on top of her groaning.

  6. ok i was disgusted with the finger snips… ew… thanks for making me imagine his dick and balls 😭 😭 😭

  7. Wow she’s a better liar than we give her credit for, the pause and the shaky voice with a tear in her eye! Move over Peepaw, Larry is angling for a someone to offer her an acting role.

  8. Wow I didn’t recognize this as her. When I saw the thumbnail I thought maybe this was either someone impersonating her or maybe a very old clip of her before surgery? She looks so different here? Her face looks much fuller and her eyes look smaller? Am I the only one ?

  9. No it’s like a new face every three months. I think she’s just always futzing with fillers and Botox and has had a couple surgeries as well, and it all moves and changes and settles. I’ve said this before but she has single-handedly put me off plastic surgery (I totally get Botox so I’m not anti it per se, but she’s just a warning that you can’t predict how it will turn out or how it will settle over the years, and her interventions have not had great outcomes and now it seems she can’t stop messing with her face)

  10. How was it not in her gigantic feminist book that she read in the dark bar when she met Michele Who. __just worried he will get the otherS pregnant. not sharing that left over $$. Little to go around now

  11. He’s 64, odds are low and also why is she talking about having sex with Gramps it’s so freaking gross. Their age difference has always been cringe but it just gets worse as he has completely let himself go.

  12. I wish someone would do the real story on 60 minutes. Women who lie. Women who fake pregnancies. Or life after the killing. Or mothers who go out every night. Or Nannie’s who get stuck parenting. Or mothers who exploit their children. Or all of the above.

  13. I think it’s little to ask to acknowledge Halyna and offer condolences to her family before speaking on how she and Alec are doing.

  14. also she's choosing to "drop" the Spanish accent she uses on Instagram and gets continuous shit for here...she very deliberately leaves it out...she's vulnerable without it

  15. Why is she getting screen time? And after 18 kids, why wouldn’t you go get snipped? I thought they were environmentalists? It’s absolutely ridiculous to keep having fucking kids for her attempt to be relevant again.

  16. So Xander. The man who can’t walk but only shuffles along, bent over, stooped, he lays on the floor probably because his back hurts very bad. He’s the problem? He needs to get the snip? No Hillary. Just no.

  17. Someone really helped her out with her makeup. She's been very busy doing this kind of work (makeup, dress + appearances) lately.

  18. This might be one of the most unnatural “motherly” interactions I’ve had the misfortune to witness. Like an alien in a skin suit having a little squirmy baby thrust into its arms. Maybe it’s because the producers amputated the phone from her claw and now the claws don’t know how to function?

  19. "oh, dis keep happenin' cause Alek won't get his small pee-pee chop. Nothin' ever my fault. I am perfeck."

  20. Truly pathetic! The way she handles little Larry lacks any connection with her child. The pats on her back were clearly mechanical. I hate Big Larry and my heart goes out to the seven ferals. Fast forward 25 years, this brood (especially Mayonnaise) will be featured in People magazine and other tabloids for their troubled life. Ireland will be the most grounded of the Baldwins.

  21. And notice how that poor baby is squirming around. I don’t know, as a parent myself, most of the time very young babies squirm like that for a few reasons:

  22. Wow how insulting for Halyna’s loved ones! The fake choking of the voice, the fake crying, the new blowout, making vasectomy jokes, man handling the poor little baby…so many things wrong with this!

  23. FYP Hilary. Pretending to feign sadness. No one who is not Okay goes out every other night and then orders another surrogate child. If you aren’t ok, go quiet on SM and live your life. No one who is not ok preens in front of the mirror every day and does performance fake breast feeding on social media. I think this “interview” is the worst.

  24. Look at how her eyes flutter all over the place after that first question! Her body language shows just how insincere she is without even saying a word.

  25. Can you imagine being in that situation and not working on yourself one fucking bit. If I were in the public eye like that I would be quiet, I would get therapy (which I do in my life without the wealth she has had access to, yet I make it a priority) a stylist and a PR person. Maybe the world didn't have their finger on the pulse when the grift started, so maybe she thought it would be ok. But it's bananas that she knows the world can see it all and she continues with this insane behaviour. And I'm not a Mom but I would think that being one would make you want to role model positive and strong behaviour to your kids. Especially when you consider the age of Carrrrrrmen. She deserves a mother who is not acting like a Teen Mom but worse...on drugs and talking like a poor wittle woman who needs attention and cannot protect herself against more pregnancies. It's out of her hands. 🤮

  26. TIL that the only way not to have babies is if a man had a vasectomy. Good for me I guess, it took only 38 years 😐

  27. Not that Alec deserves any respect but I cannot imagine announcing to the world anything personal like that about my husband. Have some respect for your partner, most people don’t announce their birth control decisions.

  28. Pain pills, most likely. Unfortunately I've known quite a few heroin addicts (many "functioning" ones) and this is how they look/behave.

  29. That baby has absolutely no meaning to her. She’s not looking at it or interacting with it. I don’t know about you, but if I had a newborn, I’d be loving on that little thing! You’re a shitty person, Hillary Baldwin. And you’re a LIAR.

  30. Yeah.. so odd. I re-watched it and she has the same vibes as someone from a zoo coming on a morning show handling some animals. No real attachment to them, just here’s a monkey/koala, etc.

  31. She hoists the baby onto her shoulder and awkwardly pats her on the back, elbow extended. Because that's what moms do, pat babies on the back.

  32. Why did she insert that statement? To align with her podcast ideology? It was completely out of context and makes zero sense. This is why she had a baby?

  33. "I don't know how that happened; I'm not fucking her!" - Alec Baldwin to Adam Pally, during a break on the Match Game set, about Hillary getting "pregnant" with Yunior.

  34. What a message from a pro choice mom of seven - three girls - that unless Alec gets a vasectomy she has no control over her own reproduction. Fighting the patriarchy my ass.

  35. What is that that men do that she just went ahead and did? Such a feminists. Oh, and where is this sisterhood and collaboration you are wittering on about? Always with nonsensical word salad.

  36. She’s talking about naming Jr. after herself. They edited the parts where she says the cringey name EEeeeeeeeeLaaaaadia.

  37. she’s a better actress then i thought she was cuz for a full second i thought she felt bad about the shooting…but just one second…

  38. I thought so too until she immediately went to their defense talking point of no one could “ever imagine” such a thing happening. Truth is, yes, people can imagine it and that’s why safety protocols exist, every one of which Alec ignored.

  39. I can’t help but feel like Extra is trolling her somewhat with the way that one clip cuts in and she’s holding/patting Junior all stiff and awkward. Siete ninos pero nada uno maternal bone in her body. 🤦‍♀️

  40. She only fucked him till he put a ring on it. He doesn't even want her anymore. He wants naps and to blow his nose in handkerchiefs

  41. Another attempt to paint Alec as a strong, virile family man while he strolls the streets of NY looking like a 75 year old homeless man. Nothing ever adds up with these two!

  42. That's right Hilary, stay in your safe places. Extra, know there are a couple of journalists itching to come at you and ask you some questions. I'm sure you've heard. They're not gonna be soft on you because they want to know why you spoke with a Spanish accent for 10 years. See, because they're Hispanic professionals that had to deal with some blatant racism as they came up and they don't take kindly to your mockery. Edit: I tried to add a gif 🤷🏻‍♀️ didn't work 🙃

  43. Oh yea, she is going to get pregnant "accidentally" by a guy who "hobbles" to the men's room and ignores her in the back of a car after they attend event. Seems plausible...

  44. I'm willing to bet my left boob that Killz wears a Depends to bed at night cause he can't make it to the restroom fast enough....💦💦💦🤽‍♂️

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