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  1. This is why she get pregnant so much, in her ED world it’s the only time she allows herself to eat like a normal person..

  2. I’ve become borderline obsessed with the inappropriately placed 😂 in every damn post. If I knew nothing about this woman and you showed me only her IG posts, those 😂 would be such a tip off to her crazy. NOTHING YOU POST IS FUNNY!!!

  3. I’ve written this on her mashed potato posts before, but honestly, this isn’t a flex. If she was having her potatoes and wine on goodwill furniture, that’s me in my early twenties. That’s a struggle meal when 98% of your paycheck goes to your rent and you spend the rest on cheap packet side dish foods and a bottle of Arbor Mist.

  4. Tell me you are on the spectrum without telling me. No shame in being on the spectrum. She is just soooooo dishonest for someone trying so hard to be honest and genuine. She's just always lying about who she truly is! She clearly has some neurodivergent stuff going on (wearing the leggingos every day is her version of wearing pajamas -- it's a tactile thing). Her eating just mashed potatoes is, yes, ED related because of serving size, but I think it is also a consistency issue -- common for the people we used to think of as having Aspergers. She reminds me a lot of one of my in-laws who also had to go through a special private school for rich kids who couldn't make it through a regular college curriculum. He also dropped out. He's extremely bright, though (uhhhh, this might be where similarities with H end). But he's super rigid about what he wears and his food. Interestingly he has a specific thing about potatoes. I forget what it is now, but her posts are bringing back his highly specific idiosyncrasies. He's VERY robot-like. As Hillary has described herself (see the way she made fun of Aleeeek for caring about V Day.) My in-law would also never be able to hold a baby in a natural way. He's got an offbeat, some might say strange sense of humor. It takes awhile to get to know him. But he's a smart, funny guy who is on the autism spectrum. His mom sent him to a boarding school in his teens -- and he was miserable. He still hates his mom for that and he's in his 40s. That twat Alec Baldwin has foreshadowed boarding school for his offspring. Honestly, though, that has good chances of being so much better for them (esp #2) if they can get some proper attention and care.

  5. I see what you’re saying but I don’t see any other markers that this absolute moron isn’t born a moron and fully NT, except for her eating disorder and unchecked vanity. She wears those leggings because she thinks she looks good in them and she eats mashed potatoes because she’s had an eating disorder for more than half her life.

  6. Nah I’m not a doctor but I am nurse who specializes in psych/neuro & deals with lots of mental illness. She has more of a cluster personality disorder with severe narcissism and histrionic tendencies. Just from an outside observation

  7. Oh Hillz! You crack me up! You had mashed potatoes, Prosecco, and Cab without mashed potatoes!

  8. 🍷?? I thought this fruit loop proclaimed to not drink any alcohol at all. One of the things Pee-paw liked abt her since he was an alcoholic who was trying to recover

  9. I'm didn't even think about this being an ED post bc most people ik with EDs would not wanna eat carby mashed potatoes. A lot of them also don't like to drink calories.

  10. You can drink alcohol and breastfeed. Now, if she is absolutely getting shitfaced that’s not good but it is safe to drink some and still breastfeed.

  11. This was my take on it too. This sub at times seems like they are baying for blood and I’m confused as to how much hate she gets. Then the longer it goes on and the more I see, she’s going against basic care rules for babies. She’s clearly an alcoholic with major eating disorders. She needs help. She needs help and if she loves those children at all she will get help. She could turn it around if she admits to having these problems and tries to get help. I’d respect and like her if she admitted to her issues rather than prance around like a cunt.

  12. I can guarantee that those potatoes r not vegan or probably even vegetarian. My man is a chef at a fancy restaurant and he uses broth, butter, milk, and cream cheese- a pretty standard recipe.

  13. So we’ve established that mashed potatoes are her safe food I’m guessing? Love my pepinos but I’m recovering from an ED, gonna take a break from this sub because goddamn this woman reminds me of my own shit from the past.

  14. Stay strong pepino! This is hard to witness for anyone but I’m sure it’s doubly tough for you! Please take good care. She’s an evil influence

  15. God why won’t she stop? Honestly who is she doing this for? I’ve seen a instagram page for an ant farm consistently churning out better content.

  16. Mashed potatoes With red wine? At a fancy restaurant? Thanks Larry, would’ve died without this earth shattering info.

  17. At home the kids get kale and spinach chips and sad hummus wraps. Sexi mami gets drunk and eats mashed potatoes on nights on the town (every night)

  18. It should pair with Christmas movies and activities with your kids. You don’t even know it’s Christmas time at their house. Bitch is crazy crazy

  19. Just passing by to say this is an ED. Posted for all to see. How sad it is that she goes to a nice restaurant and orders a side of mashed potatoes.

  20. Yep. Giuliana "Half A Granola Bar" Rancic had a similar post in the past, bragging about eating onion rings, mashed potatoes, steak, fish and red wine (with photos of untouched dishes).

  21. I mean, yeah, mashed potatoes are good. They "pair well" with whatever liquid you want. It's not like an exotic dish that needs specific beverages in order to enjoy.

  22. I really fear for Carmen. Speaking from experience I am back home for the holidays with my narc mom (who has hilaria vibes) and she has called me fat/ chubby/ implying I’m unlovable every few hours we’re together since I got here a few weeks ago. A mothers attitude to food really influences eldest daughters.

  23. Oh god. Are you me? Did your/our Mom follow you around the kitchen when you were a teen pointing out how many calories were in each spoonful of anything you tried to choose to eat? Did your/our Mom forbid you to go on your Senior year school choir trip because you gained weight on your school choir trip the year before? Did your/our Mom ever scream « You have ruined yourself! It makes me sick to look at you! » when you asked permission to meet up with friends at a pizza place?

  24. My mother still criticizes my sister and I regarding our weight when she sees us, which is less and less often, for our own sanity. We are both in our late 50s. The shit never stops.

  25. I’m so sorry, you don’t deserve to be treated like that. If you have the option of spending the holidays anywhere else, don’t be afraid to do it! That’s not okay treatment.

  26. She is like the immature kids from maybe ten years ago on Facebook that would show pictures of their food, post one sentence about an album they like, cryptically check in at a hospital then not explain it all for attention. So, so childish.

  27. Yup, I tried pulling this type shit with less eating when I was breastfeeding, made myself very ill and started early onset menopause symptoms in my 20s due to it.

  28. OK Mami... If you're supposedly breastfeeding, why are you drinking alcohol? Alcohol passes through breastmilk

  29. Many breastfeeding moms might have the occasional drink and then nurse, there is little issue with that. What I would be concerned with (if she was actually nursing) is the number of times in a week she drinks and supposedly breastfeeds.

  30. Out for dinner again?! Good for this busy mom who never leaves home that she goes out to dinner 4/5 times a week.

  31. Can you imagine being out to dinner with her in an upscale NYC restaurant and she's recording herself playing with her food?! She's like a spoilt, tween who thinks going out to dinner with the grown ups is so boring.

  32. Imagine going to an upscale NYC restaurant and ordering 4 glasses of red wine and a plate of only mashed potatoes in a fake Spanish accent!

  33. And for all her weird diet issues, potatoes are not good for you (don't get me wrong, I'm a potato fiend. Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew. I love them). But they are starchy and high on the glycemic index. It's just a weird food for her to latch onto.

  34. She makes me sad.. I think she’s absolutely the worst but also.. she’s taking a picture of mashed potatoes. That’s where she is. Mashed potatoes.

  35. Same. She gets on my last nerve but at the same time I feel sorry for her. She could be posting photos of her doing amazing activities with her children, she has no job, no financial concerns, paid housekeepers, nannies and personal assistants, a huge wardrobe (and money for whatever she wants) and she lives in NYC. The opportunities are endless for both her and her children…it’s just sad for all of them.

  36. Imagine being able to go out to expensive fancy restaurants multiple nights of the week in one of the most exciting cities in the world and you're like "I'll just have mashed potatoes and then I'll let everyone know"

  37. Know what else pairs well with red wine? Spaghetti with homemade meat sauce and garlic bread. Nat King Cole on the stereo and lovemaking in front of a roaring fire in a cozy 1920s mansion. The smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree in the air. That’s what I did with my fucking gorgeous husband tonight while our two beautiful little boys slept peacefully upstairs. That’s my life. 👋

  38. I had manicotti last night it was delicious. It was delivered to my home where I ate it. I then decorated the Christmas tree. Hillary can do all these things too with her seven children in December.

  39. Ah that sounds amazing! I want some of that except I’m poorly so my other half made me mash potatoes with some gravy as it was soothing in my throat. Then I dosed up on cold and flu meds and went to bed 😫 no love making for me at the minute.

  40. Love that!! Hubby and I just left my work Christmas party on a yacht in Newport Beach. I hope for some amazing love making tomorrow morning in our hotel. Thanks for your encouragement my fellow pepino. We may not be celebrity money rich, but we live fulfilled lives. Cheers 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

  41. The red blood in her vomit whenever she “attempts” to ingest anything with calories. Lady, we have too many smart pepinos that can spot your eating disordered behavior a mile away. It’s not “cool” to be anorexic and willing to destroy your body-especially when you have little ones at home. Get out of the 90s. Thin (especially when pretending to be post partum) is not cool when you abuse yourself and your kids. Get a clue

  42. I've never breastfed my kids (medical reasons), but was just wondering if you guys who have and are experienced with this - is the amount of alcohol she's supposedly having on regular basis ok while breastfeeding?

  43. You can have one but you have to wait for it to metabolize—unless you pump and dump. Some women drink dark beer like Boddington’s to support breast milk production but you drink one and then you don’t breastfeed until it’s metabolized. (I breastfed and nurse told me about dark beers)

  44. No it isn’t. She’d have some bs response about how she pumps and dumps. Some of us didn’t have a reason to pump and dump because like her we were wives and mothers and didn’t have full time jobs outside the home. Drinking nightly is an issue. Drinking a glass or two once a month is no big deal though.

  45. I breastfed and one drink is alright from time to time. Not anything close as to what this woman is guzzling.

  46. No. She’d have to pump and dump. Which she never acknowledges after posting about her multi nights out and posting about drinking. As a nursing mother I would rarely drink alcohol and if I did I knew to try and clear that out before feeding my baby from the breast.

  47. The consensus right now is “if you’re ok to drive, you’re ok to breastfeed”. So, like, a couple drinks on occasion is fine. I don’t know any nursing mothers who regularly drink more than 1-2 drinks once a week.

  48. Oh dear god she actually posted this? Hillary this is why you don’t drink on an empty stomach. You should’ve learned this in Boston by the time you were 15. Please go to education.

  49. 💥 Bingo. When you're nursing and/or pumping, you consume a TON of calories. Potatoes to feed that bony frame would barely nourish her brain.

  50. Why is it always mashed potatoes? I like potatoes also, but maybe only have them once a week if even. And we do have vegetables with all our meals as well. Mashed potatoes alone is not a meal - maybe a leftover snack when hungry between meals. I’m surprised she is not posting that she is eating a salad as that seems a better choice then just mashed potatoes.

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